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Star-Crossed Loser

by Taylor M Welch 5 months ago in astronomy

Taylor Monet Welch

It goes like this:

If you know me at all, you’d know that I’ve never been one to believe in astrology. I’ve always thought it was, well… kind of dumb. I mean, seriously. Your whole personality being judged by a set of stars? Sort of far-fetched, don’t you think?

But hell, for the sake of this prompt, I’ll play along.

I’ve been told that I’m a Sagittarius.

Ah, yes.

The sign of spontaneity, freedom, and conversation. If you can tell, I totally resonate with my sign. I’m a wild child. Someone who loves to talk. Someone who craves attention in whatever way she can get it. A woman on the run, ready for her next big adventure.


Part of the reason I never believed in astrology was because of this lack of resonation. Everyone seemed to find something about their sign that made sense, but I couldn’t. The person Sagittarius encompassed described someone far more active than myself. Someone with a need for speed, so to speak.

Due to this, for the longest time, I never believed in anything astrological.

That is, until I found… it.

I came across it after my previous therapist gave me a birthday present. She had taken it upon herself to print out an astrology chart based around my birth date and time. A little odd for a therapist to do, but hey. She, herself, was a little odd.

It wasn’t entirely filled in, I realized. Parts were definitely missing. Instead of leaving it be, moving on, and forgetting about the gift, I decided to look up the missing pieces of said chart. So I whipped out my laptop, typed in my birthday alongside the word “astrology”, and waited for the internet to do it’s thang.

What I discovered, I was not expecting.

About halfway down the search results, I found a link called “The Missing 13th Zodiac Sign”.

Of course, I had to look. They set up the title perfectly-- to reign in those bored enough to click on it. I figured if I was bored enough to look up astrological information about myself, I was bored enough to learn about this mysterious missing zodiac. Who wouldn’t want to know about an inexplicable set of stars that the world chose to overlook?

So here it went:

The zodiac’s name was Ophiuchus, and it was for those born between November 29th, and December 17th. My birthday, being December 1st, fell smack dab in the middle of this category. Obviously, I had to dig deeper. Now I was intrigued. Now I was astrologically special.

The constellation Ophiuchus is based on is a woman snake handler, and the house itself is centered around curiosity and passion, as well as information-seeking and a need for change.

Instantly, I got a little freaked out. Instead of needing to go go go! I was being described as someone more reserved-- someone with a passion for knowledge and compassion, as well as an acceptance of change. Someone introverted, with a secret temper. A jealous streak to balance out a natural sense of good luck. A procrastinator with a need for creativity. An honest, trustworthy person who preferred a good book over a raging party.

Wow, I thought.

I hadn’t resonated with being a Sagittarius, because I belonged to the house of Ophiuchus.

For the first time in my entire life, I started to play into the whole “astrology” thing. If the stars could call me out like that, shouldn’t I believe in them? At least a little bit?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I still think astrology is a little crazy, but then again, aren’t we all?

Yes, I think.

Because according to Ophiuchus, I am also slightly insane.

But we’ll leave that to the stars.

Taylor M Welch
Taylor M Welch
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Taylor M Welch

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