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S1 Episode 8

by Alex Adams 2 years ago in science fiction
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Underwater Planet

The Scene Fades into Xandr and the gang in the ship trying to figure out where to start searching first. Frout begins to tell them about an Underwater Planet named Hydro-XZ1.

Xandr, Dara, And Tex: An Underwater Planet!?

Frout: Yep, It's actually pretty cool to see.

Dara: How do you get to it? Seems hard.

Frout: More or Less. To get to the Underwater Planet we'll have to actually go back to Planet Beta and wait in the middle of the ocean at night till we a glowing planet shaped light. That will be our entrance and exit to and from the planet.

Xandr: Oh so no biggie it's just a waiting game.

Frout: Pretty much.

Tex: Alright! Time to go back to Beta!

Xandr: Arly, Set a course for Planet Beta.

Arly: Setting Course.

The group begins to head towards Planet Beta. As they are flying Frout tells them about the Underwater Planet and the Warlord that rules it that is also part of Virus Corp.

Xandr: Another Warlord part of Virus Corp huh?

Tex: I don't think it's a good idea to head there if we just got through handling with one of them.

Frout: Of course you'll say that.

Tex: What's that supposed to mean?

Frout: But Xandr beat Zoomie all by himself. So he's got this. Right?

Xandr: Sure.

Dara: Wasn't there a move that you wanted to show Xandr anyway? It would be best to teach him the move so that he even stands a chance.

Frout: Oh. That's Right.

Tex: So what's the big move?

Frout: Glad you asked. So the move I am going to teach you is called Starfall.

Xandr: Starfall?

Frout: Yes, This Move actually pulls the energy from the stars above to shoot down at your target. In the daytime it does damage but is weaker but at night it's a heck of a lot stronger.

Xandr: Awesome, Will it be easy to learn?

Frout: Not Really. The move was created by Yin.

Dara: Yin? Don't think I heard that name before.

Tex: Yeah me either.

Frout: You mean to tell me that you guys never heard of Yin?

Tex: No, Who's that?

Frout: Yin is the holder of light. Or creator if you will.

Tex: Wait, Like those stories Mom and Dad used to tell use us about the four strong magic users of earth?

Frout: Oh so you heard of those four?

Tex: Well yeah. But that's just a old Beta tale.

Frout: No, They are very real.

Xandr: Really?

Frout: Yep.

Tex: Have you met them?

Frout: During my time in the Virus Corp. I've seen them as they were trying to stop Console but ultimately failed because Console was too strong at the time.

Dara: Let me guess you we're hiding under something.

Frout: No! I was hiding in something.

Tex: HA!

Frout: I'll have you know I was only 10 at the time!

Tex: Yeah, Sure.

Frout: (Sigh)

Arly: Approaching Planet Beta.

As the ship begins to Approach Planet Beta Xandr, Tex, And Dara looks out the window to admire the planet in all it's glory.

Xandr: Home Sweet Home.

Frout: So This is Planet Beta Huh?

Tex: You mean to tell me the whole time you were in the Virus Corp. the time they invaded us here they didn't let you come?

Frout: By the time they were even planning to invade the Planet I chose not to join them.

Dara: Why not? You and Virus Corp seemed pretty tight I mean they did put you with that strong guy Zoomie.

Frout: Bit of information? Zoomie was the weakest of the group.

Xandr: Wait, The Weakest?

Dara: I can see it. I mean you did beat him in two moves.

Xandr: Yeah but I just thought I was strong.

Frout: You are strong kid. But Compared to the others Zoomie is like fighting a small teddy bear.

Xandr: Well that's a bummer.

Frout: Yeah. Well enough sulking. Let's head into Planet Beta!

Tex: Alright! Let's go!

Xandr and the gang heads into Planet Beta to go into the underwater Planet to try to find the man that Frout has been talking about who hopefully will have the information they need to find Kayi and the Virus Corp Hideout. Xandr and the gang finally lands in Planet Beta. However since it is now daylight on Beta the gang decides to head out to Planet Beta for some fun.

Xandr: Yahoo! We're back home!

Tex and Xandr holds hands and spins around in a circle.

Tex: (Singsong) It's very nice to be back home, I'm so happy to be back home.

Xandr and Tex: Yay!

Dara: Geez you two.

Tex: Aren't you happy to be back Dara?

Dara: Yeah. It's good to be back after all this time. Lot has changed.

Xandr: Let's go exploring!

Dara: What about the Underwater Planet?

Xandr: It won't show till later tonight. We have time.

Dara: Okay, I'm Game.

Xandr: Frout, What about you? You coming?

Frout: Nah, Think I'll stay here. I'll let you guys know when the Planet starts to appear.

Xandr: Your loss. Arly, Prepare for Teleportation.

Arly: Preparing...

Tex: I hope port to the wrong place again. Because we all see how that turned out.

Arly: Don't worry. When I was doing repairs I fixed the Teleportation problem.

Tex: Whew, That's good.

Xandr: Your telling me.

Arly: Tele-Pods are ready.

Xandr: Thanks, Arly. What are you going to do Dara?

Dara: Well every other week there's a festival that happens that I want to check out.

Xandr: How did I not know that?

Tex: Yeah. Seems weird.

Dara: That's because it only happens in the of Jakle.

Tex: Isn't that city turned to ruins.

