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Star Wars the Clone Wars: Chapter Seven

by Linaflame L7 4 years ago in star wars
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Fan-Fiction: Love is a strong word.

Previous Chapter: SWTCW - Chapter 6Source of Episode/Movie from SWTCW: Arc Troopers (Season 3 Episode 2)

~~Lina P.O.V~~

"Lina... Wake up," I felt a hand touch my shoulder and shook it. "Wake up. It's time to go."

I groaned as I slowly opened my eyes. I saw Rex, looking at me with gentle eyes.

"Ah, you're awake now. You fell asleep quick."

I sat up and stretched my limbs, "How long I slept?"

"Not a very long time. About an hour or so," Rex said as he gave me a cup of water. "While you were sleeping, General Skywalker and General Kenobi were investigating the wreckage on the Rishi moon to see if the Separatists left anything."

"Did they?" I said after handing Rex my empty cup.

Rex nodded, "A specialist is encrypting the audio that they found in their fallen ship."

"So they want us to see it?"

Rex nodded, "Yes. Come on."

I got off the bed and Rex handed me my blasters and lightsaber. Then he kissed me on the forehead. "Ready to go, Lina?"

I nodded with a smile, "Yeah."

Rex and I made our way to the bridge of the Jedi Cruiser.

When we were there, we saw Master Kenobi, Karri, Cody, Anakin, and a specialist clone by the hologram table, waiting for us.

"Had a good night sleep, Lina?" Karri asked with a smile.

I nodded, "Yeah, I feel refreshed! Did you sleep?"

"Yeah, only for a little though. I couldn't sleep much." Karri yawned as she rubbed her eyes.

"Too much on your mind?"

Karri shrugged. "I guess you can say that."

Cody glanced to me. "You don't look like a mess anymore, Commander."

"Yeah." I glared at Rex, "This time I'm all clean."

Cody laughed as Rex went by Cody's side. I walked over to Anakin, standing next to him.

"All right. We're here," Rex said, "Has the message been intercepted already?"

"Yes. The audio has been encrypted, sir."

"Put it through," Anakin ordered.

On the hologram table appeared a twitching hologram of Ventress in her cloak and her voice came through. "The clone planet of Kamino will be a dangerous target. Across from Ventress's hologram was General Grievous' hologram.

"Just make sure you hold up your half of the mission. We must stop the production of new clones if we are to win this war."

"What if on either side of the mission fails?" Ventress asked.

"Don't worry." General Grievous rubbed his metallic fingers together, "Count Dooku had already planned ahead."

"What's the other plan, General?"

"To kidnap Lina Skywalker." I felt everyone's eyes laid on me as if I was a nerf in the room. Why me?

"Mmm, Skywalker. What about her?" Ventress asked.

"Skywalker was once a protege of Jango Fett, the clone template. Count Dooku said she must know Jango Fett's weakness which will lead to the destruction of the clones as well."

"Then, we must take her alive if both sides of the mission fail." With that said from Ventress, the holograms vanished.

"Commander Skywalker was close to Jango Fett? The clone template?" Cody questioned as he and Rex looked at me.

I continued to stare at the hologram table as if Ventress and General Grievous were physically there. They know. They know that I know Jango's secret about the effects of cloning. I can't let them know. Not even the Kaminoans know about Jango's weakness. Jango told me to tell no one. Not even the Jedi Council or the Prime Minister of Kamino. I can't. The only person who knows is me and possibly Boba but I'm not so sure.

"Lina!" I heard Anakin's voice echoed in my ears.

I jumped and looked at Anakin immediately, "Y-Yes, Master!"

"What do you know about Jango Fett's DNA? What's the weakness that the Separatists are talking about?"

I swallowed and shook my head. "I'm sorry, Master. But I can't say. Jango said I can't tell anybody. Not even the Kaminoans know." Jango entrusted me with the information. Even though he worked for Count Dooku, he, himself doesn't even know.

