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'Star Wars: the Clone Wars': Chapter Four

by Linaflame L7 4 years ago in star wars
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Fan-Fiction: Love Is a Strong Word

Previous Chapter: SWTCW - Chapter 3Source of Episode/Movie: 'Star Wars: the Clone Wars' Movie

~~Lina P.O.V~~

Anakin and I ran towards the platform that R2 had informed us of in the hologram. We stopped as Anakin pushed his comlink to contact Master Kenobi who was fighting against vulture droids along with clones.

"Skywalker to Obi-wan. Mark my position. Do you copy?"

The comlink blinked in green, "Anak..." Master Kenobi's voice faded through. They’re jamming our transmissions.

Anakin groaned, "I can't get a hold of Obi-wan. I'll see if I can find Rex."

Rex! Please be all right. I trust you that you will be keeping my promise.

Anakin studied my face. "Lina..."

"I know. I know." I sighed, "Trust in Rex."

Anakin went to his comlink and pushed the button. "Rex. Come in. Do you copy? Rex!" Anakin groaned, sounding a bit worried now, "Captain Rex, respond."

Just then, Rex's voice came through along with the sound of laser fire. "I read you, General. We're pinned in the courtyard."

"Do you need help?" Anakin asked, urgently.

All we could hear from the other end was repeatedly fired shots.

"Anakin. He's in trouble. We have to help him."

Anakin nodded to me, "We'll take that as a yes, Captain. We'll be there as soon as we can. Skywalkers out."

Anakin pushed his comlink. "Let's go, Lina. We need to help Rex."

"Don't have to tell me twice, Anakin." I ran behind him but then destroyer droids stopped us at our path.

"Great. Rolling death balls." I mumbled, as I ignited my lightsaber. These rolling death balls are blocking me from helping Rex!

Anakin and I deflected the shots from the destroyer droids. "R2, the doors!" Anakin ordered. R2 rolled towards the nearest cylinder code and the door began closing the gate.

I looked between the destroyer droids and saw the person that I wanted to hurt so badly. Ventress. As a Jedi, I can't hurt her in hate. But doesn't mean I can't face her.

The gate was shut but then, two red lightsabers stabbed through the doors and began to form its other halved circle.

"I think it's now a good time for retreat."

"Retreat?" I said, "That's a new word for you."

"Head into the jungle." Anakin stood on the edge of the platform and looked down.

"Wait. I remember the jungle was a bad place." I said, looking down. Then, I saw two spider droids, shooting at us. Great, more droids.

The spider droids shot the below the ledge, causing the hives to be bothered. The giant insects began to fly away from their combs.

"So much for going that way." Anakin groaned.

I turned around as Anakin did the same. We both watched the red lightsabers melt through the doors, almost perfecting the molten circle.

"Looks like we're out of options." Anakin said.

"There has to be another way." I said, looking around my surroundings.

Then, Stinky began pointing from across. He was still secured in the backpack, on Anakin's back.

Stinky cooed as he tried to tell us something. I looked at the direction that Stinky was pointing to and I smiled in relief.

"Master! Stinky has found our way out." I pointed to the ledge with a ship on it, "Another landing platform."

"There's a ship on it."

"Nice job, Stinky." Then I looked to Anakin, "So how are we going to get over there?"

"Leave that to me." Anakin jumped off the ledge along with Stinky on his back. Successfully, Anakin landed onto the giant insect that was flying around.

"Man, I want to ride on that!" I said, feeling hyped to ride on one. I just gotta search for another of those giant buggers.

R2 rolled to my side, warning me that something was behind me. I looked over and circled door was kicked down and Ventress was walking through it.

I ignited my lightsaber again and put it in the defensive stance.

"Hmm, Lina Skywalker, isn't it?" Ventress swayed her lightsabers towards me, launching a blow. I blocked it between hers. The sizzling of our lightsabers sparked.

"Ventress." I hissed through my teeth. Dooku’s assassin.

"Hmm, you're more prettier than I expected you to be." I kicked her stomach, pushing her away from me.

Ventress let out a chuckle, "A blue clone had addressed you by your name as I was trying to interrogate him."

My fingers gripped onto my lightsaber, trying to contain my anger. This witch used the Force on Rex. She was trying to kill him.

"He seems quite fond of you." Ventress charged at me again but this time it was one lightsaber. Then she pounded her other lightsaber onto mine. "I sensed his feelings for you are strong."

