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Star Wars the Clone Wars: Chapter Eight

by Linaflame L7 4 years ago in star wars
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Fan-Fiction: Love is a Strong Word

Previous Chapter: SWTCW - Chapter 7Source of Episode/Movie from SWTCW: Arc Troopers (Season 3 Episode 2)

~~Karri P.O.V~~


I gazed at Lina as she walked inside the command room quietly. Everyone's eyes were on Lina and quickly looked away. Lina walked slowly towards me. Her face was stern as if she was cold as stone. Her arms tightly held a strange metal box. I sensed Lina was very troubled. Cody and Rex exchanged glances.

"What is that?" Rex asked Lina, sounding curious.

"Nothing," she shook her head, emotionless. "It's nothing." She walked away from us and went to Tuan We, keeping a low conversation. I have a feeling that it's the rest of Jango's belonging in that box. Something inside might have made her emotional again.

"Hey, let Lina be," I whispered to Rex and Cody.

With that said, Cody gave me a slight nod as Rex had curiosity in his eyes. There was worry in Rex's steady eyes.

"What's wrong with her though? She seems.. quiet," Rex said, sounding concerned.

"Wow, quiet for Commander Skywalker," Cody scoffed, trying to change the subject. "She's just being serious."

"Serious?" Rex let out a small chuckle. "I don't think that's even possible for her." I guess Cody's jokes are distracting Rex from worrying so much.

I looked back at Lina and saw her handing her metal box to Tuan We. She bowed respectfully and came by my side.

"Where is Master Kenobi?" She asked.

"He's investigating below surface at the moment," I said, "That's all I know for now." She nodded slowly as she hugged herself. I hate seeing Lina this vulnerable. She hasn't been like then since she came home from the First Battle of Geonosis.

Just then, the entire command room began to shake, causing everyone to lose their balance. The emergency sirens blared through the room repeatedly. The lights turned off, but immediately, the red emergency lights activated.

"What was that?!" Lina said in a panic.

Master Shaak Ti rushed to the holograms maps, checking where the enemies are coming from.

My comlink went off. "Lina, Karri! The city is under attack. Secure Kamino and defend the Barracks."

"Yes Master!" I pushed off my comlink. "Commander Cody, Captain Rex, Lina, we got a job to do!"

"Let's do this!" Lina flared her bright teeth. Not one of her enthusiastic smiles though. She's suppressing her feelings, I can sense it.

~~Lina P.O.V~~

The four of us left the command room and went outside the building. In our sights was gigantic squid-droids, called Trident Drills shot out of the water. It's tentacles perching itself on city's buildings. It's mechanic tentacles engulfed the entire building as the bottom of the drill-spike penetrated inside.

"This is not good," Cody said as he got his blaster out.

"Our orders were to defend the barracks. We'll have Master Shaak Ti take care of those Trident drill crafts!" Karri said. "Where is the barracks at?"

"It's quite a run from here," Rex said, "It's across the platform's bridge and inside that building," Rex pointed towards the neighboring building.

I took out my mandalorian blaster, Blazefire from its sheath. "That won't be a problem. The run isn't that far if we gun it."

"The only problem here is getting through that army of aqua droids," Karri added.

"Then, we're getting through that army of aqua droids." I said, sarcastically. Then I gestured a hand to them. "C'mon! The droids aren't going down by themselves."

Karri placed her hands on her hips and looked to Cody. "Commander Cody, is there a detour to get to the barracks."

He shook his head. "There was a detour but I assume it's blocked due to the lockdown."

Karri sighed. "I guess I have no other choice," she said as her fingers clenched onto the hilt of her lightsaber.

"All right!" I cheered. "Let's go!" I grabbed my lightsaber with my other hand in a reversal grip and ignited it. "Hey droids!" As always, I was the first one taking a shot.

The four of us took the high ground and ambushed the aqua droids. Rex and I confronted the droids first while Cody and Karri took it up in the rear, covering us. The crossfire between the blasting of the droids aren't intimidating but it sure was a challenge. The tough metal of the aqua droids took a while to take down with our blasters but it didn't stop us from pushing forward. Rex wield his part of DC-17 hand blasters and quickly took out the aqua droids. He didn't give the droids a chance to shoot a second shot at him. Rex was tough as carbonite nails and showed no mercy against the droids. Rex never ceased to impressed me.

