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Sci-Fi Movie Women of the 90s

The 90s are home to some of the most iconic women to appear in science fiction films.

By Glenn KennyPublished 9 years ago 1 min read

Science fiction films in the 1990s featured some of the most iconic women to appear on the big screen. Too often when people think "women in sci-fi" we think of what used to be called “scream queens,” that is, the actresses who appeared in scores of latter day B pictures running from extraterrestrials on earth or grappling with tentacled creatures on spaceships or what have you.

The following list pays homage not necessarily to the genre regulars, although you will find one or two along the way, but to the performers who made the most unusual, and in many cases iconic, impressions. The following list is not compiled in any particular order. Each woman has contributed enormously to the universe of sci-fi films through their respective roles.

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Glenn Kenny

Senior editor and chief film critic of Premiere magazine, 1998-2007. Appears as Dick Filth in David Foster Wallace's essay "Big Red Son." Author and Editor. New York Times Writer.

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