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Secret's of 25 December

Are we being lied?

Secret's of 25 December
Truth hidden in plain sight...


""Begining of experiment""

The greatest gift you can give someone is your time.

Because when you give your time you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back.

And that's what we did,'we gave our time even before we realized what time means.

This research story is for open minded people,those amongst you who think out of the box cage.

I have no intention what so ever to change someones way of religion as im just one in the sea of many who seek for the truth.'

As centuries goes by we are being born one by one with marked stamp on our forhead (religion,nation,etc.etc.) without our consent.

Am i right?

No one asked you how,where and when would you like to be born.

Since the day we are born we are being told what to do how to behave what is right what is wrong, until we reach the point of maturity where we can think by our own mind.

Now only some of us take time later to study research investigate all the things they told us before and that kind of people i prefere to call ''glitches''.

Because all others continue their way of life as they parents did and so on so forth,here there is no faith of religion but the beliving in your parents (they said,belive and did this i belive it and i''ll continue doing the same thing).

Were they wrong?

Answer on this questions is sword with two blade,because probably some of the parents were right while others were wrong it depends wich religion is truthfull and wich are the fake ones.

And that is the ultimate question.

If you read all those holy book's you'll find that they have the same similarities belivers/disbelivers.

Therefore each religion is true for their beliver while others are false.'

'Now let's take a minute and talk about glitche's if you see a constant row of numbers going (111111111), it seems perfect for you but along the way you noticed something/someone pops up in that perfect constant row

(1111121111) as default of what you are being told all your whole life,your belifs immediately you consider that number (2) as glitch,something that should not be there,something strange something different so you do what people usually do

they attempt to destroy as they are afraid of something different.

It doesn't matter about wich scenario we are talking about different religions different nations different color skins different way of life it all end's' up in destruction hatred against each other as all belive they are wrong while others are wrong.

""Our war hero who killed hundred enemys is your nation war criminal a monster who took hundreds of innocent lifes

do you see the point here?.

Do you see how truth is also two way sword in this example?.

Only strong open mind can realize that both sides were wrong.

And those strong open minded people are our glitches in this story.

Those who were born as Christians,Muslims,Jews but chosed to read and learn about other Holy books without fear of being different from their community.

Why am i saying this, well im sure that 'you all know those who are born as Christians/Muslims etc. but never read about it just doing what they are told to be truth and you who does the opposite are the glitch.

But did things were always this complicated?

No they were not.

They are the product of the neverending battle between good and evil.We have been strayed so many times from truth during our exsistence that is hard to distinguish truth from false.

Every time when truth prevailed in our known and unknown history evil fought back searching for a way to infiltrate and corrupt truth.

That's why our yourney will not start on 25 december you are expecting as a date when allegedly Jesus was born.

Our yourney will go deep into secrets of that mystery date going trough all books,documents available to us.'

And we might yet see how truth is hidden in plain sight.

Haris Hadzic
Haris Hadzic
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Haris Hadzic
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