"I don't care for nobody's feelings. As a Jedi," I gritted my teeth as I tried to push her back, "I am forbidden to form attachments."

"So the clone is meaningless to you?"

"He's just a comrade!" I cried as I pushed back her lightsabers and began striking towards her but then she blocked it. In irritation, I used the Force and pushed her straight back inside the palace. I stopped once I felt Ventress hit against a wall. I’ll deal with her later! Right now, focus on the task at hand.

"Lina, need a lift?" I heard Anakin's voice from behind me. I turned and saw Anakin still riding on the bug, "It took you long enough to finish the battle. Now quick, hop on!"

"I’m coming!" I jumped and grabbed onto the bug's legs right before the platform collapsed due to the spider droids shooting below it. R2 had used his fuel tank to fly himself to the platform, following us. Anakin hopped off the bug as I did the same and R2 came by our side, landing safety.

~~Karri P.O.V~~

Master Kenobi and I flew through the blasting lasers as we tried to get close to the palace. The pack behind us covered us as they went after the vulture droids. Suddenly, a hard shot barely hit the side of my starfighter. Then more shots were targeting me. I tried to shake them off but they were right on my tail. I’m not used to flying! What if I get shot down!?

“M-Master! I can’t shake them off!” I said, panicking. “W-What do I do!”

“Just relax, Karri. I’m right behind you.” Master Kenobi’s starfighter swooped around me as I tried to give him a good angle to shoot at the vulture droids tailing on me. Immediately, he was able to shoot down the vulture droids.

I let out a sigh of relief. “T-Thank you, Master Kenobi. I’m sorry that I painced. I’m not used to flying.”

“That’s all right, Karri. It happened to everybody. We need to fly more often it seems.”

“Not unless the Skywalkers get to it first.”

I heard Master Kenobi chuckled through his com-channel. “That’s why we beat to them first.”

I smiled to myself. I’ve already learned a lot from Master Kenobi. This Padawan learning how already taken its toll on me.

I followed beside Master Kenobi’s starfighter and focused my eyes on the palace. Bright red and blue laser fire was happening on the east platform.

“Master, there’s something going at the east platform.”

“Looks like a battle. And if there’s a battle, Anakin’s probably in the middle of it. We’ll start looking for him there. All ships follow me.” Master Kenobi headed back to the cruisers.

“Commander Cody, prepare the gunships for ground assault.” Master Kenobi said through the com-channel. “Everyone, we need to cover the gunships.”

“Yes sir!”

“Karri, follow me. We’re going to join the ground assault with Cody.”

“Yes, master!” I followed along side. Master Kenobi and I closed in on the east side of the palace, seeing only Captain Rex and a clone trooper remaining, standing against an army of droids.

“Let’s give them some help.”

With that said, Master Kenobi and I laser fired at the droids in front of them to give them cover.

“Karri, let the astromechs take care of the starfighters. We’re going in!”

“Yes Master!”

Immediately, Master Kenobi and I released our domes and leaped out of our starfighters. We ignited our lightsabers as gravity brought us to the ground. We took out a few droids before regrouping with Captain Rex and the clone trooper.

“Where’s the Hutt?” Master Kenobi asked Captain Rex.

“They’re with the Skywalkers. They’re still inside the palace, trying to find a ship to get to the cruiser.”

Just then, Republic gunships roared through the sky as they shot down the Separatist’s ship that was docked. Then Commander Cody and his troops came down the gunships with ropes.

“I guess Cody made it to the party on time.” Master Kenobi joked as we defend ourselves from the droid army. We had taken cover behind fallen walkers.

Cody came by Master Kenobi. “We’re all here, General!”

“I guess everyone arrived at the party beside the Skywalkers.” Captain Rex said.

“I’m going to find the Skywalkers. You guys keep the droids occupied.”

“Yes, Master!” I said as I deflected shots back to the droids.

“Yes, General!” Cody said as he shot back a few droids. Cody came by me. “I guess you don’t need me to look after you anymore, huh?”

I managed to let out a chuckle. “Not really. I think I’ve gotten the hang of it.”

“Let’s just watch each other’s back for now on, Commander Shan.”

“Copy that, Cody.” I said, smiling.

~~Lina P.O.V~~

We discovered that the caretaker droid was also on the platform along with battle droids. All this time it was working with the Separatists. So I didn't hesitate in shooting him down with my blasters. Anakin, R2, and I climbed onto the rust bucket called a ship, inspecting it to see if this bucket could fly well. It was a cargo ship so it was used often. We all head to the cockpit and discovered that the engine was having problems.