"It must be that serious," Master Kenobi added. "Whatever you know, don't allow the information to be known to the Separatists."

"Understood, Master Kenobi."

"How did you know Jango Fett?" Rex asked, abruptly.

I looked at Anakin. Anakin looked back at me. His eyes were serious. I could tell he didn't want me to say anything about my past about Jango. I can't tell Rex that I was formally Jango's wife. Then Rex would get the wrong idea of why I fell love in him. Rex would be angry with me if I told him.

When I was about to speak, Anakin spoke for me. "Lina," Anakin gestured a hand to me, "She was Jango's Fett first and only protegee that was trained under him. Jango Fett trained her before she was found by the Jedi Order. That's why she was close to him. I was once close as well but not as close as Lina was."

I nodded to Rex, "Yes. Jango Fett was my mentor before I was founded by Jedi Order. He taught me everything I know from blasters to bounty hunting. Everything Jango knew and did, I exactly knew and did the same things he did. I'm his legacy and protegee." The room was quiet after my brief information between Jango and me. There's so much to Jango and me that Anakin doesn't even know.

Cody stared at me intensely. "I heard rumors that Jango Fett did have a protegee. Who would have known it was you, Commander Skywalker." Cody's voice sounded a bit sarcastic but serious. There's something that Cody would want to say but he's hesitating.

Master Kenobi rubbed his chin, "Interesting story. Well you have more responsibilities on your hands it seems. This troubles things. Not only Jango Fett's DNA is endangered but also Lina."

"I'll be fine, Master Kenobi. We just need to worry about the invasion that will be coming to Kamino. I'll be sure that the Separatist doesn't go near what Jango started."

Karri cleared her throat, "Lina is right. The invasion is what we should be worrying about." Karri knows that I want to change the subject about Jango.

"They're going to attack our home planet," Rex said with a strong tone.

"The Separatists are taking quite the chance even considering this," Master Kenobi added.

"With all due respect, General, if someone comes to our home, they better be carrying a big blaster."

"I concur with Captain Rex, sir," Cody added, "This is personal for us clones."

"We'll make sure Kamino is secure," Anakin said. "Tell your troopers in the 501st, they're going home."

"Yes sir!" Rex said to Anakin. Rex and Cody marched out of the bridge. I let out a deep breath. Then, I put my hand on my forehead and closed my eyes.

"Master..." I said, still closing my eyes.

"Yes, Lina?"

"Can I go to quarters, now? I need time for myself right now." Right when I thought the memories of Jango has disappeared... They just keep coming back.

Then I opened my eyes to look at Anakin. I saw him nodding, "Yes. I'll call you once we made it on Kamino." He put my hand on my shoulder. "Contain your emotions. Remember Jango is-"

"I know, Master!" I cut him off. "I know already." My voice croaked. I was choking on my words. My emotions made my throat dry. My heart was straining too much on Jango's love. "I just wish he wasn't."

With that said, I walked out of the bridge, alone with nobody following me or stopping me.

Once I got my quarters, I went back onto my bed and leaned my back against the wall. My knees were pulled up to my chest and my head is buried in my knees. Then, my face became wet from tears. Why did Jango have to leave me in the first place? Why did Master Windu have to kill the man that's supposed to be the love of my life?

After a moment, I heard a knock on my door. My head shot up and I quickly wiped the tears away from my eyes. Blast! Is that Rex?

"W-Who is it?" I said, trying to sound normal.

"It's Commander Cody."

I let a breath of relief as I used the Force to unlock the door. My legs hung from the bed as I try to keep my cool. I can't show Cody that I was crying or any of my emotions.

"Come in."

The corridor slid open and Cody walked in with his helmet by his hip.

"Is there a problem, Commander?" I asked.

Cody shrugged as he placed his helmet on my desk. "I'm not really sure if it's problem for me. But I think it's a problem for Rex."

My body tensed up. "W-What do you mean?"