After defeating the small army of aqua droids on the bridge, we made it inside the next building. Inside the building was overrun with aqua droids and halls echoed through with the sound of blasts. The hallways were dark and only red emergency lights illuminated. The four of us kept ourselves hidden behind the walls.

"Commander, are the barracks nearby?" Karri whispered to Cody who was standing closely behind her.

"Yes, Commander. It's only three corridors away."

I narrowed my eyes towards the aqua droids that were walking through the halls at the other direction. Where are they heading?

"Hey, Rex, Cody, do you know which direction the droids are heading?"

Rex slowly looked over my head. "Not really sure. In this building contains more than the barracks. It also contains the DNA chamber." DNA Chamber!

"Right now, we don't need to worry about the DNA chamber." Karri said quietly to us, "Our mandate is to defend the barracks."

"But isn't that their target?" I whispered. "Jango's DNA?"

"You and the DNA chamber is their targets. Master Kenobi or Master Skywalker will relay a mission to secure the DNA chamber. For now, we need to head to the barracks." Even though it made no sense in protecting the barracks rather than the DNA chamber. Is Master Shaak Ti's plan is to have the DNA and me separated?

I nodded. "All right. I'll listen to whatever you say. You're in charge."

"So what now, Commander Shan?" Cody asked.

"We're heading to the barracks," Karri looked away from the droids and looked to Cody. "Could you lead us there?"

"Yes, follow me," Cody slowly walked away from the wall and led the way through the hallways.

"Look!" An aqua droid pointed his blasters towards us. "Clones!"

"Looks like more droids want to become scrap metal," I said as I ignited my lightsaber. Rex and Cody stay behind us as Karri and I deflected shots back to the droids.

"Commander! We'll cover you. Tell us the directions and we will lead," Karri said.

"End of this hallway, to the left there will be a corridor. It will lead halfway to the barracks." He shouted as he began blasting at the droids.

"All right, Cody." Karri said as she concentrated on the droids.


We passed through three of the corridors and made it through the groups of wandering droids without any harm done to us.

"To the left." Cody said. We turned to the left of the hallway. "We're here!" Cody stopped, causing the rest of us stop behind him. The door of the barracks opened for us but we weren't alone. We heard voices in the barracks. The voices sounded like clones. Karri and I deactivated our lightsabers and Rex and Cody put away their blasters.

"They're clones in here?" Karri questioned.

"Let's find out who they are." Cody took lead and followed the voices came from.

"The Separatist victory means death for all of us. The cadet is right. What are we going to do?" We saw a malformed clone standing along with two blue-marked clones. Echo and Fives?

"We fight," Rex said motivationally. Cody and Rex removed their helmets, confronting Echo, Fives, the malformed clone, and a group of cadets.

"The Jedi are here!" One of the cadets shouted.

"We're saved!" Another said. They began cheering.

"Settle down, Cadets," Rex said to them, "Line up in formation."

All of the cadets lined up in formation.

"Commander, how can we fight when our training's not finished?" A Cadet said with a worried tone.

"Look around," Fives confronted the cadets, "We're one and the same, same heart, same blood. Your training is in your blood. And my blood's boiling for a fight."

Echo added, "This is our war."

"What about weapons?" A Cadet asked.

"The armory," the malformed said. Everyone's eyes were on him. "It's just a few corridors away, here in the barracks. I can retrieve all the firepower that we need." The malformed clone chuckled. "So who wants to blast some droids." Cody and Rex nodded with matching smirks.

"I like this guy." Cody said. "What's your designated number?"

"Number 99, Commander."

"Well 99, lead us to the armory," Cody looked to Karri. "Shan, come with me and Rex to retrieve the weapons."

Rex pointed to Echo and Fives, "Fives, Echo, set up defensive lines in the barracks for cover. The droids will try to find openings." Then he turned to me, "Commander Skywalker, get the cadets into their position."

Rex and Cody put their helmets back on.

"Got it," I said to Rex.

"Sir, yes, sir!" Echo and Fives said together.

"Lead the way, 99," Karri said to him. With that said, they ran off to another connected corridor in the barracks.

"C'mon Fives," Echo slapped his shoulder and rushed towards the stacked boxes. "Let's get a move on before those tinnies come."

