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S1 Episode 5

by Alex Adams 2 years ago in science fiction
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We fade into the scene where Xandr is seen training with Dara to control the new level up he got from her a couple days ago. Xandr charges at Dara as she stands still in the middle of the training field ready for Xandr's attack. Xandr starts to throw a couple punches towards Dara. Dara begins to dodge all Xandr's punches.

Dara: Come on Xandr got to be quicker than that!

Xandr: (Screams)

Xandr begins to switch up his attacks. As he begins to throw a punch Dara has her hand up ready to block it Xandr see her block and then starts to attack with his right foot.

Xandr: Energize Level 2! (Screams)

Dara gets thrown off her guard for a second as she gets hit by Xandr's attack but lands on her feet.

Dara: That was pretty good Xandr. When did you learn to do that?

Xandr: (Heavy Breathing) I had the idea cooking for awhile but I didn't think it would actually work.

Dara: Well that was a good move. I didn't even see that coming.

Xandr: Thanks. I feel as though I am now able to take on Zoomie.

Dara: Remember what I said at the beginning of training.

Xandr: To let you be there when I beat him?

Dara: No, Days ago when we were going to start training I told you before you can go and fight Zoomie you have to first...

Xandr: Beat you in training. I know I know.

Dara: Then Just wait on fighting Zoomie. I know how bad you want to get your family back but you still need a bit more training done.

Xandr: (Sigh) Fine. I'll continue with the training.

Dara: Thank you. I promise you'll get your chance at Zoomie. We'll continue with the training at sunset for now just rest up.

Xandr: Okay. You know it's weird how you're about the same age as me and somehow your my trainer.

Dara: Well I do know more about this planet and Zoomie than you. You could learn some things from me.

Xandr: Sure. Maybe.

Dara: What do you mean sure maybe?

Xandr: Just besides knowing about the history of this planet and Zoomie's weak points there's really not any else I could learn from you.

Dara puts on an upset face and shows Xandr.

Dara: So I'm useless?

Xandr sees her upset face and tries to cheer her up.

Xandr: N-No of course not. I'm sure there's so much more things to learn from you.

Dara: Whew. That's a relief.

Xandr: (Under Breath) Drama Queen.

Dara: NBN Weapons and Armory.

NBN: Understood. Changing.

The NBN begins to change into a weapons and armory room. The room shows Armor and Weapons made from the Planet Beta War to Present.

Xandr: Wow are ancestors sure were busy back then when it came to making weapons and armor. Look at all this stuff. I'm sure that Kayi and Tex would love this place. I don't think I'll ever get them to leave. (small laugh)

Xandr begins to have a flashback of back when He, Kayi, and Tex had a conversation back to when they were only 6 years old talking about the type of weapons they would have.

Tex: If I had a weapons back when the shadow dogs were attacking me I would like a sword.

Kayi: A Sword?

Tex: Yeah. So that I'll be able to slice and dice those Dogs and make them too scared to ever mess with me.

Xandr: I don't know Tex. I see you more with a Bow and Arrow than a sword.

Tex: What? Why's that?

Xandr: I don't know I just see you more with a bow and arrow.

Tex: Oh Yeah?! Then what would be your weapon you jerks?

Kayi: My Weapon will be a staff.

Tex and Xandr are both curious at first but then accepted that they can see that.

Tex: Yeah. Seems like you.

Kayi: Really?

Xandr: Well you do like to chase us around a lot with a stick when we play so it's not that far off.

Kayi: Oh okay.

Tex: Well what about you Xandr?

Xandr gets a chair puts one foot on it and looks down for dramatic effect. Xandr then looks back up and says the name of the weapon he would choose.

Xandr: (Laughs) A Bionic Arm!

Tex: But your arm isn't amputated to need one.

Xandr: I know. But it would still be cool enough to have one even if it's a watch or something that turns my arm bionic. I would use my Energize ability to power it up and make it stronger.

Kayi: Wow that actually sounds really cool!

Tex: Yeah. Now I wish I said that.

Kayi: That's the coolest weapon ever. (Echo's ever)

The flashback ends then goes back to the present. As Dara comes from the back with a box to give to Xandr.

Xandr: Hm what's this?

Dara: Open it. Think of it as a small upgrade.

Xandr then takes the box from Dara but before opening it he takes a deep breath. Xandr then opens the box and sees the bionic arm that he wanted long ago.

Xandr: A bionic arm? How did you know this was my dream weapon?

Dara: Well while you were having your moment you were kind of talking out loud. It was really weird. Xandr then begins to blush as he is now embarrassed.

Xandr: S-Sorry.

Dara: No worries. At least now you got your weapon.

Xandr: Yeah. I can't thank you enough.

Dara: Well put it on.

Xandr: How? There doesn't look like anyway I can put my arm through.

Dara: Push that button on the side.

Xandr then pushes the button as it turns into a normal watch.

Xandr: No way! To the very last detail!

Dara: Well I had a lot of time to make this while you were having your flashback.

Xandr: Thank You Dara.

Xandr then begins to hug Dara. Dara has a surprised look on her face then begins to blush. After 5 seconds go by Xandr realized what he was doing he blushes and breaks off the hug.

Xandr: S-So yeah t-thank you.

Dara: N-No problem.

Xandr: Sooo...Back to training?

Dara: Yep. NBN Training Field!

NBN: Understood. Changing.

The NBN then changes back to the training field. Dara and Xandr step back onto the field to continue their training. Xandr puts on the watch and pushes the button on the side again to bring out the bionic arm.

Dara: It's not to tight is it?

Xandr: Nope fits like a glove.

Dara: Good. Now whenever your ready go ahead and—

Xandr: Energize Full Body Level 2!

Xandr then charges at Dara at full speed but Dara blocks the attack.

