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'Star Wars the Clone Wars': Bios

by Linaflame L7 4 years ago in star wars
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Fan Fiction: Love is a Strong Word

Previous Chapter: SWTCW: Prologue

Hello, I will be introducing my two OCs (Original Characters) that will be included in my Star Wars: the Clone War Fan Fiction. Lina Skywalker will be my main OC while Karri Star will be my minor OC. I hope you guys enjoy learning about my OCs!

Lina Skywalker

Name: Lina Fett Skywalker (She goes by Lina Skywalker.)

Gender: Female

Age: 16 (35 BBY)

Height: 5'6

Homeworld: Tatoonie

Species: Human

Hair color: Red

Eye color: Blue

Skin color: Fair

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Galactic Republic

Era: Clone Wars

Status: Padawan (Assigned to Anakin Skywalker)

Family: Anakin Skywalker (Brother), Shmi Skywalker (Mother), Boba Fett (Son), Padme Amidala (Sister-in-law)

Masters/Mentors: Jango Fett (Temporary), Quinlan Vos (Temporary), Anakin Skywalker (Current)

Weapons: Blue Lightsaber (Reversed grip), Two dual blasters ( DC-17 blaster), and one hand-made Mandalorian blaster (WESTAR-34 blaster pistol) (Made by Jango Fett)

Personal Skills: Piloting, tracking skills, Close combat, building and repairing.

Love Interest: Jango Fett (Former Lover), CT-7567 Clone Captain Rex (Current)

5 Facts about Lina Skywalker

  1. Lina Skywalker is known by most bounty hunters due to Jango Fett's reputation and him having a protege. Jango Fett's enemies would want Lina dead such as the Death Watch and other bounty hunters.
  2. Lina Skywalker's personality is similar to Anakin's but Lina is more level-headed and less mature (She always want to have fun and always joking around). Lina believes that laughter and lots of humor would bring good and positive vibes. Even during wartime, she would always pull a joke or two.
  3. Lina is the only Jedi that carries blasters. The Jedi Order allowed her because of her sharp-shooting skills and how well she can wield the blasters.
  4. When Lina and Anakin were slaves, they had to share a small room, bed, and clothes together. They would always share everything
  5. Whenever Lina and Jango receive their bounty, Lina would always spend the money on food and necessities (new clothes, new parts for C3PO and Anakin's Pod, and other things). Jango would always give more than half of the bounty to Lina because he knows, she needed it more.

Karri Shan

Name: Karri Shan

Gender: Female

Age: 17 (36 BBY)

Height: 5'4

Homeworld: Naboo

Species: Human

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Green

Skin color: Fair

Affiliation: Royal House of Naboo (Former) Apprentice Legislature (Temporary), Legislative Youth Program (Temporary), Jedi Order, Galactic Republic

Era: Clone Wars

Status: Princess of Naboo (Former), Padawan (Assigned to Obi-wan Kenobi)

Family: Varan Shan (Father), Thalassa Shan (Mother)

Masters/Mentors: Satine Kryze (Temporary), Padme Amidala (Temporary), Obi-wan Kenobi (Current)

Weapons: Green Lightsaber

Personal Skills: Able to sense quickly than all Jedi (Even faster master Yoda), Very Intelligent, Close-Combat

Love Interest: None

5 facts about Karri Shan:

  1. Karri Shan is a descendant of the legendary Jedi Knights Revan and Bastila Shan but it was completely unknown to her family. The last force-sensitive in the Shan family was Satele Shan (which was 3699 bby ago. Which means almost 4,000 years ago.) Satele Shan's era was during the Old Republic. Her son, Theron Shan didn't possess the will of force nor did his successors until Karri Shan was born.) (For more information on Satele Shan and Theron Shan, you can find them on Wookiepedia.)
  2. Karri Shan was supposed to be Padmè Amidala's successor in becoming Queen of Naboo but was declined once they found out she was force-sensitive. This caused the Royal House of Naboo to keep Karri Shan a secret from the Jedi Order yet, Qui-Gon Jinn found her.
  3. Karri Shan's parents were apart of Naboo Royal advisory council. Her father was a former prime minister of Naboo. Her mother was his former aide.
  4. Before Karri Shan was founded by Qui-Gon Jinn, she was mentored by Padmè Amidala on Naboo and Satine Kryze on Mandalore.
  5. Karri Shan's parents were very overprotective and strict with everything; education, friends, lifestyle, manners/behavior, activities, mentors, and etc. (Basically her entire life.) But she still remain obedient and respectful to her parents. She was very fond of them but wasn't close with them. She was prohibited to see her parents due to the Jedi Order. But, whenever she had the time, she would rarely speak with her parents through messages with the help of Padmè.

Next - SWTCW: Chapter 1

(If easier, find the next chapter on my profile.)

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About the author

Linaflame L7

-Hello everyone! I go by the name L7. I love to write fiction & fan-fictions. Writing it my motivation!

-If anyone want to leave a message or comment, feel free to email: [email protected]

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