I looked to the Cadets who were all staring at me.

"Commander Jedi, what do we address you as?" A Cadet asked. They're the same age as Boba. Just by looking at them reminded me of Boba. I haven't contacted Boba in a while since he's on a long-term bounty mission with Bossk and few other bounty hunters.

"Commander Skywalker," I answered with a smile.

The Cadets nodded.

"Commander Skywalker," Another Cadet said to me, "What do we do?"

"Have you Cadets faced against real droids?"

"Only training. We've been through training grounds and simulations but no, we have not confronted against droids yet, Commander." They're greenier than greens, huh?

I placed my finger on my chin. "Hmm." I walked towards the barracks pods and an idea popped in my head.

"Commander, what are we going to do?" Another said, anxiously.

I looked to the Cadets. "Once they get back from the armory, I will assign you each a blaster. I want each one of you to stay in individual pods and cover fire when I give a call, got it?"

They nodded. "Sir, yes, sir!"

It took a couple minutes until Rex and the others arrived. Cody and Rex rushed towards Echo and Fives to give their blasters and help them arrange the boxes for a defensive line. Karri hurried to me and handed me ammo.

"Thanks." I took the ammo from her hand.

"No problem. I knew that you needed it," she said, smiling at me.

I took out my mandalorian blaster and exchanged my used up ammo with the new one. Usually I would use a specific ammo for my blaster but I could still use this ammo. My blaster just won't have a big kick to it.

"I also got two more blasters if you want to give to the cadets." Karri said as she handed one blaster to each of the Cadets.

"The Cadets that received their blasters. Go to the pods." I ordered.

The two Cadets quickly climbed the ladders to make it to the high pods.

"Karri, is there any more blasters that you brought with you guys?" I asked. "I need at least five more for the Cadets."

"Here there are." Rex rushed to the Cadets, handing the remaining three their own blaster. "Get moving, Cadets."

Rex and I caught our eyes looking at each other. Our lips formed a soft smile. I've noticed that we haven't focused on each other lately. We just know that missions like this is our priority.

Just then, slow shuffling machinery echoed throughout the barracks. Our smiles immediately dropped.

"Are they inside the barracks yet?" I questioned.

"No, they're on the other side. They're coming close." Rex said.

"Everyone! Get in your positions!" Cody called out to us.

My focus left Rex and I looked up to the Cadets. "Cadets, get set and come out when you hear my call."

The Cadets obediently put themselves inside the pods and remained there. Karri ignited her green lightsaber.

"I sense Grievous." She said, cautiously.

"Rex! Get over here!" Cody called out.

Rex came up to me. "Be careful, Lil' Skywalker. Don't be too reckless."

"I'm more worried about you, ya know." I whispered. "Be careful for them, droids."

"You don't have to worry about me. But, you should be careful with Grievous."

"I know. Karri has my back." I gave Rex a reassuring smile.

"And Cody has mine," Rex said before he put on his helmet back on.

"Rex!" Cody's voice had a hint of irritation.

"Coming!" Rex rushed to Cody with his blaster in his hands.

A loud clicking metal knocked on the door. "Open the door!" A battle droid ordered.

Quickly, I rejoin with Karri and ignited my lightsaber in a reversal grip. Karri held her lightsaber firmly in her hands.

Karri and I turned to see if everything was all prepped. Cody and Rex was a few rows behind Echo and Fives.

"Commander Cody, are we ready?" Karri asked.

"Yes, Commander! Open when ready!"

Karri nodded to her Commander and used the Force to open the door.

"Jedi!" Instantly, droids shot their blasters at us. Backing away from the entrance, Karri and I deflected the shots from the droids. I shot down a few droids with my blaster. Rex had thrown detonators towards the group of droids to give us cover. Few explosion went off in the barracks. We were fine defending off the droids at first but then, more and more kept coming inside the barracks. Karri and I had to step back a bit more but at the same time, slicing through their numbers.

"Cadets!" I shouted. "Now!"

Immediately, the cadets shot out of the pods and began firing at the droids. Now it's our chance.

"Karri! Let's go!" I shouted over the blasting fire coming from the droids.

"Go first!"

I deflected back a shot towards a droid and rushed towards the droids. My lightsaber slashed through the droids as I thrusted forward. Karri leaped in the air, using the Force. Quickly, I Force pushed the droids back for Karri to have room to come in front of me. Karri landed in front of me and deflected the shots from the side.

