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Star Wars Legends Stories or Concepts Fans Want to See in a Movie or Trilogy

by Thomas Brown 5 years ago in star wars
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The absolute best Star Wars Legends stories.

The Expanded Universe of Star Wars

According to fans, Star Wars is a series, no... a world that has been etched into the hearts of many regardless of age. Most people grew up with the series, some are new additions to the fan wagon. Among all the amazing movies and cartoons, most fans weren't introduced to all of the other great things Star Wars related, such as video games, comics, and novels inside and outside of the movie's timeline, known as Legends. Since Disney owns Star Wars and changed the canon timeline a bit, many fans think these would be great Star Wars Legends stories to include into the new films.

Cade Skywalker

Cade Skywalker enraged.

Cade Skylwalker is an amazing character in the Skywalker family tree however, it may be difficult to add him into the series due to the Skywalker family tree in the current movies. Disney would still no doubt be able to make this work, depending on the directors they put on board. Cade was a padawan learner who fought against the sith who during the fight, murdered Cade's father Kol Skywalker. Dealing with anger at the sith who murdered his father, Cade went rogue and became a bounty hunter, haunted by Luke's force ghost. The Star Wars Legacy comic book series shows off Cade's skill with using both his lightsaber and blaster.

Yellow Lightsabers

Rey wielding a Yellow Lightsaber.

Yellow Sabers may have been touched on a bit in the cartoons comics and video games, but fans have yet to see one spark up in a film. This gorgeous blade is rare in the fact that it is mainly used by Jedi Sentinals, those who are proficient in wielding both Lightsabers and blasters in their arsenal. fans were expecting to see a gold shining Jedi blade in the sequel trilogy, and have yet to see one. there is still a possibility that this blade makes an appearance in episode 9, or future trilogies.

Force Oneness

Jacen Solo using the Force ability: oneness

Force oneness did not happen often, in fact it happened to random jedi at random times. One such instance was with Jacen Solo during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Jacen's entire body was covered in a bright white light of pure Force energy, in this state every single wound he had was healed, while simultaneously incinerating every enemy surrounding him. this power is definitely one we would all like to see in a Star Wars film, hopefully not overused, but at the very least enough for fans to be able to see once or twice maybe in a climactic final episode.

Dark Troopers

Dark trooper phases 1, 2 and 3

Oh may the force be with you, childhood imaginations are running rampant with ideas for Dark Troopers. Dark troopers were elite battle droids used by the empire. fans have seen these guys in novels and games like battlefront, and the force unleashed, but have yet to see these machines of destruction on the big screen. Yeah there are death troopers, but dark troopers come in a variety of forms, or phases. Phase 1 is nimble, quick and proficient with close quarter and melee weaponry. Phase 2 Dark trooper came equipped with a jump pack and an assault cannon that would be able to fire 400 rapid firing plasma rounds and 20 missiles before having to reload. Phase 3 was the most powerful dark trooper model. These guys were known as walking tanks according to Rebel soldiers who lived to utter a word about them. just imagine seeing a resistance/rebellion squad patrolling a city only to get ambushed by phase 1 troopers, barely making it out alive, and instantly become surrounded by phase 2 and 3 troopers, introducing the Dark Troopers to the film.

Darth Nihilus

Drainer of life and force

Darth Nihilus was once an ordinary human being with a family, and great wealth. all of this was taken away from him when a jedi knight nearly destroyed him and absolutely destroyed his home planet with a super weapon known as the mass shadow, the jedi knight fired this weapon as a last ditch effort to end the mandalorian war . He was one of only two survivors of this planet wide destruction. Nihilus began disintegrating into the dark side of the force. Once he ran into the other survivor, he felt an intense hunger for life force. Upon wanting to feed this hunger, he reached out with the force to drain the other survivor of what was left of his life. This move, known as force drain, drains the user of all life. If the victim is a jedi or force sensitive, it will drain all connection to the force as well. Nihilus used this power to drain entire planets of life in the old republic era, just as the Mass Shadow drained his home planet of life.

Star Wars Legends

The Films fans may still get to see

Star Wars fans, young and old are expecting a new trilogy to come into the film world after episode 9 hits theaters. At the end of the day Star Wars is loved by many. Whether these concepts or ideas from the legends series makes it into the final product is still unknown. What fans do know, is that they can always expect a new hope to arise in a new film or trilogy, regardless of what content is used. These comic books, games, novels and animated shows will still always be readily available to read at the viewers leisure. May the Force be with you, always.

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