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'Star Wars the Clone Wars': Chapter Two

by Linaflame L7 4 years ago in star wars
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Fan-Fiction: Love is a Strong Word

Previous Chapter: SWTCW Chapter 1

~~Lina P.O.V~~

Rex stopped at his tracks as I did the same. "Lil' Skywalker, there must be something troubling you. What is it?"

"It's nothing, Rex." I lied. It's not nothing. It's Rex that's causing me to not think straight.

Rex studied my face as I looked away. "Can we continue walking, Rex?"

Rex nodded slowly. "Yes, Lil' Skywalker."

We continued to walk together in silence until we bumped into Karri and a orange striped clone. It seems they were having a deep conversation but then, their conversation ended once they saw Rex and me.

"Lina?" Karri said as she scanned Rex and me.

"Oh hey Karri!" I waved a hand to her. "Who's your friend?"

Karri gestured a hand to the clone. "This is Commander Cody. He is Master Kenobi's marshal commander."

"Nice to meet you, Commander Cody. I'm Lina Skywalker. Best friend of Karri Shan."

"A Skywalker?" Commander Cody questioned. "Are you related to General Skywalker?"

"Of course I am! I'm his younger sister."

"Never thought General Skywalker would have a younger sister. You two don't look alike."

"We get that a lot." I chuckled.

Commander Cody looked to Rex. "Hey there Rex. Were you showing the new Commander around?"

"Yeah. General's orders." Rex said, sheepishly.

"So who's your friend, Lina?" Karri asked.

"This is Captain Rex. He's Anakin's Captain."

Karri nodded in understanding. "Hello, I'm Karri Shan. Please look after Lina... She's quite a handful..."

Rex chuckled and nodded. "You can count on me, Commander Shan."

"You know what, just because I'm younger than you by a year. Doesn't mean you have to babysit me like, Anakin." I pouted.

"I'm not babysitting you. You just get too reckless."

"Not all the time."

"I meant on the battlefield."

"Okay!" Commander Cody intruded our argument. "I think it's time to report in." Commander Cody’s voice sounded uneasy.

"Why?" Rex asked.

"Turn around, Rex. Look over there." Commander Cody pointed behind Rex and me. Rex and I turned around and saw an energy shield closing in on us.

"Not good. They've got an energy shield. That thing is going to make things damn near impossible." Rex groaned.

"Report in with General Skywalker, Rex. I'll go report to General Kenobi."

Rex nodded. Commander Cody and Karri ran off to find Master Kenobi.

Rex pushed his comlink, "General Skywalker, there's an energy shield from the south."

"I see it from here, Rex. Meet me at the rendezvous with Lina." Anakin's voice came from the comlink.

"Understood, sir." Rex pushed the green button on his comlink. "Let's go, Lil' Skywalker." Rex put his hand behind my back as he led the way back. I shuddered by his touch. Why am I getting nervous?


"The shield generator is somewhere in this area." Master Kenobi pointed to an area of the south side of the battlefield on the hologram map. "They're slowly increasing the diameter and keeping it just ahead of their troops."

"The heavy cannons are going to be useless against that." Rex added.

"As they get closer, we could try to draw them into the buildings. That might level the playing field a bit." Master Kenobi said.

"If that shield is going to be such a problem, why don't we just take it out?"

"Easier said than done." Rex said to me.

"Well I actually agree with Lina on this one." Anakin leaned into the conversation, "Someone has to get to that shield generator and destroy it. That's the key."

"Right, then." Master Kenobi nodded, "Maybe you two can tiptoe through the enemy lines and solve this particular problem together."

"Yeah, let's leave it to the Skywalkers." Karri rolled her eyes, jokingly. She stood next to Commander Cody who was observing the hologram map.

"Shutting down the generator from the inside is risky and reckless. Perfect job for them," Rex joked.

"Hey Lina," Anakin nudged his elbow at me, "I'm planning out what we do, all right?"