"Jango Fett. The rumors."

"The rumors that I was his protegee and legacy? Well, you heard right." I said, trying to act natural still.

Cody nodded, "Yes that rumor. But there was another rumor."

"What rumor?"

"That Jango Fett had a lover who was his protegee. Which means you were Fett's previous lover."

I stood up from my bed and went up to Cody, "W-Who did you hear this from?"

"This was a major rumor before I was a Commander. It spread like wildfire but I'm not sure if Rex knew. I was in Jango's program before Rex was entranced."

"Wait, you met Jango?" I asked.

"Of course. I was one of the few clones that trained under him. He didn't care much for us clones, but he supervised the top clones' training," Cody said. "He was a bit severe, cold, and a little bit bold. But nevertheless, he was a great man."

"I know." I smiled, remembering Jango's abrasiveness but his soft side for me. I mentally shook my head to wave off the thoughts of Jango. My lips formed a line. "So what is it about the rumor?"

Cody continued, "The rumor died down a few months after his death and it's possible Rex didn't know about it. I even asked Rex if he knew the rumors about Jango Fett and you but he said he never knew. Which means Rex didn't know about Jango Fett and about you being his former lover."

I nodded, "I see..." I said, trailing off, "But Cody! Please don't tell Rex about Jango! Please." My eyes pleaded.

His eyes stared at me intently, "Hold on. The real question is: are you in love with Rex just because he's only a clone of Jango?"

I shook my head. "No, of course not! I'm only in love with Rex because he is him. Honestly, Rex is nothing like Jango. Not in a bad way or anything. I mean by distinguishing personalities. Jango is too independent and bold. While Rex is more dependent and less complicated—B-But anyways, all I'm trying to say is that I love Rex just because he is him. Not just because he looks identical to Jango."

Cody continued to stare at me and nodded, "I believe you because you're very honest, Commander Skywalker and," Cody's serious face disappeared due to his smile, "I can tell you and Rex are deeply in love. I've never seen Rex this lax before."

I smiled back, "Thanks Cody."

"Oh, also another question."


"If Jango Fett was your previous lover, then does that mean Boba Fett, Jango's son, is your son?"

I nodded my head, "Yeah. I have a huge responsibility on my shoulders. He's a little rough around the edges but no matter what, Boba is my son—even if he's a clone or not. Family doesn't have to be by blood."

"I see. I bet Rex doesn't know about Boba either." Cody put his hand under his chin, "You know, you gotta tell Rex the secret, sooner or later about this whole Jango situation. The longer you drag this on, the more Rex will be hurt."

I sighed, "I know, Cody. I know." My voice went low.

"Want me to tell him?"

"No! No! Don't. I'll do it."

"All right but it better be soon as possible because if I know Rex, he doesn't like secrets being kept from him."

"Thanks for the warning." I sighed again, "I hope Rex will understand."

"He will if you tell him real soon." His hand went on my shoulder for comfort. Cody studied my face well enough to tell that I felt uneasy.

I nodded, "All right! I will when the time is right."

Cody nodded as he grabbed his helmet. "Well, this was a nice little talk."

"So Cody, do you keep your word?"

Cody nodded with a smile. "I swear I won't tell. Also, I'll help you out if anything happens."

I let out a sigh of relief, "Thanks Cody." I gave Cody a hug and then I felt his hand patting my head.

"No problem, Commander."

Just then, the corridor slid open.

~~Karri P.O.V~~

I pushed the button to open the corridor of Lina's quarters and it opened. "Hey Lina do you know where Cody-"

I stared at the two in front of my eyes. The two was Lina and Cody. I froze as I hear the door slid closed behind me.

Cody and Lina looked at me strangely as they pulled apart from their hug. My heart struck as if it was in pain. Am I feeling pain in my heart? Why do I feel this way? What emotions do I feel?

I swallowed hard as my mouth fell open, trying to talk but I couldn't. Why did I feel this way?

