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S1 Episode 6

by Alex Adams 2 years ago in science fiction
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A Fight Not Fought

Five Episodes left of season 1!

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The Scene fades in to Xandr carrying Dara to the Temple using his Energize ability on his legs to run faster through the forest. As they are running through the forest we pan out to see cameras watching them.

Frout: Sir, It appears that the boy Xandr is on his way.

Zoomie: Perfect. I guess he really does care about these to Cretans.

Frout: However, It seems as though he's carrying someone with him sir.

Zoomie: Oh?

Zoomie walks over to the Holographic screen to see the person Xandr is bringing with him and he realizes that it's someone he knows.

Zoomie: Well if it isn't Dara. I was wondering when she'll have the guts to come back to take me down?

Frout: Do you know her sir?

Zoomie: Oh yes all to well.

We flashback to a young Zoomie in a dark cave kneeling down in front Consoles Right Hand Riya. Zoomie gets told in order to become a full fledged member or the Virus Corp he has to take over one city of his choice.

Riya: Here is the your worthless excuse of a Planet. Choose one city in this planet to rule over and you will be allowed to join us in the Virus Corp.

Zoomie: The city I choose is Vole.

Riya: Wow, No hesitation on that one. Now tell me why is that?

Zoomie: That city was the one that turned it's back on me when I was given these abilities I want to make them pay for their betrayal.

Riya: My, Maybe you are one of us. (Claps) Okay it looks like the city of Vole it is.

Zoomie: Thank you. I will make you proud.

Riya: It's not me who you should make proud it's Console.

Zoomie: Yes Ma'am.

Zoomie uses his ability to make a tunnel from the dark cave to the City of Vole. When Zoomie reaches the city of Vole he begins to make a Stone pillar high enough for all of the town to see him. Everyone in the city begins to scream and panic as Zoomie takes out Vole's Military and Police force. Minutes later the city was taken over by Zoomie with only minimal damage made.

Riya: Well, It seems like you had the guts to do it. Congrats. I would like to humbly say that you are know a member of the Virus Corp. Now hold out your hand.

Zoomie holds out his hand and Riya puts an insignia on his hand to indicate that he is now a official member of Virus Corp. Riya then leaves on a teleportation pod back to the Virus Corp hideout. After Riya leaves we see a silhouette on the roof jumps off into the light trying to attack Zoomie. Zoomie hears the attack coming and doges it by grabs the silhouette by the leg and throws it to a apple cart. When the smoke clears we see that it is a young Dara.

Zoomie: Well, Well, Now tell me who are you?

Dara: That doesn't matter just know that I will take you down!

Zoomie: Oh. A brave one? No worries I'll just find out who you are by this.

Zoomie holds up his hand with the Insignia on it and places it on Dara's head. Zoomie's insignia starts to glow and he begins to find out her whole backstory. Zoomie then removes his hand and begins to laugh.

Zoomie: (Maniacal laughter) So your name is Dara? And it seems that your parents were part of the military that was coming after me?! That is Hilarious!! (Continues laughter)

Dara: Laugh all you want just know that I will find you and I will defeat you.

Zoomie: Well, I'll like to see you try when the day comes.

Zoomie then steps onto a Teleportation pad but before he leaves he mouths something to Dara leaving her with a shocked face.

Zoomie: Also when you feel ready to take me on I'll be in the Vole Forest.

Dara: I'll be there!

We fade back to the present with Zoomie and Frout.

Frout: But sir, It seems as though she brought someone to take you down for her.

Zoomie: (sighs) Well, I guess I never said how she had to take me down. So I can't wait to see what this Xandr has to offer. (Maniacal Laughter)

The Scene then fades to Xandr and Dara in the forest on their way to the Temple of Astral. As they run through the forest Zoomie's henchmen run out to try and take them down before they reach the Temple.

Xandr: Oh Come On. I Don't Have Time For This! Energize! Energy Field!

Xandr blows everyone far away with his energy field attack. Xandr and Dara then reaches the temple's first floor as we see more of Zoomie's henchman storm in to takedown Xandr and Dara.

Xandr: Dara, I'm going to have to put you down okay?

