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'Star Wars' Sith Books

Embrace the best reading from the dark side with 'Star Wars' Sith books.

By Frank WhitePublished 8 years ago 7 min read

The Sith were the practitioners of the dark side and mortal enemies of the Jedi Order. Darth Sidious postulated that the source of dark side power was of the universe outside the borders of our maps. Star Wars Sith books explore the dark side and its most notorious characters on a deeper level than the films. There is a lot to learn when you delve deeper into the rivalry; In fact, some have postulated that the Sith are the good guys and the Jedi are the bad guys. From Darth Plagueis to The Dark Lord Trilogy, Star Wars Sith books expand your understanding of an ancient complex battle where sides are often gray and characters conflicted.

Darth Plagueis is one of the most amazing Sith Lords to exist in the Galaxy. With unlimited power and only his fear of losing it, Darth Plagueis publicly rises to power under the guidance of his Master - and from Senator to Chancellor and eventually Emperor rise his Plagueis and Sidious titles. The Jedi Order for Annihilation to the merciless Sith tradition and the desire for one to rule the supreme galaxy living forever is the main conspiracy that this amazing book by James Luceno, considered one of the best Star Wars books in addition to one of the best Star Wars Sith books, unveils.

Sith Academy by The Dark Lords is a guide to how each person can live and breathe in Sith fashion. And the path to power is definitely the most exciting aspect of the Sith lifestyle, whether it means the key to success or financial freedom, or anything else along those lines provokes your thoughts about the Sith lifestyle. Apart from this, this Star Wars Sith book unveils the great meaning of the Sith Academy and helps strengthen the mindset of every Star Wars fan in an inspiring and motivational way.

The Fall of The Sith Empire by Kevin J. Anderson starts with an all-out battle for control of the galaxy with a single result in mind - the crash of The Republic. With the sheer number of Sith Masters in the galaxy, the goal is surely achievable. As Naga Sadow readies his fleet to attack, an explorer who stumbles across the Sith's plans threatens to undermine the entire campaign.

The Lost Tribe Of The Sith is a Star Wars Sith book set five thousand years in the past, when the Sith mining ship named Omen is wrecked on an unknown planet. The commander Yary Korsin is desperately fighting the bloodshed of a mutinous faction formed by his own brother. With this risk, the Sith crew has no choice but to venture into desolation and face a whole variety of tough challenges including the lethal plagues, tribal people worshiping vengeful gods, as well as the most vicious predators to ever exist. However, this is only the start of the battle for the Sith warriors who desperately try to find the way back to their destiny.

A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller unveils the peace and order of the Galactic Republic which was brought and kept by the famous Jedi Knights. However, their Force leads to betrayal and a story of mystery known as the Age of the Empire. With the Emperor Palpatine, who was once Chancellor of the Republic but also secretly a Sith follower of the dark side of the Force bringing brutal repression and increasing control of the subjects' lives, it is clear that a new battle of mystery is going to set place in the so called New Dawn.

The New York Times bestselling Star Wars Sith book Kenobi features a fallen Republic with Sith Lords ruling the galaxy. The story unveils as the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi loses everything, well everything but his hope and desire for better times. Settled in Tatooine, farmers try to protect themselves from the marauding Tusken Raiders. The Jedi Master hides in a backwater planet on the edge of civilized space while trying to solve the future of the galaxy. Known to everyone as only 'Ben', the Jedi Master navigates his way through pains to remain an outsider while escalating a war between the farmers, further drawing many sides to the fight.

In the amazing and compelling Star Wars Sith book Lords of the Sith, we witness the bond between Darth Vader and his master, Emperor Palpatine. The story is packed with action and probably the best novel so far in an era of official canon Star Wars stories. The greatest Sith of all, Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, set out on a dark adventure and journey of the Sith which continues on the battlefield stirring every Star Wars fan to disbelief.

