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Save 100 Hours Monthly With these 4 Must-Try AI-Powered Tools

Discover the latest AI-powered tools that can help you work smarter and faster, from creating compelling stories to leveling up your coding skills.

By Pro reviewerPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

As AI technology continues to advance, more and more tools are being developed to help make our lives easier. From generating entire narratives to automating coding, these AI-powered tools can do it all. Here are four of the most impressive AI tools available today.


Tome.app is a revolutionary tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you create powerful stories. With Tome.app, you can easily generate entire narratives, transform your documents into presentations, or add additional pages in seconds. The tool also allows you to create compelling images with its DALL·E tile, which is tailor-made to bring your idea to life.

But what really sets Tome.app apart is its ability to help you build a powerful story with any type of content. Whether you want to share a prototype, add 3D renderings, trim a video, or embed live content from the web, Tome.app makes it easy. The tool offers frictionless creation that meets magic design, so you can focus on your idea and Tome.app will take care of the rest.

Suppose a person needs to create a presentation for a business proposal or a product launch. With Tome.app, they can use AI to generate entire narratives, transform documents into presentations, and create compelling images with DALL·E tile. This can save them hours of time they would have spent manually creating the presentation, allowing them to focus on their core idea and messaging.


Fliki is a text-to-video tool that uses AI voices to create realistic voiceovers in just two minutes. With Fliki, you can transform blog articles into videos by adding the article URL and letting the AI summarize your content, find perfect visuals, and create a video with a human-like voiceover in your desired voice. Fliki offers over 900 voices in 75 different languages, ensuring that there is a voice that suits everyone.

Fliki also offers a rich stock media library, with millions of images, video clips, and background music to choose from. You can even select subtitles with your brand color and font options, giving your videos a professional look.

Let's say a person wants to create a video from a blog post. Instead of spending hours creating the video from scratch, they can use Fliki to summarize the content, find perfect visuals, and create a video with a human-like voiceover in their desired voice with branded subtitles. This can save them time and effort while ensuring that the video is engaging and informative.


Codeium is a free AI-powered toolkit for developers. Unlike other AI-powered coding tools that are simply API wrappers, Codeium offers in-house models and infrastructure, making it a powerful tool for any developer. Codeium offers extensions in all your favorite IDEs, allowing you to autocomplete and search with ease.

With Codeium, you can level up your coding for free. The tool offers generative code that can save you time and help you ship products faster. It also offers AI autocomplete, leveraging the power of next-generation AI to make your coding more efficient than ever before.

Imagine a developer working on a project and needing to write a significant amount of code. With Codeium, they can leverage AI autocomplete to generate code and save time on writing lines of code manually. This can help them ship their products faster and more efficiently.


Glasp is an AI-powered writing tool that is perfect for newsletter writers. With Glasp, you can easily access, highlight, and organize content from the web quickly and without switching between screens. The tool gives you the freedom to create a unique digital legacy of insightful quotes, ideas, and tags that can be shared with a community of like-minded learners.

With Glasp, you can quickly summarize and save long YouTube videos, allowing you to quickly grasp their key points and store them within your own library. The tool eliminates the need to flip between multiple tabs and windows to capture the knowledge you need, providing you with the perfect platform to highlight and organize everything you need in one place.

Let's say a person needs to write a newsletter or an article and needs to research various sources. With Glasp, they can quickly access, highlight, and organize content from the web, eliminating the need to switch between screens and tabs. This can save them hours of time that they would have spent on research, allowing them to focus on writing and producing high-quality content.

Overall, these AI tools can help people save hours of time and improve productivity in their respective fields by automating manual tasks and providing intelligent assistance. AI technology has come a long way in recent years, and these four tools represent the cutting edge of what is possible with AI. From generating entire narratives to automating coding, these tools can help you work faster and more efficiently than ever before. Whether you are a writer, a developer, or just looking to improve your productivity, these AI-powered tools are sure to impress.

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