"All right, Ani. You’re the Master."

"To distract the enemy from worrying about the shield generator, Karri, Cody, Rex, and I can engage them here," Master Kenobi pointed to the middle of the city. "You two might have a chance to get through undetected."

"They won't have much time. The droids are far outnumber us." Commander Cody added, "So our ability to street-fight is limited without the use of heavy cannons. They'll march forward under the protection of their shield until they're on top of our cannons and blow them away."

"Well! We're Skywalkers! We always find a way!" I grabbed onto Anakin's wrist. "C'mon Master, let's go!"

"W-Wait Lina!" I yanked Anakin as he tried to keep up with me. "Quit pulling me!"

~~Karri P.O.V~~

"There they go again..." I sighed to myself. "Always in a rush to get into risky situations."

"Don't they always?" Master Kenobi chuckled.

"They make... quite a pair, don't they, sir?" Rex said to Master Kenobi, "Do you think they have a chance?"

"They'd better. If they can't turn off that shield generator before it reaches the heavy cannons, there'll be no escape or any of us."

"Great." Commander Cody said sarcastically.

"They may be reckless but at least they get the job done." I said. Leave it to Lina. She makes the impossible possible.

"Yeah. But we shouldn't be worry too much on the Skywalkers. We should worry more about our part of this battle." Master Kenobi turned off the hologram table.

"Right.." I said. Lina, you better come back in one piece...

~~Lina P.O.V~~

"What's the plan, Master?" I put on my backpack that is filled with detonators.

"First, we need to get behind that shield, then get past their tank lines."

"Why don't we just go around... outflank them?"

Anakin took off the binoculars from his eyes. "That's impossible if you're a droid..."

I leaned closer to Anakin and saw a big grin on his face. "It's that face."

"What face?" He looked at me in confusion.

"The famous Skywalker face." I chuckled. "The one that Karri and Padme always jokes around."

"Ahh," Anakin said sarcastically, "that face."

I patted Anakin’s shoulder. "Let's go."

Anakin found an empty box lying around in the middle of the street where the droids and tanks are going to pass by. We hid under the box and waited for the tanks and droids to close in on us. We lifted the box, just a little and saw the red energy field coming closer to us and then we put it down.

"This plan better work or we're all dead."

"Hey, be positive, Lina. Keep a calm mind and trust me."

"I do trust you, big brother. It's just I have never sheath like this before."

"Well, it's always good to try out new things."

"Hmm new reckless tactics. Thanks, I’ll add it onto my list."

After the clanking of the battle droids has faded quietly, Anakin and I began to crawl until we know we reached the generator. The generator’s hums were getting louder and louder.

"While we take our long trip crawling to the generator station, let's have a small talk."

"What talk?" I asked.

"The talk about you and Captain Rex." What does he know about us?


Anakin looked at me, "Why? Well... I think.. I don't know. You possibly like Rex?"

I blushed pink. "W-What? No I don't." My eyes looked away from Anakin.

"You're denying, Lina."

"I don't like Rex... Not that way." I mumbled. I can’t confirm my feelings for Rex yet.. I barely met him few hours ago! I can't love again...

"Lina.." Anakin's voice grew serious. "I'm your brother. I know you better than anybody. You do."

I frowned and whispered, "I-I can't... I just can't love again, Ani. You know I can't..."

"Jango..." Anakin whispered, "It's him, isn't it? You still love him?"

"Of course I do.. I always will but it's just..."

"Rex is the clone of Jango. Is that why you can't love Rex?"

I shook my head. "It's not just because of that. It's just..." I sighed, "I'm afraid that if I love him, he's going to die..."

Anakin sighed, "Lina..."

"No, Anakin. Stop." I shook my head, "As much as I like Rex, I just can't lose him like how I lost Jango."

"Rex isn't Jango, though. He's Rex. Why won't you take a chance on Rex, Lina."

