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Social Distancing According to Your Zodiac Sign

Ideas to keep you busy and productive while doing the right thing (aka social distancing during a pandemic)

By HollyPublished 3 years ago 16 min read

Considering the unexpected nature of the beginning of 2020, there is a lot that we must become accustomed to. Currently, (April, 2020) we are going through this global pandemic that is confining the majority of us to our own homes. Practicing social distancing and quarantining to keep others safe is extremely important, I want to make that clear.

Although these times are scary and challenging for us, there is no reason why we should suffer through several somber weeks/months. I'm giving us permission to laugh today. Is that okay? Maybe get a smile outta you? Who knows.

This is how to get through this self isolation period without completely losing your mind - based on your zodiac sign.

(Also please, if the information under your sign doesn't resonate with you as much, you should look up your birth chart - you might identify with your moon sign more than your sun sign!)


As a fire sign, an Aries may find this self isolation thing very difficult. Aries tend to be some of the most social, strong willed and outgoing people and don't do well being confined to one place. Communication and companionship are also a big factor that they will most likely lose for the time being.

As an Aries, it will be very beneficial to keep in contact with friends and family in any way possible. Even having big group video calls or conversations over the phone with those people can be a huge help to not feeling as lonely. Hitting up old friends or creating new connections could also be exciting when stuck at home.

Aries might also find some entertainment value in new, somewhat pointless activities. Making new recipes, listening to upbeat or intense music, picking up simple hobbies or even just having a drink alone can be a good substitute for their usual daily lives outside the house. Aries are probably the most willing to search something like "100 things to do while in quarantine." Even picking up a yo-yo or mastering card tricks could quench an Aries' thirst for excitement and fun.

Impulsivity and spontaneity are also huge for getting through the boredom of staying at home. Take advantage of the time and intentionally set up a nice, fun night for yourself and do things you really enjoy that your friends don't. If you like a certain type of food or genre of music/film that you don't often get to enjoy when you're with others, revel in all these things for once, even though you may have to do it alone.

This is the perfect time for guilty pleasures.


Taurians do have the tendency to seek out some sort of luxury. They appreciate the good things in life like self care, material possessions that make them feel good, high quality food and lots of relaxation.

Taurians would definitely benefit from using their extra time to focus on some intensive self care. Finding good products to take care of their skin, taking nice long baths, lighting candles or incense to surround themselves with calming scents and getting as much extra sleep as they can will make a world of difference in how they feel. They aren't as extroverted or social as the other signs so they rely more on themselves to bring them comfort and happiness. They are grounded and independent and like to focus on themselves a lot of the time.

They may also find a real passion for something like cooking or baking or just brightening their day with some good comfort food. Food is a big part of a Taurian's life and they tend to appreciate culinary arts more than any other sign. It's another example of how much this sign appreciates comfort and their love of being home rather than being in any social situation.

While this is a great time to work on health and fitness, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself. Taurians truly need that comfort and self love to really prosper in life and they tend to do so at home already. There's not much to change really for a Taurus during self isolation since they tend to do so pretty regularly. Haha.


Geminis are complicated little air signs. Many people assume that they are devious in some way or two-faced even but that really isn't the case. Misconceptions about Gemini could almost compare to Scorpio at this point but let's not get into that.

Geminis are extremely intelligent people and are quite aware of that fact and like to put it to good use. Sharing their ideas with people and communication in general is paramount for them. That's really where we start to see an issue. Since they love to talk so much about everything that's on their mind and to even gossip a little with their circle of friends, it'll be very difficult nowadays for all the Geminis out there.

Note: This isn't meant to sound judgemental, but as a Gemini, try not to let boredom start affecting your relationships with people. That's all I'm saying. Geminis have that tendency to test certain boundaries without realizing that not everyone is a Gemini.

Since Geminis are so great with words and articulating themselves, they often find themselves using that in their careers or hobbies. For instance, a ton of rappers are actually Geminis. They're more apt to write music and sing, film videos or do any sort of public speaking. (sometimes, and when possible) They will probably be the ones to enjoy listening to music and watching TedTalks more than anything else.


Cancer is usually referred to as the most sensitive and emotional sign. Due to their water element, Cancers tend to have issues with overthinking and often need to vent about what they are going through. They may also rely a lot on emotional connection and physical affection so being separated by those they love can be very difficult.

The main goal for a Cancer should be to do things that comfort them to replace their lack of connection with other people. While it may be hard for many individuals to allow themselves to focus on anything that may not seem productive in any way, it is very important to care for your mental health. Especially as a Cancer.