"Thanks, Lina," Karri panted as she sliced one droid from her side. As we went through the droids that were coming from the door, Rex and the others handled the droids that came passed us. I looked up at the cadets and saw them trying to dodge the firing blasts from the droids.

"Cadets! You're doing well. We'll handle it!" I shouted, "Get back inside!"

"Yes, Commander!" they all said. Quickly, I used the Force to push the pods back into its place. Then now, my concentration went back to the droids.

"There's too many!" Echo cried out.

"Commanders!" Rex called out to us, "Cody is going to throw the last detonator. Get out of the crossfire!"

"Got it!" I said. Karri and I used the Force to leap backwards to remove ourselves from the crossfire.

"Go for it, Cody!" Karri ordered.

Cody tossed the last detonator towards the group of droids and eliminated most of them.

"Nice aim, Commander!" Rex slapped Cody's back.

"We need more ammo though," Cody shouted over the crossfire.

"I'll go get some more!" 99 said as he limped towards the armory, exposing himself to the droids.

"99, don't!" Commander Cody cried out.

"I'll cover 99!" Karri said as she rushed towards him, and quickly she deflected the shots from the droids. Then, more aqua droids piled inside the barracks. How many more will be coming?!

"More droids, inbound!" Echo said.

I placed my blaster back in my sleath and gripped my hands on my hilt, trying to defend myself with the Form II style.

~~Karri P.O.V~~

"I'll go get some more!" 99 began to head back to the armory which was in the droids' range.

"99, don't!" Cody cried out. I looked to Cody and he looked to me. He's telling me to help 99.

"I'll cover 99!" I backed up towards 99, giving him cover. "Hurry, 99."

As I focused on the droids in front of me, I didn't noticed that few of the droids snuck around the barracks. From the right, a shot struck my upper arm, causing me to scream out in pain. I winced as I saw 99 along with Fives successfully made it back to the armory. The noise of the sizzling shots passed me, as I fell to the ground. Another shot went to the same arm. I screamed in pain, feeling defenseless.

Cody shot down the droids that targeted me. Quickly, he brought me into his arms. "I got you, my Commander." Commander Cody ducked his head as he brought me back to take cover. He placed me by the walls of the lockers. I groaned as a pain of waves shook my entire arm. Cody took off his helmet, having nothing but a stern expression.

"Stupid d-droids!" I said with tears near my eyes. Cody stretched out my wounded arm, causing me to yelp. More pain shock through my right arm as blood dripped from my elbow to the ground.

He placed his hand over my wound, applying pressure. "I'll take care of you, my Commander." A rush of heat filled in my face, distracting the pain away from my arm. What effect does Cody have on me?

~~Lina's P.O.V~~

Suddenly, I heard Karri scream behind me. My head snapped to Karri and I saw her clinging onto her right arm. She collapsed onto the ground as gun fire passed her. Then, behind her, 99 was still limping towards the armory.

"Lina!" Rex grabbed my arm and yanked me next to him. I fell against Rex's chest and looked to him with widen eyes. "Kriffing pay attention to the battlefield!" He scolded. "Don't be stupid and stand there!" I've never had Rex yell at me like that before. It almost sounded as if Jango was scolding at me.

"S-Sorry!" I stuttered, still feeling shaken by Rex's outburst.

"Get your mind back in gear!" Rex scolded.

Quickly, I leaped up as I blocked the shots away from 99.

"99!" Fives cried out as he rushed towards 99. Fives passed behind me as he went with 99 to the armory.

"Karri!" Commander Cody began to blast towards the droids that snuck around our perimeter of the barracks. After taking out all of the droids from his range, he went after Karri.

I slightly glanced to Karri seeing Cody carrying her out of the droids' range.

99 and Fives quickly came out from the corridor and immediately, Fives threw detonator towards the group of battle droids. Most of them was taken out. Then, another wave of battle droids filled into the room.

I need to settle this!

"Hold your detonators for a second, Fives!"

With my strength, I thrusted my hand towards the droids, using the Force. The droids were pushed back against the wall. They were tangled and piled onto each other.

"Now's your chance!" I shouted. "Shoot them all!"