"That's not it. Try opening the fuel lifters all the way." Anakin said to R2. R2 beeped in response and with that, the engine started up.

"Good work, Buddy." Anakin said to his droid.

I sat in the passenger seat along with Stinky, still inside his backpack. I placed the backpack on my lap as I relaxed myself. Today had been a long time. Longer than I expected it to be.

Anakin lifted the bucket off the platform and began flying it. From a distance, we saw glowing lights like fireworks, happening back on the palace. That's where Rex was.

"Rex is still there!" I cried.

"The troopers still need our help." Anakin pushed a couple of buttons above him and on the main controls. "Charge the main guns."

Then, I thought about Stinky. He's so quiet.

I turned the backpack, having Stinky facing me and studied him. Stinky was fading from his original green color, turning yellow and his eyes were droopy as if he was struggling to survive. Then, he started to let out several dry coughs. Stinky is getting sicker and sicker. Oh man. This isn't good. Stinky probably won't make it if we go help Rex. But if we don't help Rex. Then he'll die! Just as — stop it, Lina! Rex isn't Jango. As Anakin always said, trust in Rex. I must do that.

"Ani," I said, in a whisper.

"What's wrong, Lina?" Anakin's eyes looked into mine.

"We need to go to Jedi Cruiser. Like right away."

"W-What?" Anakin said in shock, "You don't want to help Rex?"

"As much as I do.." I sighed, "We have to put Stinky first right now. We need to get him to the medics on the Jedi Cruiser. It's our only chance to get Stinky back to his father still breathing."

Stinky began to let out weak whimpers as he coughed some more.

"Are you sure you want to leave Rex, there?" Anakin asked once more.

I nodded, "Yes, Anakin. I-I trust Rex. I trust him that he will survive."

Anakin nodded as he pushed a com-channel. "Captain Rex? This is General Skywalker."

"Yes, General?" Rex's voice came through. A impact of relief soothe my worried heart. He's still alive even though I could still sense him. For some reason... I can strongly sense him... Strange.

"We are unable to help you."

"Don't worry about us, General. We'll be all right." Rex's voice sounded confident. "The mission always comes first, sir."

The ship flew over the platform where Rex and more troopers were at and then we were off to the Jedi Cruiser, trying to get through the battlefield.

"I'm proud of you, Lina."

"Why? I didn't do much today. All I did was defend off a couple of battle droids."

"Not that." Anakin let out a smirk. "You had realized the mission was more important and you learned how to let Rex go when time pressured you. Not many Jedi could that with a cooled mind."

"Well. All I had to do was trust in Rex. And I did."

"Didn't I tell ya?" Anakin chuckled, "This is why he's my Captain and he and only he will be my second-in-command and the most loyal man I will ever meet."

Suddenly an explosion happened behind our ship. Stinky whimpered as he felt the impact as well.

"This battlefield is getting tougher and tougher." I winced as Anakin flew through the laser fire coming from our men and the vulture droids.

"All we've got to do is land on that Jedi cruiser."

"But Master, their deflector shields are up!" I said. Then I gasped as I felt the cannons of the Jedi cruiser shot at us. "They must think this grease bucket is an enemy ship!"

Anakin pushed the com-channel. "Cruiser, hold your fire!"

"Who is that?" A clone's voice came through the other end. "Incoming ship, identify yourself."

"This is General Skywalker. We have Jabba the Hutt's son." Anakin responded. "He needs medical attention and we must board immediately."

"Stand by." The clone said.

"Stand by? That's helpful!" I said in irritation. Any moment this Hutt will die!

Another explosive happened behind us. "Vulture droids are a pain in the rear!" Anakin grunted as he try to shake off the vulture droids behind him. "Hold on!"

After a moment of trying to get the vulture droids off our tails, a clone came through the comlink. "General. Go to the lower hanger. The deflector shields are off."

"We're on our way." Anakin said.

The vulture droids behind made our plan backfire by going inside the hanger. They shot it through, causing us to abort the mission in going to the Jedi Cruiser. Anakin made a change of plans and took us and this bucket of bolts through hyperspace to go to our home planet, Tatooine. The planet where we never wanted to go again. Too many terrible memories.