Dara: Yeah sure do your thing.

Xandr puts down Dara and Energizes to level 1 and charges at the henchman.

Xandr: Flurry Punch!

Xandr takes down the henchman by punching super fast. Xandr and Dara then heads to the next floor.

Xandr: Arly, How many more floors are there?

Arly: Scanning... Scanning Complete. There are 12 floors in the Temple.

Xandr: Greeaaat. Well might as well get this over with.

30 minuets pass as we see Xandr and Dara make it to the 8th floor almost out of breath.

Xandr and Dara: (Heavy Breathing)

Xandr: Why are there so many floors!?!

Dara: Don't you have one of those Teleportation Pods?

Xandr: No, Dara I don't! Do you have one!?

Dara: No.

Xandr: Well I guess were both stuck climbing up these stairs Dara! (Sighs) Let's just get to the 12th floor. We have 4 more floors to go.

Xandr and Dara continues going up the Temple. Taking out multiple henchmen on the way finally making their way to the 11th floor. On the 11th floor there is one henchmen standing in their way.

Dara: Wow only one person. They Must've ran out of people to throw at us.

Xandr: What ever let's just get this over with. Sorry about this. Energize!

Xandr rushes to throw a punch a the Henchmen however he blocks the attack grabbing Xandr by the arm and sending him flying into Dara.

Xandr: What!?

Dara: Wow that worked.

Xandr: You try beating him then with your shapeshifting!

Dara: I see your in a mood, So I'll give you time to cool down.

Xandr: (Sighs) Arly any ideas?

Arly: Scanning target...Scanning complete. It seems the target has a weakness under his arms.

Xandr: Weakness under his arms? Wait you want me to tickle him?

Arly: Affirmative.

Dara: Well that's a stupid weakness.

Zoomie's voice then starts coming from Xandr's Communication watch.

Zoomie: Well I'm sorry I couldn't get a better henchmen. All of the big tough henchmen I have somehow have a tickling problem!

Xandr: Now that we found his weakness we'll be coming after you.

Zoomie: Oh, I don't think it'll be that easy. You see he does have that weakness as his disadvantage but no one and I mean no one has ever been able to get under his arms.

Dara: Well it looks like we'll be the first then.

Zoomie: I'll like to see you two try.

Dara: Yeah, We will.

Frout: Sir, Do you really need to argue with them.

Zoomie: Come on let me have some fun.

Dara: Trouble in Evil Paradise.

Zoomie: No. Shut Up!

Dara: You shut up!

Zoomie: No. You Sh--

Xandr turns off the Communication watch.

Xandr: I had to stop that. It was turning into something else. You Ready?

Dara: Yeah. I'll just sit back and watch while you do everything.

Xandr: Great game plan. Okay here I go. Energize! Energy Missile!

Xandr launches his Energy missile towards the Henchman guard. The Guard then cancels the Attack and takes Xandr by the arm again launching him back. But instead of getting thrown back into Dara he uses his Energize ability through his hands to slow himself down and from crashing into the wall behind him.

Xandr: Okay so that didn't work.

Dara: Since when can you do that?

Xandr: Just now. I didn't even know I could do it.

Dara: Okay, So what now?

Xandr: I'm thinking. Oh got it! Energy Craft. Ropes!

Xandr then launches one end of the ropes to the guard and the ropes wrap around the guards arms. Xandr then lifts his arms up.

Xandr: Dara go!

Dara: Right.

Dara then rushes towards the guard and as she comes close to his arms he turns his body into stone making giving him the advantage by not being able to feel anything. The Guard then knees Dara then stomps on the ground sending her flying. The Guard then grabs the ropes and pulls Xandr toward him punching him and sending him flying into Dara again.

Xandr: Really! We were so close.

Dara: I guess we'll have to try something different.

The scene cuts to Zoomie and Frout staring at the screen and eating food.

Zoomie: You know this is really fun to watch. I really thought that this fight would be over in minuets after they found out his weakness. But this is great! (Laughs)

Frout: Indeed sir.

Zoomie: So Tex is it? How do you feel that your precious brother is losing?

