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S1 Episode 4

by Alex Adams 2 years ago in science fiction
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Level Up

We fade into the scene where Xandr has a surprised look on his face as Dara says to "Let me be there when you beat him." Xandr could not believe what Dara just asked of him does she have some kind of relationship with Zoomie? Who exactly is this girl?

Xandr: Let you be there when I beat him?

Dara: Yes, Please.

Xandr: May I ask why?

Dara: No, It's just too scary to even say.

Xandr: Okay, Fine. So it's just a right then walk straight?

As Xandr was about to walk out Dara stops him.

Dara: Okay, Wait. You really do know how to wear a girl down.

Xandr: All I did was try to walk out the door.

Dara: Yes, And it was just enough to wear me down.  And mostly because I'm pretty lonely here and want to go somewhere.

Xandr: You can literally walk out of the house and go into the city. I mean look...

Xandr pulls back the curtain in Dara's house and we see a festival outside.

Xandr: There is literally a festival outside your house. So tell me why you never left this place till now?

Dara: Because...I'm scared of people.

Xandr: Huh? Wha-- Yo-- (Sigh). It's okay It's fine. How about this then I'll help you get over your fear of people because now somehow that's a thing. Only if you can help me with the right information I need to takedown this Zoomie guy that has my brother and sister. Deal?

Dara: Deal.

Dara: Now I guess this makes us partners right?

Xandr: R-Right.

Dara: You hesitated there. Why did you hesitate?

Xandr: Well I just don't see being partners for that long.

Dara: Well fine I guess you just won't get the huge information I have for you.

Xandr: (Groans) Fine! We're partners. Happy?

Dara: Indeed.

Xandr: Now please tell me everything you know about the Temple and Zoomie.

Dara: Do I get a, please?

Xandr: (Sighs) Please.

Dara: That's better. Well, to tell about the Temple I have to first tell you about Zoomie.

As Dara starts to talk Xandr starts thinking in his head ignoring a lot of information.

Xandr: (Thinking) Lucky Arly told me some info on him already. Hopefully, she's able to tell me something more useful than I can use it to take him down for taking my family from me.

Dara: And that's just what we have to do.

Xandr: Huh?

Dara: Did you hear anything I just told you Xani?

Xandr: Sorry I..Wait did you just call me Xani?

Dara: Yeah. Well, you are older than me after all.

Xandr: Uh, How old are you?

Dara: You know it's rude to ask that of a woman. But if you must know I'm 14.

Xandr: What!? You look at least 20!

Dara: Well that's because I take good care of myself.

Xandr: I-I don't think that's why you look like that.

Dara: (Laughs) Your right this is..another transformation form!

Dara than poofs back to her normal self.

Dara: There is this better?

Xandr: Is that your normal form?

Dara: Yes.

Xandr: Hmm.

Dara: What?

Xandr: Okay fine by me.

Dara: Phew.

Xandr: Okay now please tell me what I need to know.

Dara: Well since you weren't listening before I think it's best if I show you.

Xandr: Okay, Will this take long?

Dara: It depends on how slow you are at learning. Alright, Here we go!

Dara then transforms into an older woman about 24 years old grabs Xandr by the arm and then starts running into the city.

Xandr: Wait! I thought you were scared of people!?

Dara: The real me is but this version of me isn't!

Xandr: That doesn't even make any sense!

The scene fades back to the Temple where both Tex and Kayi are now in the same cell and Tex has a guitar in hand singing a song.

Tex: Ohh please oh please let us ooouuut! We just want to Rome around! Maybe to the city or space, I don't care as long as I am out of this place. So just please oh please let us ooouu--

Frout bangs on the cell door.

Frout: Hey be quiet in there! All-day it's been this little lizard singing.

Tex: Hey I'm actually part lizard thank you!

Kayi: I don't think that's right Tex.

Tex: Really?

Kayi: I think your full Lizard.

Tex: I could've sworn I was part Liz. and part Rep.?

Kayi: Nope your full Liz.

Tex: Awe that sucks I was really banking on that.

Kayi: Well I guess if want you can just say that I mean what's the likely chance that someone will check it out.

Frout: Quiet! Geez, you two are so annoying! I sure hope your brother shows up soon because I don't think I can take another minute with you pests.

Zoomie then enters the room.

Zoomie: Frout please they won't be trouble to us anymore.

Frout: Are you going to destroy them sir!?

Zoomie: No.

Frout: Aw What!?

Zoomie: However, We will give their precious brother 4 days to try and rescue them if he's not here by Then destroy them.

Frout: Yes, Sir. Will do! (Laughs)

Kayi: Oh I really hope that Xandr hurries.

Frout: You might as well give up that brother of yours isn't coming.

Tex: That's where your wrong Xandr always comes through for us when we need him!

Kayi: Yeah. So watch out because he will be on his way soon to take you guys down.

Frout: We'll just see about that. (laughs manically)

The scene then changes again back to Xandr and Dara as they are walking through the city for training.

Dara: (Chewing) So...in order for you to get strong enough to take on Zoomie we need you to get used to his stone abilities.

Xandr: Okay Great. But do we have to be at this restaurant? It's kind of made for children isn't?

Dara: N-Nooo.

Xandr: Are we going to ever start training?

Dara: Well yeah. I just need to finish my Halo Nuggets.

