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Star Wars Day 2020 News Wrap Up

by John Walker 2 months ago in star wars

After many rumors surrounding Star Wars after the release of 'The Rise of Skywalker,' Lumasfilms and Disney have released some much-anticipated news.

Star Wars Day 2020 News Wrap Up
A bidding farewell to a 12 year old show and addition of premiere talent add to the galaxy far far away. PC: Timothée Duran, Ethan Miller/FilmMagic, Gage Skidmore, DLPNG / Original Mashup

Happy Revenge of the Fifth or Revenge of the Sixth, depending on your take and when this gets published. Star Wars Day is a time for fans to celebrate one of the most beloved franchises from a galaxy far far away. There was plenty for fans to get excited over on Monday.

The Season Finale of "The Clone Wars"

While this isn't news per se but the long-standing "Star Wars" animated show finally came to its conclusion and what a conclusion. If you have never seen "The Clone Wars" show, then you should. The show gives much-needed context to what happens between "Attack of the Clones" and "Revenge of the Sith" and develops Anakin Skywalker's story out further than the movies ever could. It's really what George Lucas was trying to accomplish in the prequel trilogy, have deeper conversations about the Jedi order and show their fall.

The finals two episodes of the show play better when viewed back to back but are just as good done separately. Fans of Asoka Tano and the clone troopers will definitely love how the show portrays infamous Order 66. Its the perfect ending that blends seamlessly with "Revenge of the Sith." It was interesting to watch those final episodes and go straight into The three.

Taika Waititi to co-write and direct a Star Wars film

The Hollywood Reporter first reported the talks between Waititi and Lucasfilms back in January. Though at the time, Waititi denied they were going on. But after his involvement in "The Mandalorian" series for Disney+ and the positive reactions the season finale, the episode he directed, it was almost as if it was a no brainer. It's going to be exciting to see Waititi take on a film in Star Wars as he finishes up his work on Thor for Marvel.

There isn't much known about when and where Waititi's film will take place in the Star Wars universe. Lucasfilm's previously stated that the franchise would be breaking away from its traditional trilogy release. After the finale of the Skywalker saga in "The Rise of Skywalker," the sky's the limit for Waititi. Expect a film in the line of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller though we hope that his vision will be seen through fruition. The key is in what Jon Favreau said in the new Disney Gallary show about "The Mandalorian." "[He] knows how to find the humor in the action, but that's a lot different than making fun of the action. We don't make fun of it," he said.

It is almost as if Waititi's been groomed for the role, but he is not alone. Fellow Oscar nominee for best screenplay, Krysty Wilson-Cairns, will join Waititi in the writing process. Wilson-Cairns is fresh off her works on "1917." With these two together, let's hope for some sort of war epic.

Leslye Headland, writer of Netflix's "Russian Doll" to develop an unnamed Star Wars show for Disney+

Jumping from the Academy Awards to the Emmy's, Headland is another creator in the long line of Star Wars shows on Disney+. While there are no details yet on what her show is, she joins a slate of shows that will be coming soon to Disney+ provided by Lucasfilm. They already have "The Mandalorian" season two set to come out in October, an Obi-Wan show starring Ewan McGregor, and a series about Cassian Andor to take place before the events of Rogue One. While it's unknown when the Waititi directed film will reach theaters, there is soon to be a plethora of Star Wars content for fans to enjoy leading up to the next film's release.

Headland rose to fame for her hit show "Russian Doll" on Netflix. The show was supposed to start production at the end of March but was postponed due to the coronavirus. This time off should give Headland some time to work on her much deserved new project.

From the decision from Lucasfilms, it seems the idea of animated shows and movies for Star Wars maybe lone gone, but the future is bright for the franchise. So far, Lucasfilms and Disney have made the right decisions on people to helm their latest projects. The next job is to get fan approval. After "The Last Jedi," fans have been quick to disapprove of anything Lucasfilm has thrown at them. Only time will tell if these new projects will meet the same faith as the new trilogy. Until then May the Fourth be... excuse me may the force be with you.

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