Echo, Fives, Rex, and I rapidly shot the droids, finishing them off. Fives tossed a few detonators, eliminating the rest of the droids. Echo rushed to Fives and 99. I turned around and kneed by Karri who had two shot wounds to her upper arm but it was well wrapped by Cody with a sterile rag. I let out a breath of relief.

"Is everyone all right?" I asked. Everyone looked at each other and gave me nods.

"99, sit this out. You're too tired to fight," Fives said as he led him towards the lockers.

99 brushed him off, "I'm a soldier! I-I'll fight until my last breath."

"99 please," Echo placed a hand on his shoulder. "Sit this one out for now."

Number 99 looked at the both of them in defeat and sat down finally.

Karri gasped. "Lina! Grievous! He's coming this way. I sense him."

"Grievous?" I gasped. I cannot fear him.

"Echo, go fetch those cadets down here." Rex ordered. "Hurry!"

Echo rushed to get the cadets from the pods.

"He's almost here, Lina," Karri tried to stand up but then Cody stopped her.

"No, Commander Shan. In your condition, you shouldn't be fighting. And besides, you got shot in your right arm."

"I'm ambidextrous, Commander," Karri said as she grabbed her lightsaber in her left hand.

"Commander..." Commander Cody's voice soften rather than harsh as it always was.

I went to Karri, grabbing her lightsaber from her hand. "Lina!"

"Commander Cody is right," I said. "You need to stay put. I got him."

"Are you crazy?!" Karri exclaimed, "You can't face him alone!"

"I have to. I don't want to put anyone else in danger right now. It's the only way."

"Let me fight with you, Lina!" Karri struggled against Cody's hold.

"No, Commander Shan. You cannot fight. Stop," Cody's voice went serious. His arms gripped on her shoulders. "I'm not letting you go."


"I got it, Karri."

Commander Cody helped Karri sit back down. Her face was filled with worry but she nodded to us.

Echo arrived in time with the cadets, following behind him.

"We're here, sir," he said.

"Good. Take the Cadets to the armory-"

"It's too late, Captain Rex," Karri said with worried in her tone. "Grievous is already here..."

Heavy metal feet slowly crept inside the barracks, along with nasty hacking of a cough. It was dry and sounded disgusting.

"Cadets, sit here and stay put," I said. The group of cadets slowly sat against the lockers along with Karri and 99. Cody kept close to Karri, almost as if he was hugging her. Rex looked to me with his helmet still on. Even if I can't see his face, I can already see his worried face.

"Lil' Skywalker, you can't fight him alone." Rex yelled.

"I have to." I said, "You guys will be in harm's way if you join in the fight. This is a job for a Jedi."

"I know, you're here, Skywalker." Grievous's machinery footsteps came closer. "Give me the information we need about the Clone DNA!"

I looked to the side, and saw Grievous looking through the lockers and something had caught my eye. The cloning DNA capsule was clipped on his hip.

"Jango Fett's DNA capsule." I gasped. "He has it!"

"The cloning DNA?" Karri's perked up, trying to look behind the lockers.

Cody prevented her from getting up. "Stay down, Commander Shan."

I nodded. "I need to get that back. I have to." I removed myself from the lockers of the barrack. Jango.

I came out from the lockers and exposed myself. "I'm right here, Grievous." I said with both of my fingers gripping on the lightsabers in a reversal grip.

Grievous grabbed out two of his lightsabers from his side. "I've finally lost Kenobi chasing after me. I was searching for you, young Skywalker and here you are." Grievous let out a dry cough. "Be a good youngling and tell me the secrets to Jango Fett's DNA."

I activated the two lightsabers, glowing green and blue. "Never. My mentor's secrets remain with me and will die with me."

"I guess, I'll have to make you!" Grievous activated his two lightsaber, blue and green. His stiff machinery legs charged towards me. His lightsaber striked me first but I blocked it with both of my lightsabers. Our lightsabers formed in a parallel line. The friction of our blades sparked.

"Tell me, child! What are the secrets and I'll let you live!"

"I'm not telling you!" I hissed through my teeth. Grievous' strength is stronger than I expect to be. There's no muscle or man-power - just machine strength.

Grievous pulled back and struck a blow of his lightsaber down on my mines. With every strike, I blocked with each lightsaber. I need to think of a plan to get back Jango's DNA.

