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Spoken Like a True Libra

by Sadie Kaminsky 8 months ago in astronomy

A Look into My Little Cosmic World

(Courtesy of Cosmo)

So, what’s your zodiac sign?

It’s the age-old question I’m willing to bet we’ve all been asked at least once. I’m willing to bet even further it’s a question we’ll continue facing for as long as we live. Maybe you’re even the one who tends to do the asking. Astrology continues to infiltrate dating lives, friendships, self-exploration, and, especially as of recently, our digital sphere.

So with such seemingly natural, widespread acknowledgment of the cosmos, this begs the question: are our existences and resulting characteristics really written in the stars? If the phases of the moon have control over the ocean tides, perhaps it’s worth considering the stars and planets really do have a say in human nature as well. In true Libra-fashion, let’s tip the scales for a moment and take a deeper look, using my own inner cosmic world for some potential guidance (or at the very least some entertaining exploration & fuel to roast me later).

Born on September 23, I’m on the frontlines of the Libra charge. (Fellow Libras, let me hear you scream!) According to traditional astrology as many have come to know it, “Libra season” lasts from September 23- October 22 each year, meaning if your birthday falls on or between these days you’re part of the Libra sun squad. Welcome! It’s lovely to have you here. Just for reference, here’s where Libras fall in relation to all the other signs of the zodiac:

(Courtesy of The Post, Athens)

Among the famous ranks of the Libra brigade:

Will Smith, Donald Glover, Julie Andrews (please be my grandma), Brie Larson, Anthony Mackie, Bruce Springsteen, Kim Kardashian-West, Kate Winslet, Matt Damon. The list goes on and on. And if you want a more extensive one, as with most things, Oprah’s got you covered.

According to astrology, if you want a more detailed description of how the universe supposedly affects you personally, you may want to read up on your birth chart and what it all means, which you can do for free by clicking this link. For a bigger picture, most tend to focus on the Big 3: sun, moon, rising (ascendant). I’m a Libra sun, Aquarius moon, and Scorpio rising. For all intents and purposes, however, let’s dive into this Libra sun I’ve got going on.

The “Libra” Cocktail

Balance & Harmony. The two things I strive for most in my life and the world in general. I generally despise confrontation, and usually in arguments between friend groups, family members, etc., I act as the voice of reason. I operate best with a set routine and prioritize equal give and take. I appreciate seeing all sides of situations, justice being served rightfully. All this being said, please don’t come into my bedroom unannounced because there is nothing harmonious about the mounds of clothes you’ll see scattered about in there. Sometimes keeping it all together around here really is tougher than it seems— and that’s ok.

Indecision. LOL if you or a loved one have suffered at the hands of Libra indecision, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Take me to the record store? I’ll have 8 records in my hands, only want to purchase 3, and leave with none. Ask me to decide on a tv series or movie on Netflix? Hope you have an hour to kill before getting anywhere. And do not even THINK about asking me to pick the restaurant. My 23rd birthday was spent sitting in a parking lot for 45 minutes trying to pick a restaurant with my roommate (a Capricorn) until we enlisted the help of a decision-making app.

All about the aesthetic, baby. A picture is worth a thousand words, yeah? I’ll just leave these here and let you decide where I stand with this one. And let’s face it, I didn’t shave days off my life making them look pretty not for people to look at them. Certified Libra through & through.

(My profile page for my Pinterest account)

(Personal IG feed)

(Personal IG feed)

Strong interest in the arts, music especially. We’re really knocking this list out of the park so far. I’ve been playing the piano since I was six, love musicals, love to sing, love good television and film, have a theater minor from undergrad, and would be absolutely nowhere without a Spotify playlist to serve as a soundtrack for every stage of my life. If you want some solid Libra-geared tunage, check out the playlist below!

Extreme flirts. I hate to admit it, but you caught me red-handed. I adore being social and meeting new people. I swear, y’all, I’m just being friendly (or socially anxious, so I have no choice but to try and relate to others while my fight-or-flight kicks in)! Me trying to intentionally flirt though? Different story for a different day. But what a perfect segway into the next topic. Did I plan it that way or is it just a lucky coincidence? Well, that’s one secret I’ll never tell (absolute coincidence).

Romantic Life

Libras tend to be known as “the lovers” of the zodiac. In my personal experience, yes absolutely. I love love. I love the idea of falling in love. I love watching other people fall in love. I wear my heart on my sleeve, love incredibly hard, tend to make a lot of the first moves, BUT also can be very diplomatic about the process. I consider all sides of the situation. Actually receiving and accepting love sometimes is a tricky and stressful mess because of how in my head I analyze all the details. I love having a loyal, stable partner & best friend to stumble through life with, but I also NEED my alone time. It’s a balancing act— and let’s just say I haven’t quite mastered it yet.

Libras are highly compatible with Geminis, Aquariuses, and Leos. Again, I fully resonate. My favorite ex and now best friend is a Gemini. I’m honestly still convinced we’ll end up together in the end (& if you’re out there & just read this right now, no you didn’t!) I’m absolutely in love with an Aquarius (Mr.Harry Styles, I’m looking at you). And what air sign (Libra) doesn’t love a fire sign (Leo). Fires need oxygen to survive after all.

Are all of these synchronicities mere coincidence? Am I simply a product of my environment and just happen to have developed the same characteristics of a surface-level Libra? I guess I may never know for sure. The astrology meme pages and Tik Toks, however, are just too funny and scarily accurate to pass up. Because who doesn’t want to know which tv series or Taylor Swift song or Pop-tart flavor they are based on their zodiac sign?!

At the end of the day, this clip of Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig presenting at the Oscars is a true inside look at what’s really going on inside my head at any given moment throughout the day, so maybe this says more about me than any zodiac sign, birth chart, or cosmic phenomenon ever will.

And if this “Libra” stuff really isn’t mumbo-jumbo, I’m proud to be considered one. If anything, there’s a lot of “Libra-like” characteristics, like being balanced, loving, and fair, I at least hope to continue working on and striving to put into practice in my every day life.

Regardless of your zodiac sign, birth chart, belief in astrology or lack thereof, one concrete truth stands out amongst the mystery. When the sun retreats for a momentary slumber & dusk settles in around us, we’re all gazing upon the same stars which is pretty cool. What’s even cooler? Much like the stars themselves, all of us are our own mystic marvels no matter what our respective cosmic worlds reveal about us or not, none of us exactly the same. In that way, the universe is nothing short of amazing.

Want to be believe in astrology? Sweet. Don’t want to? Sick. What’s “real” to one may be perceived “fake” to another. For some, studying astrology is a completely viable career, passion, a life’s work that deserves celebration and recognition as much as anything else. Even if we all can’t get on the same plague about, may we all agree that it’s an interesting topic to look into, all of us benefitting from learning from each other & respecting one another’s opinions.

Maybe this is just me being human & wanting us all to celebrate one another with love & respect. That’s what’s to be expected, yeah? But for shits & giggles (and I mean, the scales don’t lie) you might just say I’m spoken like a true Libra.


Sadie Kaminsky

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Sadie Kaminsky
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