I had brought Stinky to the medical room that was in back of the ship and gave him a prescription pill that a hologram doctor droid told me to give. The results on Stinky were better than before. Stinky was becoming the shade of green he supposed to be. I had made a small comfy bed for Stinky on a shelf for him to rest on. The ship was still carrying us through hyperspace as Anakin was making final repairs to the ship with R2.

I sat back on the passenger seat, trying to relax myself. "Stinky is feeling much better, Master. I think he will recover in no time with the medicine that I gave him. It worked wonders."

"That's great to hear," Anakin said as he adjusted a few bolts into the ship. "Lina, you should get some rest too. I'll wake you up once we make it out of hyperspace.

I nodded to Anakin. I didn't want to deny that I was exhausted because I would be lying. Right now, I would want to sleep in my own bed but I can't... because we're still on a mission to the dirt ball planet. Most depressing planet ever.

I sighed to myself, "I can't sleep even though I am exhausted."

Anakin got off of his stool and put his tools away back inside R2. "Have too much on your mind, huh?"

I nodded, "I wonder if Rex made it out okay..."

"Rex is fine. Can't you still sense him?"

"Yeah.. I kind of can."

Anakin sat back down in his seat. "I noticed that you and Rex already have a strong sense of bond even though you met each other for one day."

"One day can happen, Master."

Anakin chuckled. "It truly can." He said as he pushed a couple of buttons on the main controllers.


"Yeah, Lina?"

"Do you miss her?" I said, "Do you miss mother?"

Anakin leaned back against his chair and he went quiet for a while. He nodded his head slowly, "Yes. I do. Very much."

I sighed, "I wish I could had seen her one last time... You could but only for a moment. I wish I could be at that moment."

"I wish you were there too, Lina, mother would have been happy to see you grown to become a beautiful and healthy woman."

"At least she saw you before she,” I paused, frowning, “died."

"Yeah.." Anakin's voice was faint. "But even though she is gone, I know she would be proud of the both of us."

"I know, Ani. She would be right now." I sighed deeply again, “we just got to move on.”

Anakin didn’t say a word but I knew that he can’t get over our mom. I sense that this will be a problem in the future.


Once we came out of hyperspace, two ships began attacking our rear. It was assassin droids from Count Dooku as we had assumed. It was some welcoming home party.

After Anakin and R2 defeated the two ships tailgating us, the bucket of bolts was damaged, causing us to impact through the atmosphere of Tatooine. Luckily, the ship had crashed into the sand dunes that didn't caused a great impact on the ship. Anakin, Stinky, R2, and I all survived through the crash landing. Good thing, nobody was hurt. Well, beside the ship.

Anakin and I went through the back hanger of the ship and overviewed the sand of Tatooine.

"We're back 'home,' Ani." I said.

"Wasn't much of a home. More like a prison." Anakin shook his head. "Let's get on with the mission. Jabba's palace is on the far side of the Dune Sea."

"I know how far the Dune Sea from Jabba's palace is, Ani." I said as I placed Stinky inside Anakin's backpack. "We just need to hurry. We need to make it there before nightfall."

Anakin leaped onto solid sand as I did the same. R2 tagged along behind us, lagging due to the sand being stuck into his servos.

Through the Dune Sea, we were only half across to Jabba's Palace. Anakin and I didn’t say a word to each other. We both were thinking too much about our memories with this planet.