"And what if he dies?" I shook my head again, "I'm not going through that depression stage again..."

"Lina." Anakin voice grew more stern. "Rex is not Jango. Didn't you hear me? Rex won't turn out like Jango. Not for a long time. He will live for you if you take a chance on him."

"Jango did try living for me... He died."

"Lina!" Anakin exclaimed, having his voice echoed from the box. We stopped crawling. "Quit thinking about Jango and think about Rex! Rex is not Jango! Rex is living right now and he will stay that way for a very, very long time. Just take a chance, Lina." Anakin's voice grew calmer. "I want you to think that aside for now. Right now, I hear the generator station." Anakin is right... Rex isn't Jango... I'm just still linger the pain of Jango's death.

~~Karri P.O.V.~~

Master Kenobi and I sat behind a stoned block, covering us from exposing ourselves to the army of droids. This is nerve-wrecking…

My heart began to race, feeling nervous. With every step of the droids made, my heart pounded. I haven’t been this close to a droid army before… Let alone going against an army! I didn’t think this mission would be so “head-on”. I expected a messenger mission, not a battle mission.


I snapped out of my thoughts and looked forward. It was Commander Cody. “Y-Yes Commander?” I kept my voice low. The metal clanking came closer and closer. I swallowed hard, trying to calm myself

The orange-striped Commander Clone looked at me through his helmet. “You all right, Commander Shan? You’re looking a little pale.”

“I’m fine. I’m just nervous that’s all.” I sighed.

Master Kenobi focused on me. “Karri, don’t let your fear overcome your actions.”

Captain Rex crouched down next to us, “All ready with my men.”

“My men in their positions as well.” Commander Cody added.

Suddenly, the red energy shield scanned through us as it hummed.

“We’re inside the shield. Just stay away from those tanks.” Master Kenobi ignited his lightsaber. Oh there’s tanks too.. Even better…

Commander Cody came closer to me as he placed his hand on my head. I startled a little.

“General Kenobi, I think I should watch over Commander Shan. She’s looking a bit nervous. She’s too inexperienced, I can tell.”

Master Kenobi exchanged glances between us. “All right, Cody.” Master Kenobi looked to me, “My young Padawan, I would want you to stay with Commander Cody. Listen to what he says. Trust him and focus on the droids rather than your emotions. ” Then his eyes went to Commander Cody, “Commander Shan will be in your hands.”

“Thank you, General.” Commander Cody nudged me, “Follow me, Commander Shan.” Still crouching, Cody stealthy went inside a building along with other clone troopers. I followed behind closely.

“While General Kenobi negotiate with the Separatists’ general. We will fighting against the droids as planned. Just stick by my side unless I say other wise. Am I understood?”

I nodded. “Yes, Commander.”

Cody looked to his men. “All right men, those clankers are closing in! Get ready for the first wave! Wait for General Kenobi’s signal!”

In synced, the clone troopers shouted. “Sir, yes sir!”

Commander Cody stood by the side of the corridor with his back against the way. He held his blaster up-right, getting ready to fire. I took a deep breath before grabbing my lightsaber. The loud metal clanks just keep getting louder and louder.

I felt a hand placed on my shoulder. Commander Cody was looking at me. “We got this. Just follow my lead, gotcha, kid?”

I smiled at him, feeling my anxiety soothing. “Gotcha.”

“Jedi!” A low cry from a battle droid yelled from outside. That’s the signal!

Immediately, the blasts of blasters were released. Commander Cody’s men ran out of the building to join in the battle.

“Commander Shan!” Commander Cody rushed outside with me following behind. I ignited my green, humming lightsaber. I began deflecting blasts from battle droids closing in on us. They’re so close! Time to decrease their numbers!

