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Star Gazing Within

by Viktoria Staunton 2 months ago in astronomy

Looking Down the Rabbit Hole

Star Gazing Within
Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

As a Sagittarian, I'm meant to be 'the seeker of truth', and to a degree that's a fairly accurate account. As a Saggie, I'm obliged to explore and learn about different cultures, throw myself with gusto into new languages and bring to the cosmos an unending love of all creatures great and small. Animals seem to follow me home and as a child it drove my parents batty, until I started studying veterinary nursing. A job well suited to a Sagittarian, I believe. In fact, quite often, my connection with animals made more sense to me than most of the humans in my world at that time.

Having shared that, I also have Cancer as my rising sign and a moon in Virgo, which according to those in the know, make me quite literally, a bit of a nightmare. I'm my own worst enemy apparently. To be fair, my Saggie side does love to travel, and I've enjoyed some wonderful experiences until of course, my Cancerian influence kicks in with a vengeance (you know, the one that just wants to stay home and cook or hang out with the family). To add insult to injury, Ms Virgo steps up, proceeding to overanalyse just why I'm such a walking contradition. This usually results in the realisation that I'm far better off just staying home, binging on travel shows and watching other people explore. This has the added advantage of being able to vicariously travel through others from the safety and comfort of my lounge chair, a very economic option, but not always ideal. Allow me to offer an example.

I generally find that as I settle in to watch yet another doco on the world at large, my Sagittarian restlessness starts to niggle at me and before I know it, I've bounded across to the treadmill where I set the dial for ten minutes of intense walking, pausing only to reach across, sip my coffee and nibble on a chocolate biscuit. (Saggies are great at multi skilling). At around the nine minute mark, my Cancerian energy decides its had enough and shakily stumbles off the treadmill, walking back to the living room via the fridge, thereby relieving the last chocolate biscuit of its lonely state. I light a stick of incense and breathe in the fragrance, visualising myself in exotic places unknown, before collapsing back into the lounge chair. Leaning over to retrieve the remote, my finger poised to recommence 'play', Ms Virgo invades my mental space to let me know she is not pleased. A volley of thoughts over analysing my actual 'need' for that extra biscuit follow. I mean, isn't my butt already the size of Tasmania? At that point I sigh deeply, flicking through channels looking for a fitness show that will work wonders for my energy levels. Like armchair Pilates.

I have friends who are Sagittarians. They are tall and strong and athletically built like an Amazon. Unfortunately at only 160cms in height, this is a look I can only aspire to. I on the other hand, seem to have inherited the Cancerian appearance and personality which includes a certain 'roundness', short cricket stump legs, and a tendancy to retreat into my shell when confronted or offended. Which when in Cancerian mode, can be sudden and unexpected. Although it may seem I have multiple personalities, I'm living proof that our placements in other signs outside of our Sun sign have significant affects on our personality. Given that, mine seem to make it work in a way that has given me an interesting and diverse life. The Saggie in me, has endowed a thirst for knowledge, the eclectic and the philosophical and when prompted, an inner conversation between the philosopher and Ms Virgo the logical can result in two headache pills and a lie down.

The Cancerian has created in me a nurturing if not slightly timid personality who needs coaxing from my shell in order for anyone to get too close. When goaded though, the nippers come out, but not for long. The challenge is choosing between the Sagg who stands her ground, the crab who runs a mile and the Virgo who wants to talk about it ad nauseam. I usually deliver the nip then scurry away crab like, grabbing the dog and setting out on a walk. (This is called 'the Sagittarian bolt').

So there you have it. My Sun, Rising and Moon signs and how they impact on my daily existence. It isn't always as chaotic but then as a Saggie I'd be a little bored without some excitement every now and then.

Of course, there's always my numerology, but that story is perhaps better left for another time.

Now. Where's the television remote and that new packet of chocolate biscuits?

Viktoria Staunton
Viktoria Staunton
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