Cancers might enjoy doing light hearted activities in their free time like games and crafts (get into puzzles or painting or board/video games) but they might benefit the most from doing something like writing or journaling. Cancers are extremely bright and creative people who may even have a dark side that they could create something captivating out of. Maybe even for others to read as well if they decide to take the craft seriously. But journaling can actually be a major tool for Cancers because of their tendency to bottle up emotions and their empathic personalities makes it difficult for them to express themselves fully. Keeping a journal is sort of like therapy for them, they don't have to worry about hurting or boring anyone else.


Leos, another very social and friendly fire sign, may suffer the most from loneliness while stuck at home.

Leos tend to care a lot about their mind, health and appearance so, similar to a Taurus, they may enjoy spending extra time on self care. They often will go the extra mile during any time during their normal lives and spend extra time and money on things like hair, nails, clothes, etc. Spending this newfound free time on things like skin care and general maintenance may just be natural for them and cause them a little less heartache when they can't continue their usual routine. Leos definitely know how to put themselves first which a lot of other signs might want to learn from.

Since Leos are also very caring and kind people, (almost motherly in a way) spending extra time reaching out to old friends, family and even simple acquaintances may spark some new friendships and means of communicating. Having several people to talk to and check up on is pretty important - and vice versa. You will be looked after by those you look after. If that's not a sweet deal for a fire sign then I don't know what is.

Leos also have much younger souls, meaning they're usually the ones who like to re-watch old cartoons or nostalgic movies or even go through old photo albums to see photos of them as kids or their parents at their age. These are some things that Leos will probably enjoy the most when stuck at home, getting in touch with their free thinking youthful energy.


For any stressed Virgos out there, find a routine! Whether they have work, school or some other sort of responsibilities to uphold, they have to make sure to reserve enough time for them as well as everything else they need to do to survive. We are all going through rough times right now. It is completely valid to be stressed about deadlines, finances, etc, but for Virgos, establishing limits will be crucial to finding balance in their lives.

Working hard is fairly familiar to Virgos but things like staying healthy, being social (as much as you can while staying home) and getting enough rest are a little harder to fit into a tight schedule. They might need to be reminded to give themselves breaks and focus on self care and relaxation in times of high stress.

Virgos are also surprisingly good writers. Getting into creative writing and storytelling might create some amazing results when given a chance. With their great communication skills, Virgos have an amazing ability to express themselves and may find that they are above average authors without even putting in much effort. But if that isn't of interest, they can still write some wicked good e-mails.


Considering how hard it tends to be for Libras to make a darn decision, isolation can be especially interesting and difficult.

Libras tend to value their freedom and like fluidity in life. Just like Air signs in general, being confined to one place and not seeing other people is difficult. They are either extremely social or so filled with energy that they need to express in some way (or both) . This can make things very difficult to cope with when they don't have this sort of social outlet.

While it never really substitutes the energy given off by other people, investing time into finding new outlets can be very appealing. Libras overall tend to really enjoy music specifically, so finding new songs to listen to can be a great help for passing the time and enjoying the boring parts of the day. Finding new genres and artists that they never knew about can really liven up their time alone and they can spend hours making playlists to relate to all the intense feelings that they so often feel.

-You could also refer to my post about Zodiac Playlists if you're interested in finding new Libra-esque bops.

Also in the nature of Libras, they may find it beneficial to look into new creative outlets and hobbies that either take up hours of your time or that they can switch between as soon as they get bored of one activity. That's completely fine too, not everyone can settle on one thing to entertain themselves. Express your creative and romantic sides for once. Try writing your own music, write short stories or poetry, even just cry over a few romcoms. Libra is ruled by Venus so it's pretty fair to assume that Libras are more likely to enjoy this kind of beauty and cheesy romance.


Scorpio is a particularly complicated yet interesting sign - Scorpios are water signs except they do not possess the same emotionally needy tendencies or sensitivities. They are often fairly self assured, they don't care much about what other people think and enjoy being alone. This serves them pretty well in this situation, I must say. Self isolating may be pretty familiar to many Scorpios.

Scorpio is also considered to be a very dark sign that often has a fascination with things of the sort. Specifically, scary movies, crime documentaries and researching other somewhat twisted subjects may derive some interest for Scorpios during quarantine. While they are not evil or devious people, they do have a unique curiosity. This may have to do with Scorpio's ruling planet Pluto which symbolizes regeneration, life and death. Murder mysteries, the paranormal and spirituality might resonate a lot with this sign. So delve into it!

Scorpios might even enjoy getting into the world of Astrology while they have the extra hours to spend. This is the sign that is usually the most apt to believe in Astrology and be proud of being a Scorpio. It is indeed a very interesting hole to fall down on any given day and some Scorpios even find that learning about Zodiac signs actually helps them to understand themselves more due to their complicated minds.