I pushed the lightsabers away and then, Grievous thrusted his lightsaber towards me again. I dodged it and struck a blow at Grievous. He blocked it. This is going to go nowhere if we keep fighting like this.

Grievous pushed forward and then withdrew his lightsabers back. Then, we continuously strike our lightsabers one after another.

"That's it!" Grievous thrusted his lightsabers towards me a couple of time. With strong frustration, Grievous was getting weary of our repetitive fight. I really lack Form III but at this heat of the moment, I have to use it to my advantage. Defense is a good offense.

Grievous' movements are too direct which isn't good to use my Form IV in combat which is my speciality.

His metallic arms hit my left temple, causing me to lose my focus. A sharp pain struck at my left temple, causing me to wince. Again, Grievous thrusted his elbow into my face, flinging me across the barracks. The lightsabers were knocked out of my hands. My sight was blurry for a moment but I could still sense Grievous coming after me. I shook my head, to wave off my blurred sight.

"Now Skywalker," Grievous crept towards me with his ignited lightsabers. "Tell me the information I want to know!"

"Never!" I used the Force to grab my lightsabers. Before I have the lightsabers back to my hands, Grievous thrusted the tip of his lightsabers towards me, but then, shots fired at Grievous. Grievous reacted to the shots and whipped his head towards the person that shot him. I looked over my shoulder and saw Rex fired those shots. Rex.

"Hey, big clanker! Over here!" Rex shouted.

I looked back at Grievous and saw him looking towards Rex. Grievous deflected the shots back. "Stupid clones!" Now's my chance.

I used the Force to unlatch the capsule from his belt then brought it to my hands. Grievous looked below and saw me with the capsule in my fingers.

Grievous growled. "The clone DNA!" Grievous stomped on the ground with his metal foot but then I rolled, dodging him. I quickly ignited my lightsabers and swung upwards, slicing Grievous' right arm. His metal arm fell to the ground as he roared.

Grievous's hissed at me as he tried striking another blow against my lightsabers. So much for going on the defensive.

I quickly got up and blocked it. Then it continued until I found an opening to slice off another arm. His lightsaber fell out of his grip, leaving him defenseless.

Grievous growled loudly and then took the opened opportunity by kicking me directly in the stomach. The wind was blown out of me as my back hit against the lockers.

"You'll pay for this! Next time when I see you, Skywalker, you'll be dead!" Grievous's feet quickly shuffled out of the barracks, running away as always.

"Lil' Skywalker!" Rex rushed to my side. "You all right?"

I grabbed onto my head and nodded slowly, "I'll live." Rex helped me up as we rejoin with the others.

"Grievous is gone now," Rex announced. Cody stood up as he helped Karri get back on her feet by having Karri's good arm across Cody's neck. Echo and Fives helped up 99 get back on his feet.

Karri held her head low. "I failed," she sighed. "Grievous got away."

"You didn't fail," Cody said to her. "You did what you could."

Rex nodded. "Don't beat yourself up about it. Grievous runs away all the time. Like a coward he is!"

Karri sighed. "True." Then she looked to me. "You have the clone DNA?"

I grabbed it from my belt and nodded to her. "It's safe in my hands." I stared at the capsuled DNA in my hands. Jango. Anything that's his, I must protect it with my life. Everything I do is for Jango.

~~Rex P.O.V~(Battle of Kamino is over, bringing victory to the Republic. Moments happened later)

"Echo, Fives." Cody said to them. Cody and I walked towards Echo and Fives who immediately stood straight and tall.

"You both really stepped up in the heat of battle."

"We did what we had to do, sir," Echo said.

"What any clone would have done," Fives added.

I walked passed them as they stood. "Both of you showed valor out there, real courage." Then I stood in front of them along with Cody. "Remind me of me, actually."

"Echo, Fives," Cody said to them, "You're both officially being made ARC troopers."

Echo and Fives exchanged proud glances with their mouth opened in shock. Their expressions were absolutely priceless. They deserve the promotion.

"I don't think the Separatists will be coming back any time soon," I said, "But if they do, Kamino will be lucky to have clones like you defending it. Good job, men!" Cody and I saluted them as Echo and Fives did the same back.

"ARC Trooper Blitz will assign your armor and will be your commanding officer on Kamino. Other than that, I am still your commanding officer. Understood?"

