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S1 Episode 2

by Alex Adams 2 years ago in science fiction
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The Scene fades in with Xandr, Kayi, and Tex in a spaceship looking at a map figuring out where to go for their first adventure.

Xandr: (Mumbles to himself) Hmm...Well if we go to Planet Nolla then we should be able to find out some information about our parent's whereabouts.

Kayi: (Groaning) Xandr I'm bored.

Xandr: We'll be heading somewhere soon.

Tex: But you've been looking at that map for hours. We've literally just been floating here in space for uh.

Kayi: (Groaning) 4 hours.

Tex: 4 Hours Xan!

Xandr: I know but it's hard trying to figure out where to go first. The Asteria Galaxy is very vast. we have no idea what could be out there.

Kayi: (Groaning) And we'll never know till you pick somewhere to go.

Tex: (Groaning) We're dying of boredom Xan.

Xandr: Fine here's the map you two pick somewhere to go.

Tex and Kayi: Don't mind if we do!

Tex and Kayi take the map from Xandr and looks it over for 5 seconds looks at each other in agreement and points to the place they want to go.

Tex and Kayi: Here!

Xandr: Planet SZ-464?

Tex: Yup!

Xandr: (Sigh) Okay. But why that planet might I ask?

Kayi: It looks fun!

Tex: And they might have food!

Xandr: Fine. Arly!

A Holographic head shows up on the window of the spaceship.

Kayi: Ah! What is that?!

Tex: And why is she just a head?! Is she dead or something?!

Xandr: Oh yea I forgot that dad didn't tell you.

Xandr: He was going to wait until our birthday to tell us both this but I kinda discovered this ship early. And with the invasion, he never got the chance to.

Xandr: Her name is Arly. She's the ships navigational system. She'll be helping us get to where we need to go. Dad wanted to surprise us but plans changed.

Arly: Hello, My name is Arly I was built solely for the purpose to help you in your journeys.

Kayi: Hi, My name is...

Arly: Kayi daughter of Tobi and Haylee.

Tex: I bet you don't know my name.

Arly: It's Tex am I right.

Tex: Aw man. I was really hoping to stump you.

Arly: Sorry. Before this Xandr already told me about you two.

Kayi: Well your no fun Xandr!

Xandr: (Laughs) Sorry.

Tex: So you're going to be able to take us to Planet SZ-464?

Arly: Yes. I am built to go wherever you need to go.

Kayi: What if there's a planet or galaxy super far away.

Arly: Distances do not matter to me. For Example, A planet or galaxy that is 1 or 2 million light years away will only take me 10 seconds to reach.

Kayi: That's so cool! Let's go to the Fallen Galaxy!?

Tex: Yeah Let's see how many universes we can go to in an hour?

Kayi: That sounds so cool!

Arly: I am able to go to many distances however it does take a lot of my energy power to do it.

Xandr: And besides you two already asked to go to Planet SZ-464.

Tex and Kayi: Fine.

Xandr: Sorry maybe next time guys.

Xandr: Arly set course for Planet SZ-464.

Arly: Calibrating...Destination set. Please Strap-In.

Seatbelts come on of the seats and straps around everyone in the spaceship. The ship then takes off into lightspeed.

Kayi: Wow! this is so pretty.

Tex: You're telling me. What is this place?

Xandr: Beats me. Hey, Arly what is this place?

Arly: I.L.S or Intermission Lightspeed is a small dimension within the lightspeed warp when going either to and from Planets or Galaxies.

Kayi: Have you ever seen anything like this bro.

Xandr: This is the first I'm seeing it. Or even learning of it.

Tex: I hope we never leave this beautiful place.

Arly: We have arrived.

Tex: Well poop.

The gang then reaches Planet SZ-464 and sees that the planet looks very retro then their own planet.

All: Woah.

Tex: That place looks so fun.

Xandr: It's pretty bright.

Arly: Before heading down to Planet SZ-464 you'll need some clothes to blend in.

Arly then gives the kids neon retro clothes from their chairs to put on.

Tex: Nice. But does mine have to be red can I make it green?