The Dark Disciple by Christie Golden is written in an amazing storytelling style which is the main reason why this Star Wars Sith book has been considered as probably the best alternative to watching some of the episodes of The Clone Wars. It features the former Sith apprentice Asajj Ventress who now turns bounty hunter and is a very compelling character. The attempt to assassinate Count Dooku is featured in a brilliant way in this book, and the ending is even more exciting!

Tarkin is the scion of an honorable and loyal family. He is also an amazing warrior and a dedicated legislator. Being a loyal proponent of the Republic who gained the trust of the Jedi Order as an ally, Tarkin is groomed by the ruthless politics of the Sith Lord who is on the way to becoming an Emperor. This is the main situation that raises the tension in the book and enforces the question of authority and domination. Tarkin is the soldier who leads the weapon of unparallel destruction and while completing the so-called Death Star, he starts a Separatist rebellion and brings scenery of intimidation and annihilation in an amazing way.

In this level four reader book, author Catherine Saunders, details Darth Maul and his role in Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom of Menace. It introduces its readers to the Sith Warrier, Darth Maul. In it, they will learn all about his mission to defeat Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Saunders also wrote The Story of Darth Vader as well as Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight.

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Beware the Power of the Dark Side is an upcoming release title from Disney-Lucasfilm press. It is the third volume in new children’s series retelling the original Star Wars trilogy. The story retells the classic Star Wars: Return of the Jedi from a unique perspective, which is sure to speak directly to this generation’s readers. It is believed to also enhance the Star Wars experience for core fans of the saga. It is written by Tom Angleberger, who once said he hopes this book will capture the excitement he had when he saw the film on the big screen.

Star Wars: Book of Sith is a collection of historical writing compiled in one book by Darth Sidious. It contains the writings by six dark siders including Darth Sidious as well Sorzus Syn, Darth Malgus, Darth Bane, Morther Talzin, and Darth Plagueis. It is believed that these hand-written notes were passed among Force users. This collection introduces new characters and history giving readers a better understanding of the philosophies and methods behind the dark side of the Force. It is written by Danieal Wallace, two of his other works are Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Characters and Star Wars: The Jedi Path, which is a Star Wars Jedi book that will bring you to the light side, quite the opposite of these Star Wars Sith books.

Anyone can encompass the Force, which binds the galaxy together. In addition to promoting knowledge and peace from the light side, the Force also has a dark side, which is filled with anger, fear, and aggression. The Dark Side Sourcebook will teach anyone how to become one with the force. It features dark side classes, skills, and feats as well as an overview of the dark side, providing advice on how to use the material in any Star Wars era including the Tales of the Jedi era. This sourcebook should be bought in conjunction with the Star Wars Role-playing Game.

Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil is the final novel in the Darth Bane Trilogy. The story picks up twenty years after the Dark Lord of the Sith, Dark Bane, demolishes the ancient order. He reorganized it big enough for two: master and apprentice. Darth Bane being the master hopes to pass on his wisdom down to his apprentice Zannah. The issue is that Zannah has yet to prove her worthiness. The book was written by Drew Karphyshyn, a talented writer and game designer. He’s had the opportunity to write the Darth Bane trilogy as well as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader surrounds Darth Vader and his rise to power in the newly-established Galactic Empire. It picks up in the immediate aftermath of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi Master Yoda being forced into hiding. In this book, the internal conflict that Darth Vader undergoes as he tries to break away from his former identity, Anakin Skywalker, is on display. He was seduced to the dark side and became the apprentice to Darth Sidious in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. It was written by New York Times bestselling author James Luceno. He is also the author of the Star Wars: The New Jedi Order and The Unifying Force.

Star Wars: Red Harvest by Joe Schreiber tells the tale of Hestizo Trace, who possesses an unusual Force skill: a gift with plants. However, her quiet existence in the greenhouse and garden is interrupted by the arrival of an emissary from Darth Scabrous. The rare black orchid that Hestizo has nurtured and bonded with is the final ingredient in an ancient Sith formula.

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