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Stargate To ATLANTIS

by Nic The Artist 2 months ago in transhumanism

My Weekly Pleasure

My weekly pleasure

Cold water from a public shower always flows from the faucet, no matter the time of day or season. Winters are worse. I used to hate cold showers, until I saw a Hindu Guru online discussing the benefits of showering with “water cooler than the air around us.” The cool water not only is better for your skin, cells and pores, but also can positively alter your mood. And yes, he was right. As the cool water began to tap at the apex crown of my head, a surge of electrical synapses instantly triggered an aura energy which blankets my soul with overwhelming calm and inner peace.

Thoughts, worries, and self-created pressure flow from my head and tranquilly whirlpools down into the drain of the cemented shower floor. A five-minute shower is required before entering most public pools. The cool shower prepared my mind and my body for my dimensional travel. I am not alone at this liquid stargate. The hot summer seasons draws visitors to oasis pools, lakes and beaches across the county. The noise of youth filled the atmosphere with the nostalgic sounds of innocence and discovery. Their screams, shrills and playful banter reminded me of a time once lived, that long returns.

The screams and shrills these days come in the form of phone calls and bills. Playful banter has become mindless labor, and discovery depends on what is streaming this week online. But soon, it will all come crashing down to complete silence, complete harmony, and utter bliss. I stand at the edge of glory.

Before diving into this native plane, I adjust my swimming goggles for that perfect fit. It is bad enough that the chlorine in the pool dries my skin, but the eye irritation is the worse. “I wonder if chlorine affects eye mucus. What will I have for lunch today? I need to switch my cell phone provider.”

Albert Einstein formulated the speed of light as the fastest unit of measurement. But it took the speed of thought to spark and experiment through many theories to “all of a sudden” initiate that idea. Nothing is faster than thought. For a split second, I allowed frequencies of the Matrix to enter my peace. In Atlantis, the Matrix has no power. Water is absolute. Water is salvation. We came from water, a warm liquid womb (at least most of us). Water is hydrogen, like a great bomb. We are energized by its genetic make-up. Nutrients from my mother’s womb decades ago has prepared my body to return to Atlantis.

My father taught me how to dive, in fact, he taught me how to swim. He was a lifeguard in his youth. He introduced me to the gate of Atlantis. I think about him when looking at my reflection in the pool positioning myself to take a plunge. As I have grown wiser, I see his face every time I prepare to dive …Then I see me looking back at me. “Is this another version of me? Is he the me of Atlantis?” I jump into myself and we switch dimensional planes.

The echoing cheers of the joys of youth chorused the crashing sound of my hands diving through the stargate entry to Atlantis; a liquid, meditative place of calm and silence. With water rushing to my eardrum, the chaotic noise of this public pool was drowned and muffled by the barrier fluid walls of Atlantis.

This aquatic realm allows for an alternate existence. Noise is vacuumed outside, and within me. While traveling through Atlantis, there is no gravity. There are no movement restrictions. There are no curious eyes or judgmental minds criticizing my every move. Underwater, I am free to stretch and twist my body; massaging and relieving my spine. This exercise is vital in treating a reoccurring back problem and prevents spinal flare ups.

My lungs are reserved with air. A visit to Atlantis is short lived. The extent of this silent freedom is limited by my current genetic make-up. Blessed or cursed with oxygen required lungs, I soon will need to break the dimensional gateway to continue my earthly existence. The continual of life is a conscious decision, especially at this point. ”Head towards the light.”

Within the boundaries of Atlantis, a Ying-Yang paradox is presented. A choice between staying in the deep, dark, quiet calming suffocating temple of Atlantis, forever, or returning to the chaotic pressure of the oxygen rich light of the Matrix. I love my life, and I hate the Matrix. But I love what I have created in this world, especially my son…Choice is not an option.

As I swam towards the reflecting liquid ceiling while holding valuable oxygen in my lungs, body and cells, an overwhelming energy propelled me to break the stargate once again, breaching back to the Matrix. “I love life and I want more out of it,” was my mental mantra as I splashed through the portal gate. I took a gasping breath, like it was my first breath out of her womb.

And once again, I can see the coding within the Matrix. Making money, buying items, mindlessly working, and fantasy goals are deceptive pressures I have placed upon myself. It is my own programming that I allow other software in my mainframe. Stop running on automatic and go manual. Take control of the wheel and think things through. The Matrix is a fake world, so create it in your image. The most important, the most valuable item within the Matrix is oxygen; not gold, not wealth, not even love. Free, basic, overlooked, abundant oxygen. It's the only way you can start your day..."Best part of waking up..."

As I return from Atlantis, I debriefed my soul with a smile, and allow my body to float on top of the water as nature intended. Peace is within. Soon, my mental reawakening was invaded by the whistle and shouting of a lifeguard on Matrix duty. That was my cue to continue my journey. I began my weekly swimming exercises, stroking between the great divide of Heaven and Earth, Atlantis and the Matrix.

Nic The Artist


Nic The Artist

Hello, I am an artist of various medias. I have always love to build and create; build stories and create worlds. All of my art whether it's a painting, drawing, music, cuisine and writing are accompanied by story, rather manifested or not.

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Nic The Artist
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