Sirens Unbound:Fifth Mage War Series Book One by Laura Engelhardt

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Sirens Unbound:Fifth Mage War Series Book One by Laura Engelhardt
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Tagline: A magical epic about sirens, fae, and family ties.

Book Description

Siren's Unbound is an epic urban fantasy published in July of 2019 with a beautiful cover by artist Rena Violet and an astounding story written by Laura Engelhardt. Here is a short description of what the author provided me.

Dr. Amy Bant faces the challenge of her career as she seeks to develop a cure for magical blindness. Manipulated by the mages and military alike, she devotes herself to perfecting a procedure that will unleash magical powers not seen since the days of Aphrodite and Morgan le Fay. In pursuit of the medical answer, Amy will uncover truths that have been hidden by mages, fae, and even her own family. Actions have consequences, and the decisions made by the Bant family will set off the most destructive war the world has ever seen.

In this first book of the Fifth Mage War urban fantasy epic, the Bant family is pulled onto opposing sides of a looming war. Born protectors, they will travel the world to save the people they love from those who would destroy them. In this tumultuous time of prophecies, politics, and magick, can the family stay together?

Meet the Bant Family:

Cordelia crosses oceans in her quest to save the Yorkshire fae from extinction.

Amy single-mindedly pursues medical answers, ignorant of the secrets others are keeping.

Thomas discovers inner strength as he breaks with his familiar life to protect the mage he loves.

Mary attempts to hold her family together, unaware that her mother is still watching over them all.

Mira, the matriarch who sacrificed everything to keep her family together, is now forced to confront her painful past in order to keep her children safe.

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Provided by Bewitching Book Tours

About the Author:

An avid sf/fantasy reader, Laura Engelhardt writes the kind of book she likes to read: fantasy with intricate worlds and complex characters facing moral dilemmas. She started writing plays in college, then moved to Germany, where she continued to write while teaching ESL to executives. After moving back to the U.S., she supported her playwriting by teaching ballroom dance and working retail. Deciding that living in her parents' attic wasn't for her, Laura went to law school and then spent the next seventeen years as a lawyer and compliance officer in New York City. In 2017, she quit Wall Street and began helping people resolve disputes as a mediator and arbitrator. She now lives in New Jersey with her family.





Sirens Unbound - a magical epic about sirens, fae & family ties. 2019 Ink & Insights Finalist: “Sirens that feed and aid? Fae trapped in England in a prisoner camp? Mages getting optical surgery for magick sight? Loved it!” Find out more at

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