Arly: To switch your color you simply press the button on your shirt and say the color you want it to be.

Tex then pushes the button and says the color he wants it to be.

Tex: Green!

Xandr: Awesome! A nice blue for me.

Kayi: I love love love the pink!

Arly: Each color represents what tier you are. For Tex, because your color is green you are Tier 2. For Xandr you are Tier 6, And finally, Kayi you are Tier 5.

Xandr: Wait if Tex is our p--.

Tex: What was that?

Xandr: O-Our animal friend why does he get a Tier?

Arly: On this Planet, Tiers are not just for humans, there also for any animal that can prove to be strong enough to gain a Tier rank.

Tex: Meaning..?

Arly: If you show a test of strength by attack or defense then basically anything can get a Tier.

Tex: Wait so that means a lamp post or tv can get a Tier?

Arly: Sorry should've been more clear. Any HUMAN or ANIMAL that can show a test of strength or defense can get a Tier Rank.

Kayi: Awe I really wanted to see a mailbox or a broom as a Tier rank.

Arly: (Laughs) Sorry to disappoint.

Xandr: Alright you two ready to go?

Kayi: Whenever you are bro!

Tex: I'm so excited!

The Group then walk towards the 6 Telepods that are in the ships. But before stepping inside the pods Arly tells them one final detail.

Arly: Oh but before you three leave I have to tell you one more thing.

Xandr: Okay, What is it?

Arly: There seems to be a powerful foe down who goes by the name of Zoomie.

Tex: Zoomie? Is that a nickname or something?

Arly: Something like that. His real name was Cen Nebula.

Xandr: Sure that's a name. Why was he renamed to Zoomie?

Arly: Cen Zebula was born with the ability to move super fast. Shortly after he was born his parents were killed in the line of duty he was only 6 years old at the time.

Kayi: That's so sad.

Xandr: What's going on with him now. Why the sudden name change?

Arly: During his time as an orphan he was picked up by the Virus Corp. They then took him back to their Planet where they trained him to be a very powerful ally to them. He is now ranked as a 6th Major of the Virus Corp. And then renamed to Zoomie.

Tex: Man, I knew that those Virus Corp people were bad but to take an orphan off the street and train him to be evil. Man.

Xandr stands in his Telepod with hands crossed, eyes closed and head down.

Xandr: Arly, Do you know where the Virus Corps Planet is at?

Arly: Searching...It seems to be in the Delta K Galaxy.

Kayi: Really? That's literally 1 light year away.

Arly: Before going to Delta K I can Detect 2 other Virus Corp members in this galaxy.

Tex: Hmm...Hey Kayi, Isn't Virus Corp the people who took mom and dad.

Kayi: Yeah.

Xandr: Kayi, Do you think if we find their hideout will find Mom and Dad?

Kayi: I would believe so.

Tex: W-Wait you're not thinking of actually going there are you?

Xandr: Well it would be on the way. Plus we might gain some allies.

Tex: But what if they don't want to be our ally.

Kayi: What if I give them the puppy eyes.

Kayi does the puppy eyes to everyone.

Arly, Xandr: AW!

Tex: That won't work on them!

Kayi: What makes you so sure.

Tex: Maybe because their evil!

Xandr: We don't know if all of them are evil.

Tex: Thier name is literally Virus, What more proof do you need?

Arly: Incoming call--

A Holographic screen pops up on the window with a woman crying for help.

Random Woman: Help! Help us, please.

Xandr: Who are you?

Random Woman: That's not important right now! We just really need someone to help us! Can you send the Military Guard to help us!

Xandr: Okay what should I tell them.

Tex: (whispering) Xan-Xan does know that we don't have access to contact the Guard right?

Kayi: I think so?

Random Woman: Tell them that the Virus Corp has taken over and we need help right away.

Xandr: Okay. I'll relay the message!

Random Woman: Thank You! Y-You are going to relay the message right?

Xandr: Why wouldn't I?

Random Woman: Well you are a kid and sometimes you think that this is a call to adventure.

Xandr: I assure you, ma'am, that I will not act on my own.

Random Woman: Well I don't trust you but Okay. Thank you!