"Commander Shan, is there something that you need?" Cody asked as he came up to me.

I looked up at him as I nodded. "Um..." I said as I tried to collect my thoughts. "Master Kenobi needs your assistance at the hangar bay." Then I looked to Lina, "And Lina, Anakin needs you as well."

"Oh, all right!" Lina said as she grabbed her lightsaber off her desk. "I'll catch up with you guys later!"

I nodded as Cody gestured a hand for me to leave first. So I did. I walked with Cody towards the hangar bay where Master Kenobi, Anakin, and Captain Rex would be at.

Cody and I stepped into an elevator and between us was nothing but silence. In my mind, all I could wonder was why Cody and Lina were hugging each other. I know Lina wouldn't be interested in Cody that kind of way because she's with Rex. But what was the real reason Cody was there?

"Commander? Is everything alright?" Cody asked, curiously.

I looked at him and averted my eyes, "Yeah. Everything is alright.."

Cody showed a small frown, "Commander Shan, I know I only served for you for a short period of time but I can tell you want to ask me something."

"There was something on my mind that was bothering me."

"What's bothering you, Commander?"

"Why were you in Lina's quarters?" I said immediately after he asked.

Cody's small frown turned into a smile. Then he chuckled, "Oh that..."

"That what?" My tone sounded a little harsh which I hadn't intended to.

Cody chuckled again, "Woah, calm down, Commander. Don't jump to conclusions. Commander Skywalker and I were having a little talk about her and the Jango Fett situation. Nothing else."

"Ohh...That situation." My tone had gotten soft as I felt a wave of relief hit me. Why did I feel relieved?

"Yes that situation and I believe you are already aware of that whole situation," A smirk sharpened at the end of Cody's lips, "Hmm, by your tone earlier it sounded as if you were-"

The elevator door opened and I walked out first, cutting off Cody's sentence. "We're in the hangar bay. Master Kenobi needs us now." My tone sounded a bit harsh.

Cody's smile remained on his face as he put his helmet back on. He followed me by my side, "After the invasion is over on Kamino, we will have to finish this conversation later, then."

"Fine," I said, without looking Cody in the eyes. What kind of emotions did I feel?

~~Lina P.O.V~~

The Republic Cruiser docked by the Kaminoan station's hanger in Tipoca City. The city where the cloning facility took place. This was one of my several visits to Kamino. My first visit was with Master Kenobi when we discovered Jango here. Other visits were when I had to move Boba out of there... Put the past behind, Lina. Don't think about it. Just let it go. Keep your emotions contained.

I walked behind Anakin as Karri walked behind Master Kenobi along with Rex and Cody by their General's side as well. The Prime Minister, Lama Su, and Master Shaak Ti were coming their way to greet us.

"Masters Kenobi and Skywalker," Master Shaak Ti greeted them first and then us, "Padawans Shan and Skywalker. Welcome to Kamino."

"Greetings, Generals," said Lama Su.

"I wish our arrival wasn't under such circumstances," Master Kenobi said, "We believe Grievous is planning a Separatist attack on Kamino."

"But the Republic blockade is far too strong." Lama Su shook his head, "They would not dare."

"The Separatists would do anything to try to win this war," Anakin added. "And we will make sure of it that they don't."

"What do they want on Kamino?" Master Shaak Ti asked.

"The clone DNA, Jango Fett," Anakin said and then looked to me, "And Lina Skywalker."

Master Shaak Ti's and Lama Su's eyes locked on me.

"Lina Skywalker?" Lama Su said to me with his eyes narrowed at me, "Ahh, Lina Skywalker! Jango Fett's protegee. It's great to see you again."

I bowed to him, "Likewise, Prime Minister."

"Why would they need Lina Skywalker?" Shaak Ti asked.

"Because she knows a secret to the clone template DNA that could affect the incoming clones in the future. Which means it will cause the war to end quickly with the Separatists' victory," Master Kenobi said.

