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Star Tracks

by P. B. Friedman 7 days ago in tv review

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Star Tracks
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" You are in your own little world, are you not " , said someone to me, just not in those exact words. If I recall I had no interest in whatever he was insinuating ( somehow I imagine this now seventy something year old guy has little if any even ex Ivy League fake prestigious instructor memories of his own smart ass attitude that day ) . Virginia, there may be a Santa and a Clause or two but I challenge you to ever introduce me to an Ivy Leaguer worth two shakes of a lamb's tail, to be polite about things. Do not let us get started on the relative worth of said grad versus what comes out of the space under the sheep's tail.

Honestly ( a bible study/roommate of mine regularly began statements this way ) a long deceased supposed relative flunked out of his prestigious Ivy covered University eons ago while his equally ( thankfully? ) R. I. P. ex was guided elsewhere to pursue graduate study. The former slob influenced me regarding a certain television program and was not the worst or best psychotic idiot of all time.

In fairness " You can have fun with a son but ya' have ta be a father to a girl " . In some cases, such as non binary both statements may hold elements of half truth.

So we are off to an obnoxious start towards the make believe laudable goal of pooping out a fantasy world piece that promises to keep on slipping...into obscurity ( sorry Steve Miller fans ) . To think, originally my idea was to simply begin with the premise that the original Star Trek flop series that turned into something of a cult phenomenon remains for me a special kind of commodity on a par with, say, The Lord Of The Rings and it's predecessor The Hobbit. " High Calypso...the places you've been to, the stories you tell " ( roll over late John Denver, to say nothing of deceased Jacques Cousteau ) .

Star Trek has been made fun of by Nurses, Bloom County and obviously numerous others. Yet whom is more irascibly aggravatingly marketable if not beloved than Will Shatner? Furthermore who would you rather have as fictional Communications ( graduate? ) Officer than the racially groundbreaking Lieutenant played by Nichelle Nicholls? Not to degenerate into tabloid phony journalism, however Ms. Nicholls according to the bare minimum research I have done is involved with some type of conservatorship controversy as she nears her ninth decade. One cannot help speculate that the ex dancer may be prone perhaps to caving in to pressures associated with being a minority in two areas of the tense seedy fantasy world of television series stardom. If she is pulling a Britney Spears/Naomi Osaka by experiencing difficulties processing things at least in her case it is happening in her later rather than her prime years. The actress who played the pristine character Lisa Turtle on Saved By The Bell seemingly succumbed to the many and varied pressures, similarly; everybody's favorite catch all diagnosis bi polar describes her situation. She was supposedly the ostracized cast member somewhat callously left out of their reunion. Oddly she and her fictitiously ardent suitor fell on equally hard times; nothing to do with their characters being interracial.

Who would avoid hanging out in the equally fictitious sick bay with Nurse Chapel? You had to enjoy seeing Kirk inhabited by a womanly persona in one memorably hysterical if not somewhat bi polar episode.

Then there was Spock getting a Vulcan version of the seven year ache ( see what else your little heart can take ) whereby he behaves like a guy experiencing illogical almost PMS like symptoms. Unlike Star Wars, the series, to at least myself, represented more than technological special effects and cowboys/Indians in space.

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P. B. Friedman

Touch magazine profile. My name is Paul Friedman and I write off. The wall poems, which people don't like and good ones that they do. I'm a sports freak.

The last sentence no longer holds true. My interests are dominated by feminism.


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