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Technology innovator issues an attack warning from aliens

Aliens VS. Our World...What happens ?

By Iacob Izabela-GeorgianaPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

The Earth is about to be visited by an extraterrestrial species, and there is little reason to think it will be friendly. Although some modern smart it won't be here for another 30 years, others are adamant that it will. Though its appearance is unknown, it will be intelligent and self-aware, two qualities that distinguish it from us humans.

Nope, this extraterrestrial won't come from a far-away planet; instead, it will be produced here and on Planet, birthed inside a laboratory at a prestigious institution or huge business. The first artificial general intelligence (AGI) that matches or outperforms toward it is what I'm referring about.The creation of this extraterrestrial is costing billions even as I type these lines; if successful, it would rank among the greatest technical triumphs in human history. But unlike our past creations, this one will truly have such a mind of its own. Furthermore, if something acts in the same way as any other sentient creature we are aware of, it will prioritize its own interests and seek to improve its chances of surviving.

  • Our own kind of AI

Should we be afraid of an intellectual prowess that is motivated by its own objectives, principles, and self-interests? Some individuals oppose this idea, claiming that we will create AI systems that think, feel, and act just like us. It is quite doubtful that this will be the case.Software with thoroughly thought-out principles that mimic human thought will not be used to construct artificial brains. Rather, scientists input large datasets into straightforward algorithms that automatically update their own settings, millions upon millions of times, until an intelligence emerges, an intelligence whose internal workings are much beyond sophisticated for humans to understand.

Just no, providing it information about people won't change the way it thinks. It's a popular fallacy that just by teaching an AI from information that reflects human traits, we can guarantee that it'll eventually think, feel, and behave the same way as us. Not at all.

  • Nevertheless radically different

From their fundamental functional aspects to their entire physiology and psychology, synthetic thoughts will be very distinct from every biological neural systems we now understand on Earth. Naturally, we will design human-like bodies for these alien brains to occupy, however these forms will just serve as artificial fronts to let us sense at ease.

The truth is that despite our best efforts, these aliens will not at all resemble us on the inside, regardless of the fact that they might appear and sound such as us, even have our joy and laughter. Very probably, human minds will be connected to attributes and functions both within and outside of the anthropomorphic shapes which we typify people as, whether they reside in the cloud entirely either in parts.

  • Internal threat
  • Then again, an extraterrestrial mind created here would already be fully familiar with us, getting was programmed to comprehend us on that level, to detect our sentiments, forecast our behaviors, shape our ideas, and sway our opinions. We would be horrified if alien beings were flying toward us in sleek silver spacecraft and knew so much about our habits and inclinations.

    Any steps we may take to safeguard ourselves have been taken ?

    Since no invention has ever been confined, there is no way for us to stop AI from becoming more advanced. Humans cannot assume that the measures being taken to mitigate the threat will be sufficient, even though some are attempting to do so. Actually, according to a Pew Research survey, just a small percentage of experts in the field think that by 2030, the sector will have adopted significant "ethical AI" standards.

    How do we get ready to arrive?

    Recognizing how AGI will develop over the next few years and that it won't be a computerized representation of human intellect is the greatest first step. It will be a hostile extraterrestrial intelligence that seems to have come from another planet and will be very hazardous.

    This is wishful thinking. It is more likely that a true AGI will be profoundly different from us in almost every way. Yes, it will be remarkably skilled at pretending to be human, but beneath a people-friendly façade, each one will be a rival mind that thinks and feels and acts like no creature we have ever met on Earth. The time to prepare is now.


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    Hello ! My name is Izabela, i'm 24 and i'm here for a NEW MISSION OF MY LIFE :)

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