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Sagittarius-- Any Day is an Adventure

by Dee Mae Elva about a year ago in astronomy
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The Only Thing Better than Sharing Memories is Creating New ones

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Sagittarius-- Any Day is an Adventure

The Only Thing Better than Sharing Memories is Creating New ones

I am a born Sagittarius, anything and everything one might read on a Sagittarius applies to me, adventurous-check, independent- check, check, Growth Mindset, I have lived that way my whole life what is the big deal now with all the fancy names (okay, I am opinionated)-check, lust for life, check, even the commitment phobia, mine is very real when it comes to men, so yep, check.

Sagittarius tend to forge their own paths I tend to definitely take my own path not necessarily the path most taken, or least taken, or even a path, it might be a tangled mess of branches or life that for some reason I have to go straight through and yes because of this I can identify poison ivy quite well but because, I’m an optimist I know it will turn out okay.

My friends luckily understand this freedom pursuing Sagittarius, though it might be nice I sign up for the same activities or go to camp at the same time—I am ultimately going to sign up for whatever. Thus, how I ended up whitewater rafting with a bunch of new people—other would say strangers but they were only strangers for about 5 minutes, biking 150 miles in one day by myself, admittedly the bike ride I did wish I had a biking partner. Ended up on a different island then the rest of my friends because I wanted to see the other island but met up with them the next day (there was a bubble bar—who wouldn’t want to see a bubble bar!).

Adventurous, Sagittarius love to travel—I have been to 47 of the 50 states most of them because I met someone who moved there, and I wanted to visit the state, or I read about it in a book, and I needed to go. 15 countries and counting, new adventures are awaiting, Greece is next because I have read a lot of books lately about Greece and I cannot wait!

Sagittarius is not afraid to do what it needs to be done and not afraid to make mistakes—Fierce, adventurous, intellectual with a passion and energy to find new adventures and enjoyment Sagittarius find something in the everyday that is exciting. Gardening- exciting, walking around the block exciting, I kind of think of myself as a terrier some days on excited excursions. Why not get excited about the little things.

My mom raised me as a single mother, my dad was killed by a drunk driver when I was six. My mom did a wonderful job, I am sure now there had to be times it was overwhelming, I would never had known it when I was younger. I used to bring permission forms home for my mom to sign all the time, ½ the time I did not know what I was signing up for, but it was new. she knew I would take care of the details of how I would get there. I would ride my bike, take the bus, walk, I even had my dental hygienist drive me to perform with the orchestra, yes perform, not just watch. I told you Sagittarius work hard on our passions, even if they might be fleeting. Being a Sagittarius I wanted to experience everything, I tried hard and did my best.

In college I even signed up to study in Spain. Acting before thinking, I did not realize I would need to pay for the college tuition, I got a passport- paid my application fee, airplane ticket, everything except the actual college program. The woman at the college must have had it happen before—she checked my financial aid and pulled my money from there and off I went. No one believed I was going. Why would they, I hated taking Spanish class—but here I was going to go live in Spain taking college classes—I ended up with a Spanish minor. I loved living abroad, loved learning from the people, learning outside the classroom, made it so much more enjoyable. This would be a Sagittarius style to learn more independently from the people and not just what was in the book in a classroom. Though I did love learning from books, just not my textbooks, I was in a coffee shop reading books and magazines there with anyone from young to old.

In Pamplona for the running of the bulls. I was already in Spain so why not spontaneously head up to the running of the bulls, there is no place to stay, and everyone sleeps in the park, so I did too, next to one person I knew from class and a bunch of people I met in Pamplona. I had a blast! I had my wine bottle full of water (the wine was long dumped into some poor tree) and partied all night long (I didn’t mention I hardly ever drink and never have done drugs).

I love the outside and love camping, turns out so do Sagittarius. I have camped in all 4 seasons--winter; I believe being my favorite (no mosquitos). I have camped in “glamping style and camped without a tent (are either of those really camping?). Backpacked for miles, canoed to camp, whitewater rafted (this trip I knew 2 people), I have camped with just a little school backpack—I have no idea how now. I have packed with the 80lb Frame backpack, you name it I might have camped it. We just love being out in nature being outside makes us feel free.

Always on the go and full of wild ideas, but to me they are not wild ideas, I had no idea they were considered wild ideas until they were pointed out to me and even more so lately pointed out to me by my very much a Virgo daughter. How can what is normal for me and normal for a Sagittarius be considered “wild idea”. Turns out this is something for which we are known.

Fiercely adventurous Sagittarius love the freedom of traveling, when I travel, give my attention to others to share my happiness and receive happiness from the exchange of conversations. My travels have taken me from heading to France to having coffee with a Basque terrorist (no I did not know he was a terrorist) In Bilbao, Spain. He was a very pleasant person to have coffee with until he started talking about blowing things up. So, I had to leave. Learning about the world is a great part of traveling and what better way then to learn from the people. Even if it is that there are dangerous people out there.

Kindness can be a weakness for the Sagittarius we tend to give too much of ourselves in being kind or nice. My daughter will complain that I am “too nice” because I do not yell and scream: I am logical and talk “it would be easier” she says if I was illogical and just yelled. I do yell illogically when my family has been threatened my temper will flare, but most of the time I do not need the heated yelling.

I help others, strangers, people I know by giving what I can weekly either with time, money or items. I do not see the harm in giving our excess to those in need, it annoys my family, they feel as though I can easily be taken advantage. Sagittarius are smart though. I get as much as I receive so how is it harmful—but I guess it is part of the kindness of the Sagittarius and being loyal to friends and those in need.

Experiencing it all and living in the moment, lust for life does have the drawbacks for this Sagittarius as Sagittarius take on too much and cause mental exhaustion or fatigue and are easily stressed. For me though stress can happen by nothing related to anything—I will cause my own stress and stress myself out. My stress may be caused by my own stubbornness, own independence, own need to learn more or do more. My own need to fuel my passion for life and take on an infinite number of new projects.

This brings me to how did I become a writer well any day with a Sagittarius is an adventure and I love sharing my adventures and what is better than sharing memories than making memories. Well, I always loved to read, write stories and journal about my day. I read about a contest that piqued my interest a topic I am very passionate about—Sagittarius are very passionate, and I figured it was time I started on my passion of writing. Did you know I am passionate about writing? Well, I am, now. Well, I was passionate about writing and illustrating children’s books. But I am a Sagittarius and now that I experienced that it was time to move on and start on a new project and new memories. I am not flighty; When a Sagittarius decides to do something, it is with utmost sincerity and dedication. We experience and find passion in everything that we do even if it is just for a short period of time. Life is amazing and wonderful; people are amazing and wonderful and each one has something to offer (even if it is to stay away from them). Live life, enjoy life, experience what you can and be happy. If you are unsure how to do so, find a Sagittarius.

The stars have described me as a Sagittarius and not having read much into the Sagittarius traits before it is not a self-fulfilling prophecy. It was not nurture being raised by a Virgo mother—my personality traits that set me apart from the other 11 signs of the zodiac were certainly written in the stars. Being a Sagittarius is where my desire to love life and try everything life has to offer has come from my family wondered as I am the only one to ever have the desire and will to travel and explore. My attitude towards life and people is we can learn from everyone and learn from our mistakes are Sagittarius traits. My personality is even set in the stars we are kind, active, independent and not afraid of blazing our own trail or going it alone with a sense of self, this all has something to say about my personality according to the stars. I am a Sagittarius, and I am creating new memories as was written in the stars.


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