Tex: My brother will beat him then he'll come after you and take you down!

Frout: How dare you talk to the sir that way!

Tex: I hope when Xan-Xan comes he'll let me at you!

Zoomie: That's cute but your to weak for me.

Tex: Not you him.

Frout: Well, Why don't you just try your luck.

Tex: I will don't worry.

The Scene fades back to Xandr and Dara are still fighting the Stone Guard. Xandr keeps trying to punch the guard and Dara is sitting back trying to figure out a plan. Xandr then gets thrown back and Dara moves out of the way to avoid getting hit.

Xandr: Woah! (Grunts) Have you figured out anything yet?

Dara: No, Still trying to figure it out. You keep doing your thing.

Xandr: (Sighs) Fine. Please hurry. Arly, How much more time do we got?

Arly: You have 30 Minutes left.

Xandr: Great. Just what I wanted to hear.

Dara: Really?

Xandr: No. But let's just hope I can beat him and get to Zoomie under 30 minutes.

Dara: Oh, Got it!

Xandr: What do you got?

Dara: Look if we both charge him at once but instead of just trying to punch or kick him we—

Dara then whispers the rest of the plan in Xandr's ear.

Xandr: Are you sure that will work?

Dara: Absolutely!

Xandr: Okay, I'll take your word for it.

Dara: Alright, Let's do it.

Xandr: 3

Dara: 2

Xandr and Dara: 1!

Xandr and Dara both rush the Stone Guard at once. Dara turns into a small mouse while Xandr then Jumps over the Guard.

Xandr: Energize! Energy Craft! Ropes!

Xandr uses the ropes to grab the Stone Guard arms once again then uses a mantle behind the stone guard to keep his arms up. Dara then shapeshifts back into her normal form to reach the guards arms. Xandr let's go of the ropes to land the finishing blow destroying the stone armor.

Xandr: Energize! Energy Missile! This. Is. Done! Dara Now!

Dara: Here I Go! Tickle Tickle.

Henchmen Guard: (Laughs)

Xandr: There our opening!

Dara and Xandr rush over the Guard leaving him laughing on the floor as they make it through the door on their way to the Final floor. They Finally reach the top of the Temple after running up 6 more flights of stairs.

Xandr and Dara: (Heavy Breathing)

Xandr: Why is there so many stairs?!

Dara: You said that all ready.

Xandr: I know. (Heavy Breathing) But it still works!

Zoomie: (Slow clapping) So you've finally made it up. Didn't think you've had it in you.

Xandr: (Heavy Breathing) Yeah...We...Hang on...Phew...Alright. Yes. And I'm here for my Sister Kayi and Tex.

Frout: Try all you want but you'll never save your precious Te--.

Dara: Got Him.

Frout: (Growling) You brat!

Tex steps in the way of Frout about to attack Dara and knocks him back with his move.

Tex: Fire Fist!

Frout gets knocked into a wall and gets knocked out cold.

Xandr: Great Job Tex and Dara! But Tex where's Kayi?

Zoomie: (Mechanical Laughter)

Xandr: What did you do Zoomie?

Zoomie: Your sister was such delight to have around here and she showed so much potential that I just had to formally invite her into the Virus Corp.

Kayi then starts to slowly walk from the dark entrance into the light showing a mask on her face.

Zoomie: Oh sorry did I say Formally I meant to say Forced. (Laughs)

Xandr begins to walk towards Kayi to try and snapped her out of it.

Xandr: Kayi? Can you hear me? Please Wake Up!

Kayi Then punches Xandr in the stomach and sends him flying into both Tex and Dara. Soon after Kayi launches an attack beam that incapacitates the target on impact unless she uses her full power then it destroys the target.

Kayi: Force Impact.

Xandr: Kayi! Wait!

Xandr then uses his energy craft to make a shield big enough to block the attack. However the attack broke through.

Xandr: Energize Level 2! Full Body Armor!

Xandr was able to block most of the attack just in time however it took out both Tex and Dara.

Zoomie: My My. Your really persistent are you? Head on back to the Virus Corp hideout I'll finish things here.