This is what I hate about this dirt planet. There's nothing but sand and pain.... The pain of losing love ones. The pain of watching the pain of others. I had remembered every single day on Tatooine, I wished that something greater in my life had a meaning instead of remaining as a slave and working for others. I always thought my life had more meaning and I was right. Jango Fett was the first person who made my life meaningful. When I was his apprentice, Jango had always worked for bounties to pay off my master, Watto, in order for me to be freed but it was only temporary. Also, I never knew a Bounty Hunter like Jango could be selfless. He would try to free my mother and Anakin even though it was temporary because Watto would be so greedy. But that was the only freedom that we ever had. My brother loved Jango like a brother and my mother had thought of Jango as her own son. I thought of Jango as my mentor and best friend but I had never thought of what Jango thought of me. I had always thought Jango thought of me as his protege but he thought of me more than his protege. He had feelings for me. Usually people would feel awkward but I did had feelings for him as well at such a young age. I just wasn't sure it was real since I was young. Jango had trained me about a year but there was an incident that happened on the planet Kashyyyk. Jango and I accepted a bounty to capture a rogue Wookie that had a huge bounty on his head for causing the Hutts trouble. As expected, the Wookie knew their way around the jungle of Kashyyyk. The Wookie had trapped Jango and me by cutting through fallen trees on top of us but then, I saved the both of us. I discovered that I was able to use the Force at that time. I had used the Force to stop the falling trees from landing on us and surprisingly countered the tree towards the rogue Wookie, killing him. Fortunately the Hutts wanted him dead or alive, so we brought his head back to Tatooine. Not only we obtained our large bounty but Jango had grown distant from me. I had always wondered why Jango was acting strange all of the sudden at that time. I was totally clueless. A week after that bounty mission, Jango and I accepted another mission that was on Tatooine. We had to capture a rogue Jawa that had stolen bounty from Jabba the Hutt. While we were on that mission, a sand storm suddenly caused me to be inflicted with desert fever. Jango had abandoned the bounty for the sake of my health and took me back home in time. My mother had cured the desert fever but it caused me to go in a coma for few days. In those few days, Jango had left a large amount of credits (bounties) for my family, which we had used for our debt and supplies (which didn’t last) and nothing else was left from him. He didn't leave me a letter nor a memento of him. He just abandoned me as if he didn't care for me but pity me because I was a slave. That was when I had a bit of a grudge against Jango.

But eventually, I found Jango on Kamino and things happened from there.

The memory of Jango, my mother, and my brother were the only memories that were the cherished memories I had on Tatooine.

Now it's the present and I will have to make new memories for the future.

Anakin and I didn't talk as we walked through the Dune Sea because we would get lost in our past and eventually mourn over it. Like I did about Jango and our mother.

It was nearly dusk and we were able to see a small full moon and a half of Tatooine's moon over the hill of the Dune Sea. The skies had become redish orange and the desert was quiet.

Abruptly, Anakin and I felt an disturbance in the Force. The Dark Side of the Force.

"Anakin, do you sense that?"

"Yeah, I do." Anakin said, "It's the Dark Side of the Force. Whatever it is, it's coming for the Hutt."

"That's going to be trouble."

"That means we need to split up."

"W-What?" I questioned Anakin, "No! I-I'm not leaving your side, Ani. W-We can't leave each other side. I-I don't want t —"

"Lina!" Anakin snapped at me. "You won't turn out like mom. I would never allow that. Ever."

"Anakin, we can face him together." I suggested, "So we won't be separated."

"Lina, I can sense your fear of being lost in the desert."

I clenched my fists as shook in fear. "I-I don't want to be abandoned. I don't want to be lost again."

"Use the Force. There's a reason why your a Jedi, Lina. Use the Force to guide you. You couldn't use the Force before but now it's stronger and it will guide you. Trust in me and the Force. Okay?"

I took a deep breath and nodded slowly to Anakin. "O-Okay, Master... I'll try."

"No you won't try. You will."

I nodded with a bit of confidence. "I will!"

Anakin let out a little smile. "That's the spirit, Lina." Anakin placed his hand on my head. "You have the advantage here. You know your way around the Dune Sea. We have been around here a lot of times. Just be cautious. You don't know what will be popping out of here."

"Right." I nodded.

"Meet at Jabba's Palace, okay? You take Stinky and I'll be the decoy."

I nodded, without arguing against Anakin because I know there isn't much time. "Yes Master."


Anakin and I went our separate ways for now. I rushed to Jabba's Palace and I felt a rush of relief once I saw it in sight. Never felt so happy to see Jabba's Palace before.

Just then, three assassin droids came out of the ground. I ignited my lightsaber, preparing myself against the droids.

"Not good." I whispered. I must defend for myself and the Hutt.

I charged towards one of the droid as I Force pushed the other two into the sand. I fought against it as it blocked my blows. I took out the weapons first.

I sliced through the middle of the droid's electric stick and then the ends of it. I stabbed through the middle of the droid, hitting it's core and then it fell to the ground. Two more to go.

Suddenly, I heard a speeder from a distant. I looked over to see who it was and it was Anakin.

"Anakin! Anakin! Big brother!"

The noise of the speeder was too loud for him to hear. I groaned in defeat. He couldn't hear me at all!

"I gotta take them out first, then." The two droids came out of the sand with their electrocuting sticks activated. I used the Force to take one stick away and crushed it with the Force. Again, I used the Force to bring the unarmed droid into my lightsaber, right in the core. One more droid to go.