Finding ways of discussing their interests can also be huge. Scorpios tend to feel every emotion very intensely and get extremely passionate about certain things - writing about them or even just talking to others about them can help their own self expression. (You could start writing stories or articles on Vocal about any subject you enjoy or have a lot of knowledge about)


For the busy Sagittarius mind, find an online job , take courses in something you find interesting and try to keep your hands busy. Those are the major things I've noticed many Sagittarians doing during this pandemic and might be my best advice for all of you.

Sagittarians tend to be very social and full of energy, finding an outlet to express themselves in that way is the healthiest thing they can do . Finding ways to communicate with others, reaching out to old friends, video calling, even playing video games with friends they can't visit can liven up their moods and help them to socially recharge.

They would really benefit from trying new things that they may even think they'll hate. Since their curious nature tends to guide them in new and exciting directions, it's hard to tell when they will find a specific interest or passion that they can fixate on. That actually seems to be one of the healthiest things they can do to be honest.

Indulging their interests and developing new skills is absolutely crucial for this sign. Sagittarians are known to enjoy gathering cultural knowledge and travelling. Spending time reading, learning about the world, learning a new language even. They should be allowing themselves to spend some free time having fun - while also being productive. (a common issue that comes with Sag energy is the constant feeling that they aren't doing enough) They will probably come out of this whole thing as more intelligent and well rounded people. They may be more fortunate than the rest of us in this area.


Capricorns are very hard headed and fact driven people that place a lot of importance on their career and education - so it may be easier for them to get through quarantine just by putting extra time into their work. They might even appreciate this boost in productivity. Capricorn is a very intelligent and opinionated earth sign so they might thrive in these sorts of secluded conditions.

If you are a Capricorn, you are smart and you probably know it. It is usually a source of pride in itself. The sign thrives on building knowledge and strengthening certain opinions so Capricorns might enjoy spending their free time taking Master Classes or doing research on more controversial subjects like politics or religion. Having a strong argument and fact based debating skills is often very important to them and they may enjoy spending their time expanding their mind and overall feeling more intelligent.

Planning is also quite familiar to earth signs, especially Capricorns. Whether that be planning a future goal or making travel plans or even just scheduling their time for each day/week while they are stuck at home, planning is a huge safety blanket for Caps. Making a daily schedule could be particularly helpful as well so that they can manage their time efficiently.


Aquarians are the similar kind of energetic and lively air sign but they are most well known for their humanitarian side. The Aquarius symbol (the water-bearer) embodies their generous energy and their urge to bring good things to people and the world. This might be the main element of their personalities that will keep them grounded while quarantined. Luckily.

The most exciting thing for an Aquarius to do while in quarantine is to delve more into causes and world issues that resonate with them. That could range from adopting a child in Africa to donating to charities to even supporting a local business. They could also take this opportunity to put time into researching ways to help during the pandemic or looking for future volunteering jobs.

Aquarians love to spread positive energy and support important causes but they aren't on the same social level as most of the other signs. A Libra or Gemini might understand their odd communication style that is somewhat detached since they are fellow air signs but the way they act in the social world is very unique. They don't rely that much on close relationships or the company of other people so isolating probably won't affect them nearly as much. They have a better opportunity to focus on the things they find really important.

Aquarians are also huge truth-seekers and probably already spend much of their time learning more about the world even if it has nothing to do with public issues. They are definitely intelligent people and could probably be considered more "world-smart" than "book-smart." They tend to be interested in much deeper and controversial subjects like politics and often work towards a future where they can make some sort of impact.

This whole self isolation thing will all be worth it if the Aquarians of the world have enough time to solve world hunger or stop climate change tbh.


As a Pisces myself, I like to think I understand the sign pretty well. Pisces are very emotional and intuitive water signs (similar to Cancers) but with an added twist. The twist is really just our dark energy. And not the acceleration of expansion kind. Haha. Okay that might have only been funny to me.

Most Pisces will probably be affected a bit by the idea of self isolation. While we are often very passive and introverted, we also enjoy physical affection and feeling close to our small circle of friends. We also have our infamous addictive personalities to worry about so sex and social drinking might end up turning into loneliness and alcoholism real quick. But aside from that, we don't rely on social interaction as much as any intense fire or air sign. So we have that part handled, for the most part.

Pisces tend to enjoy anything deemed creative, artistic or individually expressive but we also have a tendency to develop extremely niche passions. It isn't hard for a Pisces to find a subject that captivates them so intensely that they spend days or weeks absorbing all the knowledge they can get to become an expert in it. This is probably the most promising feature of the sign. We are pretty damn good at keeping ourselves occupied.

By the end of this pandemic, don't be surprised if your Pisces friend tells you about their life changing spiritual awakening, can recite 200 digits of Pi and starts talking about early Russian history while wearing the sweater that they knitted themself.


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