Zoomie then throws down a teleportation pod and sends Kayi to the Virus Corp Hideout while Xandr is off his guard.

Xandr: KAYI!

After Kayi leaves Xandr gets up and is now angry at Zoomie.

Xandr: Why you.

Zoomie: What mad at little old me. Well don't worry I promise that will treat her with the best kindness. (Laughs)

Xandr: (Growls) Energize Level 2! Energy Flurry Punches!

Zoomie: (Laughs) Do you really think that will beat me!

Zoomie doges all the punches that Xandr is throwing at him.

Zoomie: Come On. How about making this a challenge!

Xandr: I Couldn't Agree more! Energy Flurry Missile!

Zoomie: Wait! You can turn those into missiles!

Zoomie gets hits by every attack sending him flying through the Temple into the city's jail unconscious. Everyone in the city looks at the direction Zoomie came from and sees Xandr standing in the hole that Zoomie Launched out of. The city of Vole begins to cheer as they now see that Zoomie has now been defeated and that they are now free from his rules. Xandr passes out after battle and wakes up in the city's infirmary bandaged up.

Clinic Worker: Oh good your awake.

Xandr: Where am I?

Clinic Worker: Why in our Infirmary of course.

Xandr: Where's my friends?

Clinic Worker: In the next room sir. I would be careful when you get up your wounds are still healing.

Xandr begins to get up out of the bed and goes down to the next room where his Dara and Tex are. As he enters the room he sees that they are both in Stasis Pods. Xandr is shocked to see them like that.

Clinic Worker: Yes, Your friends were beaten up pretty bad when we found ya. We had to put them in our Stasis Pods to recover there wounds.

Xandr: How long will it be till their fully healed?

Clinic Worker: It should take only five to ten days.

Xandr: (Sighs) Okay, That's Good. Guess I'll take this opportunity to Venture around the city.

Clinic Worker: Here take this before you go.

Xandr: What's this?

Clinic Worker: It's a Medic Watch.

Xandr: Medic Watch?

Clinic Worker: Yes. It monitors your body's health and if it goes below 60% it gives you just a sprits of our healing spray.

Xandr: Woah.

Clinic Worker: Yes, But be careful with it as it only does it once and it doesn't recover someone from death. So when you die it's over and the watch turns off.

Xandr: Okay. Thank You so much.

Clinic Worker: Don't mention it. I took the liberty of putting one on your friends to before putting them in the stasis pods. Got to make sure the ones who defeated Zoomie stay Alive now.

Xandr: Much Appreciated. Alright, I'm off into the city. Let me know when they wake up.

Clinic Worker: Roger that sir.

Xandr then walks out of the Clinic and starts to enjoy the city's activities. The Scene quickly turns to night as Xandr begins to check out the Jail where Zoomie is being held to ask him some questions about Kayi's whereabouts. When Xandr gets to the Jail he sees security all around the building and barricades up blocking the civilians from getting in. Xandr starts to run over to the scene and asks the security guard what happened.

Xandr: Hey! You guys what happened here.

Security 1: Oh! Mr. Xandr.

Xandr: Just Xandr is fine. What's going on?

Security 1: Well you know that Zoomie guy that was ruling over us? When we were doing a inmate check we noticed a strange light coming from his cell. When we rushed over to his cell started seeing him decode and disappear.

Xandr: Decode?

Security 4: Yeah. It was crazy! It was like he was there then he was gone. It was really freaky.

Security 1: Yeah.

Xandr: Hmm maybe that has something to do with this Console guy and the Group he made. Maybe when they lose or get defeated in battle Console erases them from existence.

Security 1: Wow. You figured that out yourself I just thought they were good magicians or something. But that. That was out of the box thinking.

Xandr then looks up to the night sky.

Xandr: I have to hurry up and find Kayi before she gets decoded from existence too. Don't worry Kayi I'll save you. Just hold on.

Episode 7- Unexpected Ally

science fiction

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Alex Adams

My name is Alex Adams and I am the Owner/Producer for IMAGINETWORKS. These stories (scripts) I am putting up are ones that I feel very passionate about. Please share these scripted stories everywhere.

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