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SatS—Chapter 4: Underwater

by Storyteller IRT 5 years ago in fantasy
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Swift and the Sword (#4) #Inktober2017

Working in conjunction to Inktober I decided I am going to create a story based on the prompts of Inktober, along with the artwork, creating some cohesion of my pieces as well as a tale for you all to read (^_^)Make sure to check out the other chapters to come — one posting every day of October 2017And also check out the speed art videos for the art creations on youtube here!

Chapter 4: Underwater

“Stop this Seven!” I cried as I tried to pull on their form, but it was impossible with their determination to get to their goal.

“And why should I?” He replied, his bitterness coming through strong.

“Because some part of even you can surely tell this is wrong!” Barnes answered.

Sevens gaze turned to him. This time a glare slipped through strong as he pinpointed him out.

But before he can speak, his mother does.

“Seven,” she said, her voice calm and careless as she laid a hand upon his shoulder.

“Enough of this. Get rid of them.”

What? I thought as I stilled, watching them.

Seven sighed.

“If that is how it is that.”

I watched as he took a deep breath, drawing in his power.

No… I thought as he geared up.

“Start with the girl, child,” the witch said with no tone, before turning away, head held high as she joined with the first of her new followers, away from the battle to begin.


Seven's palms lit with the violet hues of his power. His palm lifted towards me, as his eyes met mine, emotionless with his upcoming act.


Barnes screamed.

The violet hue of power headed towards me with speed, but I can't move; can't breathe.

This is the man I once trusted with my life. Someone who saved me when I was beaten and hurt. Someone who guided me through my early years before we drew apart, with him setting off on his adventure as I was left behind. Though the stinging pain is there, I can still remember when he would try to make me laugh, as he helped me prove myself in front of the others as strong, how he had done everything in his power to make sure even if he is leaving me behind, I was secure, with a roof over my head and a full stomach every night.

This was the man I once would have loved to call father, but now…

I closed my eyes. prepared for the attack.

But it never came.

Instead, a shadow fell over me.

“S-s-sensei?” I said, confused, as I looked up to his water dripping back. The shaft of his sword released an air of smoke as the metal melted to the ground.

“W-what are you doing here?” I stuttered out as Barnes dropped to my side, his hands hastily searched me almost as if he was looking for something.

“Why did you not move?” he muttered, angrily.

“Ahh, so this is the mentor you ditched me for?” Seven said, with a pout. He attempted to come off as careless, like his mother, but failed. “You know I see the appeal, but really? The town outcast? Child, you can do better than that.

Ignoring him, sensei's eye met mine over his shoulders. but his body remained alert, ready to attack.

“You were late,” he said simply.

“Ahh, ignoring me are we?” Seven questioned, once again attempting to keep his tone light, but irritation steeped through.

I huffed a small laugh as my lips twitched, my life falling apart.

“I always am…”

Yes, but not so long,” he said before shifting his eyes to Barnes.


He jumped slightly with surprise.

“Get her out of here.”

The surprise of the situation snapped out of me.

“What? No!” I said as I attempted to stand. Barnes held me down, with a scolding tut.

Yes,” Sensei growled.


“No buts. I shall deal with this.”

“Bu-” I started, but it seems we reached Seven's peak patient limit.

Don't ignore me!” He bellowed, raising his power for another attack, one fueled by his anger.

“Go!” Sensei growled as he blocked the incoming attack, an unraveling shield opening upon his arm.

Without letting another word be said, Barnes picked me up.

Hey!” I screeched as he started running.

Ignoring my protests, Barnes continued to run, his grip tight on me, leaving me unmoving.

I watched as the fading light of battled moved away from us with despair.

I should I be there, I should be fighting! I thought as I tried to move out of Barnes' grasp, but he held me too tight, with little space to even shift.

But how can you fight? A small voice whispered from the back of my mind. How can you hurt someone who cared for you when no other would?

There is silence between us as I gave up struggling and instead hunkered down in Barnes' arms, not able to do anything.

“Um...Where are we supposed to be going?” Barnes questioned, as his eyes scanned the surroundings.

Oh right... I thought as I looked around us.

Sensei had purposely sent us in this direction so…

“The water,” I said simply.

Nodding, Barnes picked up speed, a look of determination in his eyes and he headed where guided.

But that gleam is soon quickly disturbed as an explosion erupted behind us.

Barnes fell forward as I flew out of his arms. Debris slipped across my skin, opening wounds as the heat of fire erupts close by, but not close enough to burn,

Shoot!” Barnes cursed as we both quickly got to our feet.

“Over there!” Someone called behind the flames.

“Get them!”

We made to move when the sound of bodies dropping and the familiar sound of a sword swinging filled the air, stopping me and Barnes in our retreat.

“What was that?" he questioned as he looked through the flames, but his gaze also darting away to out a possible exit.

Within a matter of seconds, someone jumped through the fire.

Barnes prepared to attack.

“No!” I said, pulling back his hand, lit by his yellow magic. “It's Sensei.”

The man in question stood up tall, took one look at us before his feature creased with displeasure and anger.

"I thought I said get out of here,” he hissed as he pulled out our arms, “Get moving! Now!”

“Yes, sir!!” Barnes said as he started running along with Sensei, who simply pulled me along.

“But-but,” I stuttered as Sensei continued to pull me along, letting go of Barnes, “what about the others?”

“Others?” Sensei said as he plowed forward, hand tight around my arm.

Another explosion blew behind us. Something hit my leg.

"Shit,” Sensei hissed as I flopped forward with slight surprise.

Without a second thought, he lifted me up, still running.

“The townspeople! We cannot leave them!” I shouted as I held my bleeding calf with annoyance.

“Right now you are my priority!” he said before we broke into the clearing where the old pond rested.

Quickly he released me and shoved something in my hand as well as Barnes.

“Chew on this!” he said simply.

Underwater seaweed, I thought as we complied.

“But,” I said between chews, “We can't just leave them behind!”


No Sensei! They will all be hurt! We can't leave them behind with that witch!” I said, before trying to run back.

"Swift!” Sensei said sharply, and without another word, he grabbed Barnes and my arm, before pulling us into the water.

Another explosion went off where we had stood.

“This is not the time for this!” Sensei said, through chewing his own piece of seaweed.


“No Swift,” he said, before pulling to a stop and holding on to both my hands.

“You are in no shape or form to fight right now.”

“And how can you say that?!” I bit back, dazed slightly.

“If you were, you would have moved,” Sensei growled, “Your reflexes are better than what you showed today, do not deny it. You are letting your emotions cloud over you, little pup.”

“But-” I started.

No. No buts,” He said, hand tightening on my arms.

I winced.

Noticing his loosened up slightly, his eyes softening slightly, before he spoke again, this time with a loser tongue.

“Understand this, little hero, sometimes the best thing one can do to save others is to move away and come back a later day, better and stronger,” Sensi said softly before he dragged us under the water and towards his cavern.


About the author

Storyteller IRT


Just a storyteller releasing short stories as she attempts to finish editing her first full book, all the while attempting to put out a youtube video every week


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