"An effect? That's impossible. Jango's DNA is perfectly-"

"Jango's DNA is not perfectly immune to a few things." I cut off Lama Su, "Jango Fett personally told me that this secret cannot be told to anybody, not to the Kaminoans or the Galactic Republic. I apologize."

"Apology is accepted, Lina Skywalker. I understand how secretive Jango Fett is. As long as the information is not taken into the wrong hands. There is no need for worries," Lama Su said.

Master Shaak Ti nodded, "Agreed."

Lama Su gestured a hand towards the Kaminoan station, "We must go to the command room and prepare for the invasion that will be coming our way."

Lama Su and Shaak Ti led us inside the Kaminoan compound and we began walking through a familiar long bridge that led to the command room. The bridge was surrounded by a clear glass dome. Around us was the Kamino cloning facilities. Above us stood the Kamino cloning chambers. The cloning chambers were stuffed with cylinders that contained fetal clones. Below us was the training, combat, and education programs taking place with clones of the age 10-13 it seems. Then there were other rooms that had clones that were young adults. I guess they're getting ready to join their rightful places in the Galactic Republic armies.

"Wow," Karri's eyes wandered around the cloning compound. "So this is where clones were made and taught huh?"

"Of course, Commander Shan." Cody said as he looked at the same direction as Karri. "This is where we learn and trained for the rest of our days until we graduate into official soldiers."

"It's quite impressive if you ask me," Karri added. "It's amazing."

"Honestly, I would love to train here. You know, for shooting ranges and other training simulations that they have here," I said.

"There's plenty of training simulations, Lil' Skywalker. You'll love it here," Rex said to me.

Karri looked at Lama Su, "Excuse me, Prime Minister," Lama Su looked to Karri as we all continued walking.

"Yes, Padawan Shan."

"The clone template; Jango Fett, did he only contribute to the cloning for the credits?"

I glared at Karri, "Jango Fett wasn't a greedy bounty hunter, Karri. He was an honorable bounty hunter who is known for his well-respected experience and righteous manners. His reputation was incomparable to any bounty hunter. He may be independent and reliable to himself but he does care for others."

Now it was everyone's eyes that were on me. I blushed for my outburst. I didn't mean to attract the attention.

Lama Su had a smile on his face, "Well-spoken from Jango Fett's protegee." Lama Su looked forward as everyone else did. "But Lina Skywalker is correct, Jango Fett didn't just contribute the cloning army for credits. His true purpose was to support a certain Jedi. And that certain Jedi was Lina Skywalker." This army was made because of Jango's regretful decision of leaving me. This is his way to make up when he abandoned me back on Tatooine. Honestly, if he didn't abandon me, the Master Qui-Gon Jinn wouldn't have found me. I would have never become a Jedi but be by Jango's side. On the other hand, the credits are transferred to Jango's inheritance which I am responsible for.

"Never knew that Commander Skywalker and Jango Fett were this close." I heard Rex's tone was stern. In the corner of my eye, I could see Rex taking a glance at me and then looked forward.

"Well they had to be close, Rex," I heard Anakin say, "Jango Fett was her mentor."

"That's true." Rex's tone sounded more chilled. I'm thankful for Anakin trying to remove the strong tension from Rex and me. I really don't know when the right time to tell him is.

After a few questions were told, we finally made it to the command room.

"Going to the command room took longer than I expected it to be," Karri let out a deep breath.

"Lama Su, General Shaak Ti! Separatists inbound," A clone said, "Separatists fighters are attacking our blockade."

"Well, this job means for us Skywalkers to take over the piloting," Anakin said with a proud smile.

"Yes! Let's go, Master! I'm so ready!" Piloting could finally take off my mind off of Jango!

"Hold on a minute." A female Kaminoan put her hand up as her eyes locked onto me. "Could you be, Lina Skywalker? Jango Fett's protegee that I have been hearing of?"