~~Anakin P.O.V~~

"Where's my Padawan?" I asked the Bounty Hunters who were at the front entrance.

A translator droid came out and said, "This way." Before the droid went back inside the Palace, he asked, "Your weapon please."

I cautiously handed over my lightsaber to the droid and followed him to Jabba. I don't sense Lina inside here... Where could she be?

"This is Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker." The droid addressed me to Jabba the Hutt. I stood in front of him, as I stared at the monster. All the Hutts care about is money. And nothing else. They don't even care what happens to the slave at the end. All Hutts are the same to me.

"As Count Dooku said, your son is not with him." The translator droid said which shocked me. Lina and the Hutt isn't here?!

"What?! Your son is not here?" I panicked.

Jabba began to yell in Huttese and I didn't care about the insult that he called me.

I searched around for my sister, "Where's Lina?! Where's my sister?!" She's nowhere to be found. I don't sense her in the palace. I looked to my lightsaber and used the Force to obtain it back.

I ignited my lightsaber and pointed the tip towards Jabba's neck. People from behind shrieked in horror and bounty hunters had their guns pointed to me. I didn't care. I only care about Lina right now. My little sister… I am not losing my little sister on the same planet I lost my mother!

"What have you done with Lina?"

Jabba pointed at me and spoke in Huttese, "You came here to kill Jabba." The droid translated.

I tighten my fingers onto the hilt, "Mighty Jabba, I came here to negotiate!"

Jabba then spoke in Huttese, "You came here to die." The droid said.

"Stop!" I heard Lina's voice. Quickly, I turned my head and saw Lina in the doorway with the Huttlet in her arms and R2 by her side.


~~Lina P.O.V~~

Anakin rushed to me and gave me a quick hug. He checked me to see if I was all right. "You're here. And alive."

"Of course, why else wouldn't I be?" Anakin and I began walking in front of Jabba the Hutt and he began speaking in Huttese once he saw his son.

Stinky opened his eyes and waved his arms to his father. I handed Jabba his son, keeping him by his side. Jabba pointed a finger to us and spoke, "You are to be executed, immediately." The droid translated.

"What?!" We both side at the same time. At the same time, Anakin and I ignited our lightsabers and the bounty hunters pointed their loaded blasters at us.

"Some welcome home party. I love it when they try to kill us. It's soothing."

Anakin chuckled, "Same here, Lina. The best part is the Bounty Hunters threatening us with their blasters."

Just then, a glowing orb by Jabba began to blink and beep rapidly. "Your Uncle Ziro is contacting us." The droid said before he pushed the button.

A hologram of Padme appeared in front of us.

"Greetings, Honorable Jabba." Padme greeted Jabba, respectfully. "I am Senator Amidala of the Galactic Congress. I've discovered a plot against you by one of your own." She continued, "Your uncle will admit he conspired with Count Dooku to kidnap your son and frame the Jedi for the crime." Then, a hologram of Ziro shifted in.

"Ziro!" Jabba exclaimed and then spoke in Huttese to Ziro which Ziro could understand. Ziro replied to Jabba in Huttese. After Jabba finished scolding Ziro, Padme's hologram appeared again.

"Ziro will be dealt with by the Hutt family." The droid translated for Padme. "Most severely."

"Perhaps now you will allow the Republic to use your trade routes and hostilities can come to an end."

Jabba began to laugh, causing Anakin and I become uneasy. He spoke in his language, "Jabba agrees," The droid translated, "A treaty is in order."

"You will not regret this, Jabba." Padme said.

"The clone armies may move through Jabba's territories." The droid translated for Jabba.

Anakin and I took a deep breathe and deactivated our lightsabers.

"Senator," Anakin spoke to Padme. The hologram turned to see him, "You have my undying... gratitude."

"No, Master Skywalker, it is I and the Republic who owes you thanks." Padme said before her hologram disappeared.

"Jabba would be most appreciative if you bring Dooku to justice for his crimes against the Hutts." The droid said.

"You can count on it, Jabba." Anakin said.

Jabba laughed loudly and spoke again. The droid translated, “Welcome home, Skywalkers.”

Anakin and I looked at each other and shrugged. We managed to let out a small smile of relief. Welcome home, huh? I guess our past will never leave us.

Next Chapter: SWTCW - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 will be an original chapter. (Not from the series).

(If easier, find the next chapter on my profile.)

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