Something That Stargazers Would Notice

by Shelly Bartley 2 years ago in space

The New Lights in the Sky

Something That Stargazers Would Notice
Photography By: Gabriele Motter

This article is food for the mind decorated with thoughts that will make you wonder about what exactly is above your head. The past few years when looking in the sky I have noticed that some new stars shining in the sky. These are not just ordinary stars but shine in different colors. It is a known fact that some stars with different colors that shine brightly and sometimes shine with a fading to them. What makes these stars so noticeable is a simple fact that they are different.

The truth is that these are not actually new stars. They just look new because of the change in color to them. We have always had different colored stars in the night sky. The difference now is a few extra stars with different colors now. The red stars in the sky could be a number of stars. The main stars names are Betelgeuse, Aldebaran, and Antares. Mars could be one of the red colors in the sky. Mars is not a star at all but may hold other stars.

Knowing which star that a person is staring at all depends on where the star is. The star also depends on the time. Some of the other stars in the night sky are dying stars. Each star is different and the color is not always noticed. Some of the other colors seen are purple stars, green stars, white stars, orange stars, and yellow stars.

Among all those stars in the sky, some of the lights passing by in the night sky could be from planes. Some of the stars have faded and some are really bright. It is all a very wonderful sight to see all of those lights above just shining to light the way out of the dark.

The next time you are out looking at the night sky and wonder what each of these stars is, look them up and you never know, you just might find something new hiding up among that blanket of lights. It is sad to think that some of them are fading out. If you look hard enough you may even see the ones that shine the lowest light out.

If you have always wanted to see them but have never taken the time to, now would be a good time to find time to see them before they are no longer there to view. Why wait until it is too late, then wish that you had seen them? Waiting is not always the best option, just like in life. If you do not take the opportunity while you have it then the opportunity may pass without coming around again. Take a chance to see the beautiful painting shining right above your head. Take a chance to see that dark ocean full of shining lightning bugs never really seen. This is never a disappointment when knowing that they each hold so much within them.

Discover what the world holds, not just around your feet but above you, too. While you are looking up at that sky be sure to look all around and take everything that you see in. The next time you look at the sky they may no longer be there. Once you know what star you are looking at, then you will know if it is gone the next time you look.

If you are not as much into the stars, I would still look. At a later time, you may wish that you had but they might be gone from sight. A good question to leave the readers with is what do you think happens once all those stars burn out?

Shelly Bartley
Shelly Bartley
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