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Roswell and the secret Nazi flying discs

The great UFO mystery: PART ONE

By Steve HarrisonPublished 4 years ago 7 min read
How the Roswell Daily Record reported the 1947 incident

Once you start to explore the evidence regarding the possibility of extraterrestrial influences on the earth’s early civilisations it becomes very hard to dismiss the notion that ancient aliens could have played some part in our planet’s early development… however, it’s not that easy to accept that more than one species may have had a significant role to play in mankind’s history.

Research into the ancient Sumer and Mesoamerican peoples offers appreciable evidence that an extraterrestrial race known as the Anunnaki could have had a profound impact on humanity’s early development... but once you start to peer down the rabbit hole a surprising amount of information starts to surface to suggest they were not alone. And, since earth’s scientists uncovered the secret of nuclear weapons during World War II, that evidence is becoming ever more apparent.

Perhaps the most famous extraterrestrial evidence of the last century was the retrieval of a downed spacecraft in July 1947 from a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico.

Initially reported as a captured flying saucer in the Roswell Daily Record, the United States military went to great lengths to cover up the story by suggesting it was nothing more than an errant surveillance balloon. But compelling evidence and testimony has surfaced in the decades that have followed to suggest there was much more to the incident than the US security agencies have been letting on.

Indeed there is also compelling evidence to suggest that as early as 1933 Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich were deeply involved in the UFO phenomenon when an alien spacecraft reportedly crashed near the town of Maderno, in Lombardy, northern Italy.

The evidence was so compelling Italian dictator Benito Mussolini created what was probably the world’s first UFO research team, the top-secret Cabinet RS/33, to look into the matter.

The programme fell under the control of Mussolini, his son-in-law and foreign minister Galeazzo Ciano and air marshal General Italo Balbo, although physicist Guglielmo Marconi, chosen due to his theories about alien life existing on Mars that could be contacted through powerful radio transmissions, was put in direct charge of the organisation.

Although Marconi is not believed to have played an active part in the cabinet, with astronomer Gino Cecchinin generally representing him at gatherings, its members included many highly-respected Italian academics, members of the Royal Italian Academy of Sciences, and top Italian engineers.

All had a background in studying the UFO phenomenon but were thought to be sceptical of the extraterrestrial hypothesis, being more inclined to believe in the existence of some secret new weaponry, with German rocket engineer Hermann Noordung known to have been experimenting since 1929 with a "solar" flying disc thought to be capable of being sent into space.

However, by 1936 the likelihood that German scientists had been re-engineering extraterrestrial craft became even more compelling given reports of a crashed disc discovered in the Black Forest, near Freiburg.

Writer John von Helsing has described how the recovered saucer was taken to the SS stronghold at Wewelsburg Castle, in Westphalia, where a secret weapons programme managed by the SS in association with two underground societies, known as Thule and Vril Gesellschaft, was in full operation.

Before Hitler rose to power in Germany in 1933 the Thule and Vril societies had already been secretly operating in the country since the end of World War I, with extreme views regarding the superiority of the Aryan race and the power of metaphysics and the occult.

After the Nazis gained power these organisations were simply consumed by SS commander Heinrich Himmler’s Ahnenerbe “research institute”, with one body of thought suggesting members of the Vril Society had already been in contact with extraterrestrials through psychic channeling long before 1936.

The joint UFO project, known as H-Gerat or Haunebu, was financed by Thule, developed by Vril and manufactured by the technical branch of the SS. The Haunebu I, which took to the air for the first time in August 1939, was widely believed to have been the first of several large German flying discs fitted with an electro-magnetic propulsion system to emerge from the project.

Himmler was a big proponent of the occult and the power of ritual magic and metaphysical scientific experimentation, which led to many secret projects taking place at the Wewelsburg Castle fortress, purchased in 1934 and rebuilt over many years to become the focal point of Himmler’s “weird” science.

He formed a mystical “Black Sun Order” on the premises that practised ritual ceremonies as well as metaphysical experimentation and it is where the SS technical branch originated.

The “Hall of the Dead” beneath the castle consisted of a circular chamber with 12 low stone platforms around its walls. In the centre of the room was an altar, where the order is said to have performed ceremonies to invoke the dark, mystical powers of the “Black Sun”.

Whether or not their efforts to discover the “dark side” proved fruitful, there is no doubt German scientific knowledge was way ahead of its time, either as a result of the reinterpretation of ancient texts, reverse engineering of extraterrestrial craft or contact with alien species as a result of metaphysical experiments.