I nodded, "Yes, ma'am. I am her." I think I may have spoken too soon.

"I apologize for intruding your mission but there is something urgent that I must show you."

"I'm sorry but this-"

"It's about Jango Fett." Just when I started to forget my past. It just keeps coming back, hitting me harder than ever. Jango. Why did you have to leave me when I need you the most?

"I am Taun. We had met once when you were with General Kenobi to discover about the cloning army."

"Oh, yes. I remember now." My tone sounded upset. I wasn't upset because I couldn't pilot. I was upset because Jango's memories keep rushing back to me when I keep trying to push them away.

Anakin put his hand on my shoulder. "I guess, I'll be piloting alone this time."

I nodded, "It's fine."

Anakin stared at me for a while. "Keep your emotions contained," he whispered. "I sense your mind is very clouded. That isn't good."

I nodded again but slowly, "I know, Master." My voice was a bit emotional but I kept it under control. I don't even know if I can keep my tears under control when the time comes.

Anakin nodded to me before he ran off to the hangar bay to join the clone pilots.

Tatun We bowed to the Prime Minister. "Excuse us for the moment." She gestured a hand towards the corridor. "Right this way."

I looked at Rex and sense his emotions are uneasy. Rex is getting suspicious.

"Lina, I will have Karri brief about the mission to you once you get back," Master Kenobi said.

I nodded. I felt a large lump in my throat, feeling tears to swell up in my eyes. My emotions are already taking over me. The memories of Jango Fett keep swirling around my mind. The memories of Jango and I training together, the memories of when I was bitter but yet thrilled to see Jango again, the memories of when Jango Fett confessed his love for me, and the memories of when we had made our first love together. Those memories could never be erased from my mind. Not only the memories are putting so much weight on me but also the pressure that I am his legacy. Not just his legacy, but Jango's mentor, Jaster Mereel's legacy is put upon me. Jango left so much pressure on me but I know what needs to be done. I have never let Jango down before and I'm not going to start now. Nobody can understand me always trying to make a dead man proud.

After going through the familiar corridors, we had made it to our destination. Tanun We and I came to a halt to a corridor that I recognized.

"You know who this room belonged to?" Taun We asked.

I nodded, slowly. "This is where Jango and Boba used to live. I came here after the first Battle of Geonosis to pick up Jango and Boba's belongings because Jango died." My voice became grating.

Taun We looked at me, "I am sorry for your mentor's death. Jango Fett was a substantial man."

"I know." It was all I could say because if I said another word, my tears would spill from my eyes. I didn't want to do it quite yet.

Taun We pushed several buttons and with that, the door opened to Jango's and Boba's apartment. We walked in and the corridor closed behind me. I took a whiff of air and I could still smell Jango's faded scent that marinated in the air from years ago. Jango... Every single sight of this room makes me think of Jango...Jango. Jango. Jango. Jango. It was all I could think about. I think I may be deluded if I saw Jango's figure in the middle of the room. My mind must be clouded with the emotions.

The room was completely empty and the remaining furniture had stayed in place. Nothing had changed since the last time I came.

Taun We walked to a circled white table that was in front of a couch that was rounded against the wall and a window above. On the white table was a large metal box.

Taun We placed her hand on the box. "This is what left of the belongings. You and Boba missed several things when you moved."

I nodded but didn't speak.

Taun We continued, "Well, I will leave you here for a moment. Please come back to the command center when you are finished here."

Taun We walked out of the room, leaving me alone. I immediately fell to my knees and began to cry. The saltiness of my tears surrounded my jawline and then onto the whites of the floors. My palms fell forward onto the ground as my eyelids closed, trying to stop the tears from escaping but it was impossible.

I couldn't keep my emotions contained. I couldn't stop thinking of Jango. I couldn't stop my tears. I couldn't stop loving Jango. I can't deny the love that Jango and I had.

