Saving Our Planet

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A bright future?

Saving Our Planet

We have one home. One. This Earth is literally all we have. We are killing it. Yes, global warming is a real thing. It is killing us slowly, but surely. Scientists affirmed that we have approximately ten years to reverse this nightmare, otherwise we are screwed. They are not only trying to scare us with these statistics, but they are pushing us to act. To work together to build a sustainable, and livable environment. We are powerful together. You decide if you want be on the good side of history.

Life on Earth right now is miserable for a lot of animals. There are more than a hundred and fifty species, plants and animals, that are going extinct every day. It is a cry for help. There are many countries that are being touched by our selfishness, their home being destroyed by huge waves. Many humans are killed by the air they breathe in. Many oceans being destroyed by the products that we consume. The plastic you throw in the streets, they do end up in someone else’s mouth or body. Marine animals are being strangled by it. You wouldn’t swim in water full of oil and straws. You would swim in clean water full of animals swimming next to you. Seeing beautiful colors from coral reefs—well, if you still want to see that, you must do something. Straws are not the only problem here. Intensive fishing is draining all the ecosystems. If you still want fish in the oceans, you better stop eating them. If you don’t want plastic in those marine animals’ homes, you better use some reusable bags when you go to the grocery store. If you don’t want straws caught in a turtle’s nose than you better say no when someone gives you one at a café.

Agriculture is the worst thing that can happen to our environment. This industry plays a big game in our society. It is what most people eat; meat, dairy, and eggs. A lot of humans don’t see themselves stopping their consumption of these products. I understand, it’s food. Everyone loves food. The question is: Do taste buds matter more than the life of our children? Could you skip steak for a week? Could you try eating more plant-based meals? Reducing your meat consumption would help the environment so much. It would save so many trees, help us breathe, and we could use that land to feed the poor.

You see, there are so many ways to help. You don’t have to do it perfectly. You just have to try. Show to this world how humans can be once reunited. You see ten years isn’t a lot. If you are not scared by this, you don’t understand it yet. Ten years, and this planet will show us the pain we put her through. The oceans will rise and will take everything with them. All countries are at risk. There is no exception. You see, I want that beautiful and welcoming family. I want to swim in clean water on plastic free shores. I want to breathe real air, not something that will make my lungs suffer. I want to see cultures being happy, and living la pura vida, not fighting for their lives. I want to travel where no tourists destroy the historical landscapes. I want to have time to do what I have always dreamt of. I want what my parents had the chance to live. I want a bright future. Yes, I am terrified of what happens next. We cannot leave all the responsibility to the government, or the big industries thinking they care. The only thing they care about is money. Take the responsibility we should all have taken way before, speak up and act. Do as much as you possibly can. We need you more than you could ever think.

The future generations need us. I still want to see trees in the forest. I still want to meet the waves that hit the shore. The animals that are part of how this amazing life experience work. The fish in our oceans swimming without plastic trespassing. I want to feel nature on my skin. I want my children to see what Earth has to give. I want to see humanity being wise, and changing to a better way of living. We can do it together. I believe we are strong enough to change and reverse this crisis. The solution is yours. How should you start? Are you ready to save our home?

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