"Sir yes sir!" They both shouted.

"ARC Trooper Blitz is in the command center with the rest of the Generals. I suggest you two meet him there. But you guys are dismissed." With that said, Echo and Fives marched off to go back to the command center to see the Generals and ARC Trooper Blitz.

"Ahem." Cody and I turned around and saw Karri Shan. "Is Lina here, by any chance?"

I shook my head. "No. I actually didn't see her ever since she departed with General Skywalker."

Karri had a metal box in her left arm, struggling to carry it. "Tuan We told me to give this to Lina when I see her. And..." Karri groaned. "This is hurting my right arm."

Cody rushed to her aide. "Let me carry it for you. You're still injured, aren't you?"

Karri slowly handed it to Cody. Her right arm was properly bandaged but it had bacta padding over it. "Yeah." She nodded, gently. Then she held onto her wounded arm. "Thank you for the help."

"No problem. You are my Commander, after all," Cody said with a smile to Karri.

Karri Shan shyly smiled at Cody. "Right..."

"Excuse me, Commander Shan, but that's Lina's right?" I asked, pointing at the box.

Commander Shan's expression changed. She looked like a bit nervous as if she was trying to hide something. "Yeah."

"Where did Lina get that? I never seen her having that before."

"Oh well... Umm.. The Kaminoans gave it to her."

"For what?" I asked, feeling suspicious. "What's inside it?" The Kaminoans told her that the box has something to do about Jango. What secrets is Lina keeping from me? What is the actual relationship between Jango and her? Or were they really just mentor and student?

"Well, I wouldn't know what's inside. It's her things, that's invading her privacy."

"Let me take a look inside the box." I said, feeling even more suspicious. I mean, I am technically her boyfriend, I can investigate her stuff.

Karri Shan quickly placed her good hand on the box. "N-No! That's not necessary, Rex. It's a real bad idea to look through Lina's stuff without her permission. She will get mad, believe me." Karri cleared her throat. "We should search for Lina. She could be-"

Suddenly, a loud aiwha roar came below us.

"What was that?" Karri said in panic.

"I think it's coming from the aiwhas," Cody said. Again, a loud scream from the aiwha. We all walked towards the edge of the platform and out of nowhere, a flying aiwha soared through the air. It's outburst from the water sprayed us as the flapping wings. It made us drenched even more. Cody, Karri and I were all soaking wet.

"What the heck!" Karri yelled as she wiped her face from the water.

On top of the aiwha was Lina. No surprise.

"Ha! Fooled ya!" Lina laughed loudly. "You guys should have seen the look on your faces!"

"Lina!" Karri said, angrily. "What in blazing are you doing on that creature!? Don't you know it's almost time to leave!?"

Lina leaped off of the aiwha, landing on the platform with us. Lina waved her hand to the aiwha and the aiwha let out a loud cry before it dove back into the water.

"Sorry. I wanted to had a little fun with the aiwhas before I leave. They were so tempting to ride on!" Lina looked to us with smiles but then her smile dropped. She looked to Cody. "Is that my box?!"

Cody looked at the box. "Oh. Commander Skywalker, this is yours."

Lina quickly grabbed her box from Cody and examined it. "It's not internally wet..." She let out a long sigh. "Good..."

"What is that, Lina?" I asked her.

Lina stared at me for a while and then her lips formed a long frown. "It's nothing." Her voice sounded sad. "It's something that belonged to my past that I don't ever want to speak of." She cleared her throat, "Excuse me, I must find Anakin." With that said, she walked away from us as she hugged the box in her arms. What's wrong with Lina? Is she okay? Her personality changed so quickly. She wasn't herself.

"Lina..." Karri whispered to herself.

"Is everything all right with Lina?" I asked, anxiously.

She sighed. "Everything will be fine. Lina just needs to be alone for a while." Karri looked to me. "Don't worry about her, Rex. She will be alright." I wasn't born yesterday. Something is bothering Lina and I don't like it. Ever since we've come on Kamino, Lina has changed from her bright self into somebody that seems depressed all the time. What has happened to my Lina?

Next Chapter: SWTCW - Chapter 10

Chapter 10 will be an original Chapter (Not from the series)

(If easier, find the next chapter on my profile)

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