I rushed to the battle droids as my lightsaber easily sliced through their defenses. Battle droids began to surround me but, didn’t get a chance to come close to me. They were being shot down within the circumference of me. I glanced behind me as I deflected the shots back to the battle droids. Commander Cody had my back. He was behind a stoned block, giving me cover. We make quite a pair.

I went deeper into the droid army’s territory as I tried decreased their numbers but they wouldn’t stop coming. I covered fire for most of the clones but I couldn’t keep up anymore. The tanks were coming closer.

“Fall back!” Commander Cody cried out.

“Men, fall back!” Then I heard Captain Rex from the left flank cried out as well. This isn’t going too well. The tanks are closing in on both flanks. I can’t get close enough to take it out without the battle droids surrounding it.

Commander Cody came by my side as I carved through a few more droids coming. I was buying time for the clone troopers to fall back inside. “Commander Shan, lets go!”

We rushed inside. I deflected shots back at battle droids to give us cover.

“Everyone! Let’s get away from those tanks. Keep falling back!” With that said, the clone troopers rushed to the street where we were halfway to our tanks. The clone troopers rushed inside the next building ahead of us. We followed behind them but they were already heading to the next tower. Commander Cody and I stayed behind to stall the droids from coming. Multiple B2-HA super battle droids were closing in on us.

“Commander Shan, look out!” Commander Cody leaped onto me. We collapsed onto the ground hard. The integrated rocket launcher from the B2-HA super battle droids launched was aimed towards me. A loud blast caused the ground to shake beneath us. The dusty air of small rocks swirled around the area with a big explosion happening. It missed the tower though, thankfully. Commander Cody and I braced ourselves for another blast. If Commander Cody didn’t save me, I would had been hit that rocket launcher!

It completely missed the tower again! Stupid droids were targeting me but didn’t pay attention that everyone went to the building.

Half of Commander Cody’s body covered me as debris of the crumbling building was falling apart.

“You all right, Commander?” Commander Cody yelled over the blasting of the droids and the crumbling building falling.

“Y-Yes!” Immediately, we got off the ground and quickly went through the corridor. We were near the streets of Christophsis.

“We need to stop them from following us!” I called out to Commander Cody.


I turned around and placed my hands out in front of me. I tightly closed my eyes as I focused the energy around me. I focused the Force on a large debris that has fallen off the building. Struggling, I slowly covered the entrance so the droids and tanks would be delayed.

“Okay, this will buy us some time!” Commander Cody and I ran to reunite with his units and on our way there, Master Kenobi and Captain Rex was there.

Captain Rex shot few droids behind Master Kenobi. “They’re right behind us! They wiped out most of my units. We had to pull out of there.”

Commander Cody glanced at his units to see how much were left. “Only a few of my units were taken out, sir.”

Suddenly a loud explosion occurred. Ugh, they’re faster than I thought.

We took cover behind a half destroyed hologram table.

“Sir, the shield has almost reached the heavy cannons!” Captain Rex exclaimed over the blasts being exchanged between our troops and the droids.

“We cannot stop them, sir.” Commander Cody added.

“Reunite your troops and move back to the heavy cannons! Do everything you can to protect them!” Master Kenobi pointed his thumb behind us, “I’ll delay the droids.”

“B-But Master Kenobi, are you going to do!?” I exclaimed.

“Negotiate, of course.” A smirk laid out on Master Kenobi’s lips as he leaped over the broken hologram table, destroying a Super Battle Droid in the process. Master Kenobi defected the blasts from the droids as he gave us cover to retreat. I did the same as Captain Rex, Commander Cody and their troops tried to shoot down as much droids they can.

“Rex! Let’s start heading back to the tanks!”

Captain Rex nodded to Commander Cody. “All right you grunts! Get moving!” We turned around and started rushing back. We took out many droids along the way but losing troops at the same time. It feels like a never ending war.

~~Lina P.O.V.~~

Anakin removed the box over us and we stretched our limps. "All right, stay close."