With little strength I had in my legs, I walked towards the couch and collapsed. Slowly, my fingers brought the box closer to me. Through my blurry tears, I managed to peer to see what's inside. I took it out and saw a hologram projectors that had dust all over it. I placed it on the table and dug further into the box. Inside were three pocket knives crafted by Mandalorians, a lot of Mandalorian blasters, a few old books that were written in Mando'a, seven journals, a few Mandalorian crests, and more hologram projectors. On the bottom of each hologram projectors, they were labeled. I see my name on a few of these and few with Boba's name and also Jango's name.

I wiped my tears with my wrist but it kept flowing. I grabbed the journal that was marked one tally mark. I opened the first page of the journal and began reading the Mando'a words. Jango had taught me Mando'a as we traveled together. I was completely fluent in the language. My Mando'a became a little rusty but time by time, Boba and I talk to each other in the language.

After reading the first page, I couldn't help but cry even more. This wasn't just a journal. It was a diary. A diary about our memories and bounty missions we had together. I just couldn't read it. It would make me miss Jango even more.

I closed the journal and then peered into the box and saw a small white box. It was the last thing that was inside the metal box. I opened it and I couldn't believe what's inside. A beautiful necklace. The pendant was shaped of a lightning bolt of some sort. It was silver with two gems in the middle, red and blue. I took out the necklace from the box and examined it.

Just then, a small folded, piece of paper fell out of the necklace box. I placed the necklace back into the box. I unfold the small paper and it revealed to be a note with little writing written in Mando'a.

"Wedding Gift," the note said.

(Wedding Gift: Lina Skywalker Fett's Necklace)

More tears escaped from my eyes as the pit of my stomach turned harshly. My heart felt hurt as if someone was squeezing it with both hands. I could only imagine Jango's hands were grasping onto my heart. My mouth fell open as I try to say something but instead, tears slipped onto my lips and into my mouth. I couldn't contain myself. All of my feelings just exploded. My head started to feel nauseous as my cries became loud. Why Jango? A few days before my execution on Geonosis, Jango and I got married on Mandalore but didn't have time to exchange gifts for each other. I didn't have much nor owned much. Yet, I gave Jango the most valuable things to me: my Mandalorian blaster I was building and my lightsaber. For Jango, he already had a wedding gift waiting for me on Kamino but I never had the chance to see it until now.

I leaned back, taking a couple of breaths. I closed my eyes as my thoughts of Jango continued. If Jango didn't die, I would have lived here with Jango and left the Jedi Order. Or maybe, fake my death so the Jedi Council and Anakin wouldn't find me. I would have lived my life, being with the man I loved. We would be raising Boba and maybe other children together. Yet, I wouldn't have met Rex...

I shook my head as I rubbed my temples with the palms of my hands. All of the memories in the past. I can't change it. It is the will of the Force that shaped my path for me. It's the reason why I'm a Jedi and why I'm here. Maybe things are meant to be this way. Jango was my past and Rex is now my present and possibly my future. I completely forgot that I'm not only Jango's legacy but also a Jedi. I must not forget what I truly am, at the moment. One of the last wishes that Jango desire was for me to become a Jedi that he would be proud of.

I gathered all of the items around me and placed it inside the box. Time to resume my mission on Kamino. It's my duty as a Jedi.

As I stood by the doorway, my eyes wandered the room. This could've been my home. But now, the Jedi Order is my home.

With that thought, I walked out of the room without turning back. Memories of Jango still lingered, but I try to not have it bother me. I remember the second to last thing he ever said to me that was kept to my heart, "Gar're ner protegee. Gar're ner legacy. Not shi megin al gar're ner riduur. (Translation: You're my protegee. You're my legacy. Not only that, but you're my wife.) His dying words still haunted me..

Next Chapter: SWTCW - Chapter 8

Chapter 8 will be the continuing Episode of SWTCW, "Arc Troopers." Part 2

(If easier, find the next chapter on my profile.)

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