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Scientists found a "cave", inside like "alien world", netizens: too amazing

by Bar wall 2 months ago in extraterrestrial
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Scientists found a "cave"

Although it is said that humans have left footprints in many parts of the earth, there are still some places that people can not reach, whether it is the climate, environment, terrain, location, etc. to stop humans because there is no human footprint, so these places may have unique ecosystems.

In 1986, an engineer received an order to go to the place where Romania and Bulgaria are on the border, to facilitate the construction of a large steam power plant in this place. After the site inspection, he found a different cave, don't be shocked by the scene inside the cave, people are not only curious about how the cave.

The location of this cave is about 2 km in Romania Black River, after the detection of the cave found that the depth of about 6 meters, about 240 meters long, and an area of 12,000 square meters so people are surprised that the ecosystem of this cave is isolated from the world.

Engineers studied and found that this is about 5 million years ago ancient human site because they first entered the cave when they smelled a burst of pungent smell, the period they thought that there may be creatures inside, the gas is released by them. By examining the gas, they found that it was actually sulfur gas, and soon they found a large number of organisms, which would indicate that this was a chemical autotrophic system.

The autotrophic ecosystem is that even if isolated from the world, and not having contact with the outside world, they can still be self-sufficient, the maintenance of this system is required to carry out photosynthesis organisms and Huainan synthesis of organisms. The organisms that can photosynthesize are the green leafy plants and algae that we all know. They all can convert inorganic matter into organic matter, which is also the main.

There are 48 species of organisms in the cave, and is a complete biological chain, through the study found that these 48 species of organisms inside 33 species are produced by this cave, and the outside world does not exist, which also explains the removal of 33 own species, the other 15 species is over time, constantly mutated into 48 species, the only characteristic of these species is low eyesight.

The creatures in the cave are mainly soft-bodied, arthropods, the top of the food chain being larger than the rest of the body, due to low eyesight, it needs to use the tentacles to sense the outside world, they influence in addition to the eyes, the color of their body size is also light, most of them are milky white, pale yellow. What is surprising is that leeches that need to take blood to survive also live in caves.

For how is the formation of autotrophic ecosystem is also puzzling, after research found that the cave contains a higher concentration of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, then oxygen, and finally methane, so the creatures at the lower end of the food chain use water, and these gases as raw materials to produce wah energy reaction synthesis after feeding. To avoid damaging the ecology of this cave, scientists have also reduced the number of entries.

The discovery of this cave has inspired many scientists that such a peculiar ecosystem exists within the Earth, what about within the solar system? Venus, the Moon, and Mars are also what we have been studying, do they exist in life? Through exploration, also because of the proximity of Mars and Earth, so scientists feel that Mars is very likely.

The study found that the surface of Mars is an unimaginably deprived and uncomfortable environment, no matter how it seems, is not suitable for the survival of species, since the surface is not, then the underground?

In 2019, a country found a 3.5 km high and 8 km long hole on Mars, which is still uncommon, there are many discussions about this hole, some people think it is naturally formed, and some people recognize the figure is synthetic, there are many different opinions and no definite conclusion.

If you want to know the specific reason, or need to go to the site to study, it is not easy to project, which may make people confused about the reason for the big trouble. Mars survival conditions are obvious to all, but underground if there is a space, such as a natural shelter, the interior to build, this kind of stable space is not good.


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