I looked across the generator station and there was no droids in sight. "There's no droids , Master. I don't see any probes either. The coast is clear!" I ran off towards the generator station because I thought the generator station was cleared...but it wasn't.

"Lina wait!"

"Why-" Suddenly, I tripped over an antennae that struck from the cracks of the ground. I groaned as I slowly got up from the ground. Man, I hit the ground hard..

LR-57 combat droids (Retail Caucus droid) rose up from the cracked ground, causing me to fall off the droid's head.

"Forget about the droids! Set those charges!" Anakin cried out as he ignited his lightsaber, taking down several droids.

I rushed towards the generator and began placing the bombs around it. Just as I was about to put the last bomb on the generator, a droid came behind me and swung it's arm. I dodged it and ignited my lightsaber, in a reversal grip. Come at me droid.

The droid swung at me again but then I dodged it by leaping into the air and landing on its head. I dug my lightsaber into the middle of it's head, causing the metal to molten. The droid fell in defeat. I hopped off the droid and met Anakin by the generator station.

"Did you set those charges?" Anakin said, angrily.

"Of course I did."

"Then what are you waiting for?"

I pushed one button on my wrist. The bombs went off immediately and the generator was destroyed completely. The energy shield disappeared in seconds. Anakin glared at me as I did the same back. I whipped away from him so I wouldn’t have to see his stupid eyes.

~~Karri P.O.V.~~(Before the generator was destroyed)

I stood on the bounds as I shot back blasts with my lightsaber, trying to decrease the numbers of the droids along with my troops. Captain Rex and a unit went back to our tanks were to take command when things were going to get rough. Commander Cody and the rest of the units tried to fight off the droids from coming closer but it was becoming useless. They were already closing in on our barrier. I leaped back and looked over the Commander Cody.

“They’re getting closer!”

“Men! We got to fall back!”

Immediately, our troops ran back as they tried to shoot back at the droids. As always, I tried to give as much cover to the troops as I can. Yet at the same time, I try to prevent droids from coming any closer but it’s just so hard for one Jedi to do with few units we have.

When are the shields going out!? C’mon Lina! Anakin! We’re depending on you guys!

Tanks began shooting at us, one by one. Many clone troopers fell as the tanks hit our territory. Medics were quickly rushed to several fallen clone. Many died but only some survived.

“Commander Shan!” Commander Cody rushed to my side as he took out a few droids “You doing all right?”

“So far so good!” I said back as I shot down a few droids as well.

“Just pull through a little longer, General Skywalker and Commander Skywalker will succeed on their side of the mission!” We quickly walked backwards as the droids continued closing in on us again.

“I sure hope so, Cody!”

“Cody?” Commander Cody said in surprised.

Suddenly I blushed. “I-I mean Commander Cody! Sorry! I didn’t mean no disrespect.”

Commander Cody snickered, “You don’t have to be sorry, Commander. Call me, Cody if you like! You don’t have to be all formal with me!”

“O-Okay!” Why are we even talking about this at this heat of the moment!

Cody and I retreated towards the tanks along with the rest of our troops. Cody and I made it to Captain Rex who was behind a large debris with the three heavy cannons.

“What are the Skywalkers doing!” Commander Cody said in frustration. “The energy field is coming closer!”

“They’ll get the job done!” Captain Rex said back.

I groaned. “Anytime now, Lina!” I shouted out, loudly, hoping they could hear me.

“You think yelling for Lil’ Skywalker would help?” Captain Rex said sarcastically. Did he just said Lil’ Skywalker?

“Lil’ Skywalker?” Commander Cody and I questioned together.

Captain Rex lowered his head a little. I bet if he had his helmet off, his face would be extremely pink.

“Why don’t you ever give me a nickname?” I teased Cody.

“You know, right now isn’t a good time!” Cody said, feeling a bit offended. It kind of made me smile a little. Yet, I feel a bit irritated because Lina and Anakin haven’t taken out the generator yet!