Xandr: No worries. Now tell everyone to hang tight we'll be on our way!

Random Woman: Okay! Wait Wha--?

Xandr then turns off the call.

Tex: So need any more proof?

Xandr: No I guess that seals it. Let's go stop these guys.

Kayi: Aw and I were really hoping to make friends with him.

Tex: Well hey at least you still got me.

Kayi: You don't count your already family.

Tex: Wait so there are levels for friends?

Kayi: Well yeah.

Tex: Xandr do you know about this?!

Xandr: First I'm hearing of it.

Kayi then pulls out a Drawing Holographic board to put her point across.

Kayi: First, There's Stranger level. Don't want to get to close nor do you want to be too far away because it is good to know people.

Tex: Okay?

Kayi: Then, There's Friend level. Congrats you've made a new friend but you don't know them that well yet so don't get too excited. There's still a chance that they can stab you in the back.

Tex: Well that sounds scarier than the stranger option.

Kayi: Also, there are best friends. They're just like friend level but at least they won't stab you in the back.

Tex: Okay well that's reassuring. Phew!

Xandr: Are you two almost done because as you noticed we've still haven't left the ship yet.

Kayi: Almost Big Bro.

Xandr: Okay, Just please hurry it up.

Kayi: Finally, There's Family Level. This level is when you've known someone for almost your whole life and trust them completely.

Tex: Huh? Well, I guess that makes sense.

Kayi: (Singsong) Of course it does!

Xandr: Are you two ready now?

Kayi: (Singsong) Yes!

Xandr: Finally. Hey, Arly, we're ready now.

Arly: (Snoring) Huh? What's going on?

Tex: Can you even sleep?

Arly: Well no but I'd always like to dream.

Tex: Oh. Okay.

Arly: Please, Step into the Telepods.

Xandr, Tex, and Kayi step back into their Telepods to get ready to be teleported.

Arly: Scanning Xandr...Scanning Kayi...Scanning Tex...Teleportation in 3..2..1.

Xandr, Kayi, and Tex's Telepods flash as they get teleported to separate parts of the Planet.

Xandr: Wow tingly. Right Kayi?...Kayi?...Tex? Anyone?

Arly: Yes Xandr?

Xandr: Arly what's going on? Where's Kayi and Tex?

Arly: Hmm it seems as though that the teleportation was successful but the calibration of your locations was corrupted. Dropping you off in the City of Tolan.

Xandr: So where are Kayi and Tex right now?

Arly: Locating...It seems like they are in the Temple of Astral.

Xandr: Is it Dangerous?

Arly: Scanning...I am detecting multiple hostiles.

Xandr turns on his Energize ability to his feet and starts jumping at a fast speed towards the forest next to the City.

Xandr: Are they strong?

Arly: They appear to only be only Novice opponents. However, there is one among them that is slightly Advanced level.

Xandr: Great. So that means I might have some difficulty fighting him right?

Arly: It would appear so.

Xandr: What's his Ability and does he have any weaknesses?

Arly: Searching...It seems that he is able to use Stone Manipulation.

Xandr: Wait What! So he can literally pick up the temple and crush us!

Arly: Fortunately for you, the temple is actually surrounded by power stones in its walls.

Xandr: That's great how long do they last?

Arly: Five seconds.

Xandr's face goes from excited to a straight face while sweating bullets.

Xandr:(Sighs) It's fine. Does he have any weaknesses?

Arly: He has an extreme weakness to tickling.

Xandr: Are you kidding me?! You know what thank you, Arly. I'll call on you later if I need help.

Arly: I will be sending over an item that will help you.

Xandr: Is it a feather?

Alry: Canceling item.

Xandr:(Sigh) Kayi, Tex I hope you guys are safe.

Kayi: Hey Tex, Where are we?

Tex: Beats me. It seems like we're in some temple.

Kayi: Well let's just hope that Big Brother will find us soon.

Episode 3-Tex's Pride

science fiction

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My name is Alex Adams and I am the Owner/Producer for IMAGINETWORKS. These stories (scripts) I am putting up are ones that I feel very passionate about. Please share these scripted stories everywhere.

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