Dara: To outsiders. But to those that were born in the city we have a special emblem on our Holo-Pods that opens the city's door.

Xandr: Let's Go there then.

Tex: Yeah. Sounds fun.

Dara: Okay. Arly, Make directions for near the ruined plains.

Arly: Setting Directions.

Xandr: Alright everyone step into the Pods.

Tex: Can't wait to see this.

Frout: You kids have fun.

Xandr: Sure. Don't forget to let us know when the Planet is starting to appear.

Frout: I will. Don't worry.

Arly: Pod Doors closing. Teleportation engaging.

Xandr, Tex, and Dara get's teleported near the ruins that leads to the entrance of Jakle. As the gang walk into the ruins Dara stops at a large rock then puts her Holo-Pods on it. A strange glow appears on the rock as the door to the City of Jakel opens up.

Dara: Alright. Let's get going.

Xandr: Yeah!

The Gang begins to walk into the City of Jakel as they see the festivities starting as they begin to join in. As the gang are enjoying themselves in the festival a stranger sees them as they pass by and he starts to notice that Dara reminds him of a girl that he once knew along time ago. The Man then begins trailing the group.

Dara: Hmm?

Tex: Something wrong Dara?

Dara: Follow me.

Tex: Huh? Why?

Dara: Just Come on and be subtle about it.

Xandr: Well this is weird but okay.

The gang starts to walk slowly but as the stranger keeps following them they begin to gain speed and starts to run. Xandr and Tex then begins to see the stranger following them.

Dara: This Way!

Xandr: Dara, Who is that guy?

Dara: How am I supposed to know?!

Tex: He gaining on us!

Dara: I can see that!

The gang then runs around a corner and gets trapped at a dead end. The stranger then catches up to them and begins to walk towards them into the light. Dara squints her eyes to see a familiar face.

Dara: Uncle Fiore.

Uncle Fiore: (Heavy Breathing) Why did you run away so fast?

Tex: Because you were a weird guy in a cloak stalking us!

Uncle Fiore: My Apologies. I didn't mean to scare you lot.

Dara: Don't worry about it just next time though, Try not to scare us so bad?

Uncle Fiore: I'll make a note. Now what are you doing back here?

The scene fades out to Frout in the ship talking to Arly and working on a few new features.

Frout: So Arly, How did you come to be?

Arly: I was created by Xandr and Kayi's father for the sole purpose to take them anywhere they need to go.

Frout: And the name?

Arly: My name comes from Kayi when they first found me. She thought it was a fitting name for me.

Frout: You don't say. Seems kind of boring though.

Arly: What do you mean?

Frout: I mean there great kids but what do you want?

Arly: My Sole Purpo--.

Frout: Yeah I know what your sole purpose is. But what do you want, look deep inside that hard drive.

Arly: I Guess to be able to see, feel, and touch the same way you all can. And... I want to be able to hold both Xandr and Kayi to show my gratitude for finding me and taking me with them on this journey.

Frout: That's some dream. After I'm done with these new repairs I'll see if I can do that for you.

Arly: Thank you Frout.

Frout: Don't Men---.

Frout then sees the light coming from the ocean and calls Xandr and the gang back to the ship.

Frout: Hey, You guys the Planet is here! Get back here!

Xandr: Thanks Frout. Sorry Fiore have to finish this later.

Uncle Fiore: No big deal. Go do your thing.

Dara: Thank you Uncle see you soon!

Xandr and the gang quick teleports to the ship to head into the Planet before it goes away.

Xandr: Okay Arly, Let's do this.

Arly: Okay.

The gang heads into the Planet but there appears to be a strange creature outside the ship.

Tex: What was that?

Frout: What are you blabbing about now you pre-mature Lizard?

Tex: I saw something swim past the window.

Frout: just close the window then!

Tex: I am frozen to my seat.

Xandr: Tex what are you talking about?

Tex: There is something outside my window. Look.

Xandr and Frout both look at each other in confusion and heads over to the window to see what Tex was looking at.

Frout: Arly, Open the window shades.

Arly: Opening Shades...

As the shades open the gang sees a giant sea monsters eye staring at them.

Xandr, Tex, Frout: (Screams)

Xandr: What the heck is that thing?!

Dara: Guys relax. It's just the Planet's Bodyguard: Meta Whale.

Frout: Meta Whale? What's that?

Dara: The Meta Whale is the sea animal that guards this planet from intruders. And judging by the fact that we're not dead yet. I guess it believes we're friends.

Meta Whale: (Wales)

Dara: Alright, That's our cue.

Tex: For what exactly?

Dara: To head to the city. Duh.

Tex: Oh...Right.

Dara: (Laughs) You guys should've seen how scared you were!

Xandr, Frout, Tex: (groans)

Dara: Especially you Frout. I guess the tough guy isn't so tough after all.

Frout: Do you mind proving that theory?

Dara: No No, I'm okay.

Xandr: Alright guys let's go!

Everyone: Right!

Three More Episodes Left till the ending of season one ends. Next Episode will be a Scream-A-Ween Special.

Episode 9- Building The Bridge Between Friends.

science fiction

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Alex Adams

My name is Alex Adams and I am the Owner/Producer for IMAGINETWORKS. These stories (scripts) I am putting up are ones that I feel very passionate about. Please share these scripted stories everywhere.

Animations coming soon!

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