“I swear if Lina doesn’t get this shield out within a second, I’m going-”

Suddenly, the red energy began to flicker and then disappeared in an instant.

Captain Rex turned to the heavy cannons. “All cannons, fire on those tanks!” Immediately, the heavy cannons launched their restful cannons repeatedly, at the droid army and the tanks.

“I guess, “Lil’ Skywalker” heard your call, Commander Shan.” Cody said, as he teased Captain Rex.

“Hey!” Captain Rex quickly got offended. “I’m the one who thought of that name so don’t start calling Commander Skywalker that!”

Cody laughed through his helmet, “Rex I was joking. Don’t get too serious about it.”

Cody and I looked at each other and just laughed. Our laugh felt more of a relief than laughing at Rex.

“Haha,” Rex mocked us. “Let’s start rounding up our troops, Cody.”

“C’mon, Commander.” I walked along Commander Cody while Captain Rex was walking ahead of us towards the battlefield.

“So no nickname?” I teased, smiling.

Cody looked to me. “Not yet. Just can’t think of one. Give me time.”

I laughed, “All right, Cody.”

I knew behind that helmet, Cody was smiling just by the way I said his name.

~~Lina P.O.V.~~

I sighed as I sat on the broken rumble. Why did I have to be assigned to Anakin? Two reckless people don’t make a right.

Anakin sat right next to me.

"Sorry, Anakin. I should had listened to you."

"It's all right." Anakin said in a chilled tone. "I already know how you are." He manage let out a chuckle. "Because you're exactly like me."

"Yeah, we Skywalkers tend to be reckless and impatient." I said sarcastically.

"It's a bad habit but we can break from it." Anakin chuckled again. "Mission accomplished, my young Padawan."

"You accepted me as your Padawan now?"

"Of course. It's already bad enough that I have to accept you as my sister." Anakin joked.

I rolled my eyes at him. "Well, you have to put up with me, no matter where you go."

A gunship roared through the air as it made its way to pick us up.

Anakin got off from the ground as I did the same. "Come on." Anakin walked to the gunship as I followed behind him. The doors opened and Rex was the only person on board. The gunship took off once we were on board.

"Great job, General Skywalker and Lil' Skywalker." Rex welcomed us.

"Lil' Skywalker? So Rex already have nicknames for you?" Anakin let out a sly smile. "How cute."

Rex just turned his head from me, seeing a little pink rose on his cheeks. What is he embarrassed about? I thought the name “Lil Skywalker” was cute too.

Anakin noticed Rex's reaction and chuckled. "Just kidding, Rex."

The gunship landed next to Master Kenobi, Master Yoda (whom just arrived), and Karri. I guess with Master Yoda’s reinforcements, they were able to get through the Separatists blockade. Now our men are able to get the supplies they need.

"Thanks for the ride, Rex." Anakin said as he got off the gunship.

"Anytime, sir."

I smiled at him,"I'll see you around, Rex."

Rex gazed at me for a while and then managed to let out a smile. "I'll see you around too, Lil' Skywalker."

I got off the gunship and waved to Rex as the gunship took off.

"You and Rex are getting along quite, well."

“I mean, we do have to work together.”

“The three of us are going to be working together for quite a while.” Anakin winked. I rolled my eyes, jokingly.

Anakin and I confronted the Masters and Karri. "Master Yoda, Master Kenobi, Karri Shan." Anakin said as we bowed to them in respect.

"Hmm. Trouble you have with your new Padawan, I hear." Master Yoda said to Anakin.

"I was explaining the situation to Master Yoda." Master Kenobi said.


“If not ready for a Padawan you are, perhaps, the Jedi Order-

“No, wait a minute” Anakin cut off Master Yoda, "I admit, Lina is little rough around the edges but with a great deal of training and patience, she might amount to something. So I accept Lina Skywalker as my Padawan."