Dara: (Thinking) How is it that he much faster now? Wait, When he Energized his whole body to level 2. I've only seen him use his level 2 on his arms and legs separately. But when he uses his full body he's able to gather more energy to help with Attack, Speed, and Defense. Very Good.

Xandr: (Screams)

Xandr then starts to throw rapid punches towards Dara. Dara tries to block all of them but with the new upgrade Xandr has now became much more faster with his attacks. Xandr then uses his bionic arm to land the finishing blow on Dara. Dara gets thrown off guard as Xandr throws a punch with his left to fake her out then uses his right bionic arm to land the finishing blow. Xandr lands the attack on Dara as she tries to block it with her arm but is then knocked down by the force of the blow.

Dara: (Heavy Breathing) Woah. That was awesome Xandr!

Xandr: (Heavy Breathing) Thank you. That took a lot out of me but I'm okay.

Dara: Now your ready to face Zoomie.

Xandr: Alright!

Dara: Tomorrow.

Xandr: Tomorrow? Why Tomorrow?

Dara: Do you really want to fight Zoomie in your exhausted state? You'll be putting yourself and your families at risk.

Xandr: Yeah I guess that's true.

Dara: Get some rest then I'll show you the way to Zoomie's Temple.

Xandr: Great. That's Music to my ears.

Xandr's communicator begins to ring.

Dara: Uh Xandr your communicator's buzzing.

Xandr: Huh? Hello?

Arly: Xandr?

Xandr: Arly I haven't heard from you in awhile.

Arly: I'm contacting you to let you know that the ship is now at 100%.

Xandr: That's great news! Thank You Arly!

Arly: You are welcome. However I have still been able to get in contact with Kayi and Tex.

Xandr: No Worries I'll be heading over to their location Tomorrow.

Arly: Tomorrow Sir.

Xandr: Yeah. I'll be bringing a friend with me to help get them back.

Arly: I'm am calculating that from your location they are about 40 min. away.

Xandr: Thank you Arly.

Xandr turns off the communication.

Dara: Xandr if your ready to go take on Zoomie now I wouldn't put it past you.

Xandr: No you were right before. I need my rest to beat Zoomie at my full strength.

Dara: ...

Xandr: I promise Zoomie will go down.

Xandr and Dara heads towards the energy field that leads back to the city of Vole to catch up on rest and get some food.

Dara: Before we head to a place to get some rest let's stop by the best restaurant on the planet.

Xandr: I don't know.

Xandr's Stomach begins to grumble.

Xandr: Hehe

Dara: Well it seems as though your hungry so let's go.

Xandr: (Sigh) Fine.

Xandr and Dara walks into a restaurant named Best.

Xandr: Wow no wonder it's the best restaurant. It's literally named best Restaurant.

Dara: Well duh. You think it's the best because of it's food or customer service.

Xandr: Well Yeah.

Dara: (Laughs) Just come on.

Dara grabs Xandr's arm and heads into the restaurant. They sit down at a table while they look at the menu to figure out what to order.

Xandr: So what's good here?

Dara: I have no idea. I just get the same thing every time.

Xandr: And what's that?

Server: What can I get you two?

Dara: I'll take a Chicken Wings with every sauce.

Server: Certainly. And for you sir?

Xandr: Uhh. I guess the same.

Dara: Are you sure Xandr?

Xandr: Sure why not.

Server: Excellent sir. I will be right back with your meals.

Xandr: So what are the sauces that comes with the Chicken Wings?

Dara: Barbecue, Hot Sauce, Mule Punch, Cotton Candy, Mayo, And Lava Flavor.

Xandr: Lava Flavor?!

Dara: Yeah. But Lava flavor is for those that can handle the heat.

Xandr: You don't think I can handle heat?

Dara: No, not really.

Xandr: Well you know what—

Xandr then gets an incoming call from his C-Pad (Communication Pad).

Xandr: Hello.

Zoomie: Well, Well, Well if it isn't Xandr?

Xandr: Zoomie.

Zoomie: I'm surprised you know who I am.

Xandr: Well I've heard rumors and seen Scans.

Zoomie: Humph. Well I suppose you know why I'm calling don't you?

Xandr: I might have a feeling.

Zoomie then turns the C-Pad to face Kayi and Tex and a cage.

Kayi: Help Us Xandr!

Tex: Xan-Xan Please Help Us! The Food Here Is Terrible!

Frout then bangs on the cage.

Frout: Quiet!

Xandr: Zoomie!

Zoomie: If you ever want to see them again come by the temple by nightfall. You have until 20:00. If you don't show up by then these two will be destroyed. Got It.

Xandr: Loud and Clear.

Zoomie: Perfect. See you then. Tata for now.

The Communication ends

Dara: Xandr?

Xandr: Dara I can't believe I'm saying this but the food can wait. It's time to get my family back. Zoomie I will beat you and get them back.

Dara: Well we have until 20:00 it's right now 17:46pm so luckily we have time to prepare.

Xandr: I promise Kayi, Tex I will take down Zoomie and get you two back.

Frout: Sir why did you give him till 20:00pm won't that give him time to prepare or think of a plan.

Zoomie: Yes, However it doesn't matter what plan he comes up with I have an ace in the hole.

Frout: What is it sir?

Zoomie: That girl in the cage Kayi.

Zoomie holds up a mask.

Zoomie: Master Console gave me this mask to use on someone that shows potential. And she show a lot of it. (Mechanical Laughter)

Episode 6-A Fight Not Fought

science fiction

About the author

Alex Adams

My name is Alex Adams and I am the Owner/Producer for IMAGINETWORKS. These stories (scripts) I am putting up are ones that I feel very passionate about. Please share these scripted stories everywhere.

Animations coming soon!

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