And in the aftermath of the “Black Forest” incident Ahnenerbe research soared with the Himalayas and Antarctica becoming great areas of interest, although other missions to historical religious sites were also being financed by the Nazis, who it is said were being guided by a race of extraterrestrials living in a subterranean complex under the Antarctic.

This extraterrestrial race, the Draconians, are apparently a reptilian species that first came to earth many thousands of years ago from the Orion nebula, which is also said to be home to a species of Vegans, humanoid Lyrans and Greys, who have all been visiting our planet throughout the ages.

The Draconians are believed to have originated from further afield, reaching Orion from a deep space empire in the Thuban star system in the Draco constellation.

The Vril are known to have organised expeditions to Tibet from the mid-1920s, said to be searching for evidence of their ancient Aryan ancestors who may have been the Lyrans, although theories about Nordic extraterrestrials are more commonly associated as originating from the Pleiades.

And, while it all seems very far-fetched, the Ahnenerbe were firm believers in the concept… to the point where it formed the core of the Nazi movement and Third Reich doctrines. Just watch the Indiana Jones movies and it all starts to come together.

In keeping with these beliefs, Hitler set about establishing a Nazi presence in Antarctica which included a 1938 expedition to the continent in search of a “Snakeworld” under the ice.

This seven-level complex of huge caverns and tunnels deep underground was believed to be a Draconian staging point for missions in this part of the galaxy, with the reptilians said to have encouraged the Nazis to form a colony beside it, called Neuschwabenland, where “a joint German-alien scientific and technological development” could be created.

So the Third Reich deployed an aircraft carrier to a region of Antarctica known as Queen Maud Land, also claimed by Denmark, and in blatant disregard for international law dropped thousands of little spiked swastika flags on the region that would embed in the ice to claim it for Germany, renaming it Neuschwabenland.

But the craft did more than just drop flags over the area, the German pilots extensively photographed the region and reported mountain ranges in excess of 12,000 feet and rocky crags projecting above the fields of ice. But most amazingly they allegedly found ice-free ponds, heated geothermally, in which various unknown species of algae grew.

They also discovered the southern tip of the fault line that runs from New Zealand, through Neuschwabenland, and up the Atlantic Ocean, the famous Atlantic "trench", which they concluded could indicate the presence of rocky caverns on the continent, heated geothermally, which would provide the perfect place for a hidden base in the world's most isolated and inaccessible wilderness.

And as World War II consumed the planet, the Nazis established their “impregnable” Antarctic submarine fortress, known as “Station 211”, to control the waters around the continent and relocate many of Himmler’s most secret projects, including anti-gravity flying saucers, as well as other advanced technologies such as the “Die Glocke” wonder weapon which Hitler believed could change the course of the war.

The base became so important to Nazi plans that in 1943 Himmler is said to have picked 10,000 blonde, blue-eyed Ukranian women and 2,500 SS soldiers to populate the base to establish an Aryan colony in Neushwabenland.

When the war in Europe supposedly came to an end in May 1945 Hitler was supposed to have already committed suicide in his Berlin bunker, but the liberating Soviet forces found no trace of his body. Could he have been spirited away to the still uncaptured fortress in Neushwabenland?

One theory says Soviet leader Josef Stalin informed British prime minister Winston Churchill and US president Harry Truman that this was so, with a double killed back in Berlin to hide the fact.

So, did nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki really bring an end to global conflict, or did the hostilities of World War II continue on the southern tip of the planet?

As the war wound down in Europe, Germany’s technological supremacy was such that a fierce race took place between the Allied armies to get their hands on the science behind the Nazi wonder weapons, with US and Soviet forces hunting down German scientists, engineers and technicians, and ransacking the Third Reich’s secret installations dotted around the continent.

Operation Paperclip was a secret US programme that saw about 1,600 German scientists, such as Wernher von Braun and his V-2 rocket team, taken from Germany to work in the US, where between 1945-59 they were integrated into secret government projects. Others found their way to the Soviet Union.

So, what was the true story about the 1947 Roswell incident? Was it an errant surveillance balloon, a crashed UFO of extraterrestrial origin, a re-engineered Nazi flying saucer being secretly developed by the US at the Walker Air Force Base or, perhaps, a German craft deployed from Neushwabenland?

Don’t miss PART TWO of this fascinating chapter in our planet's history, one that many people have gone to great pains to bury!

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