Master Yoda turned to Master Kenobi. “And Obi-wan, accept Karri Shan, you will? Ready for a new Padawan, you are?”

“Oh I already accepted Karri Shan as my Padawan already. I’m ready to teach another one.” Master Kenobi looked to Anakin with a sly smirk. “And besides, Karri Shan is the total opposite of Anakin. She actually listens to my orders without question and doesn’t run off recklessly.”

“Hey!” Anakin said, feeling offended. “Don’t start comparing Karri with me!”

Everyone let out a small chuckle besides Anakin, who was still offended.

Master Yoda nodded. “Ready the Padawans, they are.” Heck yeah we are!

Karri and I exchanged bright smiles to each other. It’s our way of telling each other that everything is going to be great!

“Skywalkers, Teth system, go you must.”

"Teth?" I questioned, "That's Wild Space, Master Yoda."

“The Separatists or the droid army isn’t even in that sector.” Anakin added.

"Kidnapped Jabba the Hutt's son has been."

"You want me to rescue Jabba's son?" Anakin questioned to Master Yoda.

"Anakin, we'll need the Hutt's allegiance to give us advantage over Dooku." Master Kenobi explained.

"Mmm. Negotiate the treaty with Jabba, Obi-Wan and Karri will." Master Yoda said to Master Kenobi and Karri.

"Yes Master Yoda." Karri bowed to him.

Then Master Yoda turned to us, "Find the renegades that hold Jabba's son, your mission will be, Skywalkers."

"Come on, Master. It doesn't sound that hard. I'll find Rex and get the troops organized." I said to Anakin. Anakin gave me a nodding signal and I was off, finding Rex. A new mission already!? This is great! Except the part that we have to help the Sleemo that kept my family in chains.

I shook my head. Those days are over now. I’m not longer a slave but a Jedi.

~~Karri P.O.V~~

"Don't worry, Anakin." Master Kenobi said to Anakin. "Just teach her everything I taught you and she'll turn out fine."

"You know, something makes me think this was your idea from the start..." Anakin walked to Lina, who was already waiting for a gunship.

"Let's hope Anakin is ready for this responsibility... You know how Lina is," I said.

"Ready he is to teach an apprentice." Master Yoda said, "To let go of his pupil a greater challenge it will be. Master this, Skywalker must." Which means Anakin needs to get over of his "overly protective" brother stage and trust in Lina.

"If Karri and I got to make a deal with Jabba the Hutt, we'd best be on our way then." Master Kenobi signaled a hand for me to follow him. We walked to our two starfighters that was standing alone. There was Astromechs already in their pits.

"To Tatooine, Master Kenobi?"

"To Tatooine. It has been a while since we've been there, together." Master Kenobi said as he got inside his cockpit.

"It’s been too long." I said before I went inside mines. Lina's home planet. Here we come.


Master Kenobi and I made it to Tatooine and landed in front of Jabba's Palace. We climbed out of our cockpit and stood, staring at the “grand” Jabba's Palace.

"This planet always brings back memories."

"Too much memories. I remember that we were chased by a Sith Lord at one point." Master Kenobi joked.

"I saved your skins, Master."

"And I am thankful for that." Master Kenobi smiled. "Come on now, we don't want the Great Jabba waiting." Master Kenobi put his hood over his head as I did the same with mines.

The main gate of Jabba's Palace opened and it revealed several bounty hunters and a translator droid.

The droid spoke to us, "We should not keep the wise and powerful Jabba waiting."

"I wouldn't dream of it." Master Kenobi and I followed behind the droid and it's bounty hunters, leading us to Jabba.

Master Kenobi and I stood in front of Jabba. Master Kenobi began the negotiation.

"Mighty Jabba, one of our strongest Jedi is on his way to rescue your son. We will not let you down."

Jabba growled and began speaking Huttese which I don't understand.