Xandr: Let's Go Now!

Dara: We will as soon as I finish my Halo Nuggets.

Xandr: (Grunts) Fine.

Ten Minuets pass and Dara is now on her first 4 box of Halo Nuggets.

Dara: Mmm. Wow these are good. Are you sure you don't want anything?

Xandr: Dara!

Dara: Okay, Okay Fine we can go, Party pooper.

Dara then throws down a telepad and as they both step on the pad they both are sent to a strange place that Xandr has never seen nor heard of. The two are standing on top of a platform that is floating on top of a blue stream of light. We also see Multiple streams of light coming from different places in the galaxy.

Xandr: Dara. What is this place?

Dara: Welcome Xandr to the NBetween or NBN for short.

Xandr: Woah. How did we get here?

Dara: Great question. Allow me to explain. The NBetween or NBN is a place where are ancestors used to hide and go over battle plans back during the great Planet Beta war. To get to the NBetween you have to travel to any location then time your jump carefully to jump out of the teleportation and into the NBetween. However ever since the end of the Planet Beta war our ancestors saw fit to it that no one ever knew about this place because if anyone ever knew about this place or if someone evil ever knew about this place it could mean the end of Planet Beta as we know it.

Xandr: How do you know about the Planet Beta war if you grew up here?

Dara: I was once a resident on Planet Beta however after the war my ancestors saw fit to never let anyone in my family go through what they did. So they moved here. I found this place when I was 6 years old and it became my hideout. And now for you as well.

Xandr: Wow I didn't know that there was so much history behind this place.

Dara: You haven't seen anything yet. NBN TRAINING AREA!

NBN: Changing.

The NBN then starts to change into a training area for Dara and Xandr complete with weapons and armor room along with a breakroom.

Xandr: Whoa this place just keeps amazing me!

Dara: NBN save room!

NBN: Saving room.

Dara: Thanks. Alright let's go.

Xandr: Go where?

Dara: Back to the city I want to show you something.

Xandr: Okay.

Dara then looks around for the right teleportation beam then tells Xandr to jump in.

Dara: Ah here we go. You ready?

Xandr: Wait you want me to jump into this beam?

Dara: That's kind of the idea yes.

Xandr: But it's red and anything that's red can't be good.

Dara: I done this multiple times so I think will be okay.

Xandr: I think?

Dara: (Grunts) Just come on.

Dara grabs Xandr's arm and jumps with him in the Beam taking them to a temple that looks abandoned with vines, cobwebs, and fallen rocks everywhere.

Xandr: (sarcastically) Wow an abandoned temple you were right this was really worth seeing.

Dara: This is just a disguise jerk.

Dara then claps her hands and the temple changes into what seems to be a headquarters.

Xandr: Let me guess this was the headquarters are ancestors used back during the war?

Dara: You would be right. Not one person knows about this place except for me and them.

Xandr: So why are we here?

Dara: I need to tell you about the creator of the galaxy.

Xandr: Creator of the Galaxy?

Dara: His name is Console.

Xandr: Console? Like the computer?

Dara: Yeah I know just bear with me here. Console was created by a professor long ago named Professor Trite. The professor created Console to help out with the every planet in the galaxy run smoothly and keep everything In order. However, Console had different intentions. He realized that he had just been given control of the whole galaxy and could make or destroy any planet he chooses. So in that realization he turned on his professor and began to rule and torment over the whole Andromeda Galaxy. Do you know about the Virus Corp?

Xandr: Yeah. I know them very well. Their the one's that took my parents away from us.

Dara: Well you have Console to blame for that. He is the one that created the Virus Corp.

Xandr: What?

Dara: After Console turned on his professor and started to rule over the Andromeda Galaxy he created a group called the Virus Corp. Console recruited the worst of the worst to join his group but as the years went by the Virus Crop started to deuterate so Console decided if he can't have people join by choice he'll have to get people to join by force. Which is probably what happened to your parents. Console probably sent the last remaining Virus Corp members out to get new members and your parents were ripe for the picking.

Xandr then begins to clench his fists tight.

Xandr: Where is Console located?

Dara: In the Andromeda Galaxy Spiral Blackhole.

Xandr: Wait isn't the Spiral Blackhole a one way ticket to death?

Dara: Not if you know how to enter it.

Dara then turns on a holographic map and shows Xandr the way the enter the Spiral Blackhole without dying.

Dara: So as you know if you try to enter the Spiral Blackhole head on it would mean instant death for anyone. But there's another safer way to do it.

Xandr: Okay.

Dara: If you fly towards the Spiral Blackhole as if you were going at it head on but at the moment your ships alarm goes off at that second you need to turn the ship down then back up under the Blackhole to get to where Console is. But have to be careful because if you do it just slightly off you will die.

Xandr: Got It. After I find my parents I'm going after Console to bring about peace for the Galaxy again.

Dara: Well then let's get started.

Xandr: For what?

Dara: Your Training. But First here.

Dara puts her hand on Xandr's chest and gives him an upgrade.

Xandr: Whoa! Alright Let's Get Started!

                  Episode 5- CyberPunk

science fiction

About the author

Alex Adams

My name is Alex Adams and I am the Owner/Producer for IMAGINETWORKS. These stories (scripts) I am putting up are ones that I feel very passionate about. Please share these scripted stories everywhere.

Animations coming soon!

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