The translator droid translated, "The most gracious Jabba has one more small condition: he demands you bring back the slime who kidnapped his little... punky muffin."

I chuckled. "Punky?"

Jabba let out an outburst and the droid translated, "Dead or alive." Then again, Jabba spoke, "If you do not succeed, Count Dooku and his droid army will."

"Very well. We will accept your conditions and request." Master Kenobi said, "Anything else that the Great Jabba wants to add?"

The droid translated Master Kenobi's words and then Jabba began to speak again. "The Mighty Jabba would want the two Jedi Lina Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker to bring back his Punky Muffin."

"May I ask why?"

Jabba spoke and the droid translated, "They are the Jedi that Mighty Jabba trust because they were born here."

"This may be trouble..." Master Kenobi whispered but then he bowed to Jabba as I did the same. "We will tell the Skywalkers of your request. Thank you."

Jabba the Hutt growled at us as we leave his Palace without any further trouble.

~~Lina P.O.V~~ (Moments earlier)

"And so, I blew up the generator station even though Anakin was getting upset with me." I mumbled, telling my story to Rex.

"You and General Skywalker are truly siblings," Rex chuckled. "Both rash and reckless. I can see it now."

"Yeah thanks," I said sarcastically. "So your side of the mission went well?"

Rex nodded. "Of course. We may had lost a lot of men during the battle but at least the mission is accomplished."

I frowned at his last comment. "Does it bother you?"

Rex gazed at me for a while. "What does?"

"Seeing your brothers die... Seeing the people you had been with and trained with.. die?"

Rex thought about my question for a moment and then I realized it was too personal.

"Never mind. Don't answer it. It's probably too personal. Sorry if I got a little specific."

"No. It's fine, Lil' Skywalker." Rex slightly show a smile, displaying that he doesn't mind the personal question. "It doesn't bother me anymore. It did at first but now I realize that my brothers and I are going to be at war for a real long time... They may die... They may survive but.. it is what it is."

I nodded to Rex. "Yeah..."


I looked to Rex, "But what?"

"I will try my best to stay alive and watch this war end with my own eyes." Rex's voice was stern and had a lot of confident. Rex has so much confidence. That's what I like about him...

I put my hand on top of his, where his hand was on his helmet. His fingers jumped but then he remained calm. Rex and I looked into each other eyes. "Promise me."

"Promise you...?"

"Promise me that you'll stay alive and watch the the war end." I said.

Rex looked at me in surprised but then he show his light smile and nodded. "I promise you, Lil’ Skywalker. Won't you promise as well?"

"I promise." I nodded at him.

Just then, I sensed somebody was coming. My hand left Rex's and then, my quarter's door open and revealed to be Anakin.

"Rex! There you are! I was looking all over for you." Anakin looked at me. "Why are you in Lina's quarters?"

Rex stood up from the chair. "We were just chatting, sir."

"About?" Anakin questioned with his eyebrow raised and a small smile.

I stood up from my chair as well. "About what happened when we were at the generator station."

"Oh how you triggered the droids and almost got us killed?"

"Yeah. I told him about that." I said to Anakin.

"Well. We got some work to do, you guys. Rex, get your men and the tanks ready. We will be leaving once it's all prepared."

"Yes sir." Rex quickly put his helmet on.

"Rex! I'll come with you and help!" I said as I grabbed my lightsaber off my desk and followed Rex outside. Rex and I walked side by side as we went to hanger together. I could feel Anakin's eyes watching us as he followed us from behind.

"Hey Rex."

"Hmm?" I stopped walking as he did the same. "What?"

I pushed Rex with a bit of force, causing him to lose his balance. "Race ya to the hanger!" I ran to get a head start.

"No fair, Lil' Skywalker!" Rex began to run as well - well chasing after me that is.

I laughed as I continued to run towards the hanger with Rex trying to catch up with me.

Next - SWTCW: Chapter 3

(If easier, find the next chapter on my profile.)

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