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Revenge part 3

by Dana Bergstrasser about a year ago in fantasy
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By Dana Bergstrasser

”Raven it is so good to see you again”

I am sitting down, legs crossed, mouth watering at this gorgeous man standing in front of me. He used to be all nerdy and have nasty teeth. But now, tall and muscular with very straight teeth that sparkle when the light hits them just right. His hair is jet black, and his arms are so big he probably could throw me across a football field. All I can think of, is how much I want him to pick me up and kiss me.

“Raven? Are you listening?”

I shack my head out of this moment and look back at my mother. “What? Sorry, lost my train of thought”. From the corner of my eyes I see Divario smirk. He probably knows I was staring, he knows we saw eachother at the gates. He knows I am attracted to him.

“Sorry, my daughter just got home from school she is a little tired. Anyways, you can stay as long as possible and we will discuss our terms and see about getting Raven married off to Divario by next spring for sure”. I hear my father say. But before I can say anything everyone starts leaving, chairs scrap on the floor and one by one they exit the door. The last two people left me is my father and I. “Uhm, I know I zoned but what did I just miss. Dad I am not marrying that kid” I didn’t really get much of response for a couple minutes.

“That kid, is named Divario, and that kid happens to be the son of the most powerful Lycanthropy in the east coast. It will be great honor to take his hand in marriage. And will be a great honor to carry his children. You will do what is expected of you, and I will have no trouble from you”. My father says all of this while writing something down in his notebooks. I don’t even get a chance to argue, he flicks his fingers and I know that means get out. But I do stomp my feet like a child and slam the door on the way out. Divario is standing right next to the door once I am out.

“So, we will be married next spring. Getting excited?” At this point I am pissed. “Correction, my father said we will discuss our terms and then let you know” I can tell though he doesn’t believe there will be actual discussions about it either. “Sounds like to me the deal is there already” says Divario, I turn to him and say “the deal will be done when I say it is. And right now I say I am not marrying you” I say all this In his eyes. It is so easy to get lost in his eyes, I have a hard time looking away. For sure he caughts on to that, because he smirks and replied with “you are so attracted to me, you can not deny it Raven” I think it is wrong to hit the man you are engaged to, but I do not care. I turn to slap him but he grabs my hand just in time.

“Raven I can be great for you, I can give you the world. I’ll treat you fair and honest. But lay a hand on me and will hit back harder. You are mine. Do not ever forget that” the way he spoke to me gave me chills. It was mixed with anger and sexual drive. I gulped and tore my hand back, then proceeded to the stairs. He didn’t follow me, so I turned around and said “If you touch me like that again, I’ll make sure my life with you is a living nightmare. I may be smaller then you but I am a lot faster and agile and will rip you limb from limb”. Walking down the stairs to head back to my room, I hear him growl at my butt. Pervert.

I am mad, every part of myself is fighting off my wolf. I want to scream, I want to fight. I want to show my father who the real alpha is. I want to make him suffer. How dare he marry me off to some pervert who just wants to place a child in me. Maybe I should turn around and kill him, but what will that accomplish. My family would dis own me, I would be banished. I can’t leave like that, I don’t want to leave like that. I’m so conflicted I just need run it out. I make a B line to the woods, And head to my favorite spot to relax at. Hidden deep within the woods is a huge water fall. I found by accident one day and ever since then I run to it when I need to think. The only person who knows about this place is Nat. I showed him years ago, even offered for him to use it as a thinking spot too. But i have never see him there. My wolf ears can hear the water falling from miles away. I pick up my speed to get there faster. Once I’m in eye view of the beautiful water my mind feels clearer already. But what I see sitting by the pond where the water falls baffles me.

“Nat?” He jerks his body around pretty fast, I think I scared him. “Oh, Raven it’s you. Sorry I was lost in my mind I didn’t hear you”. I smirked at him, “well clearly, your wolf ears are much better then mine”. He nudges me a bit and smirks back at me. “What brings you here kid?” He asked. He looks a little down, which is strange because I always see him smile. “I just wanted to clear my head. I’m a little mad. Well more then a little but it’s getting better” I say sitting down and putting my feet in the water. “Dad told you? About the Bloodspools” I didn’t have any words, just nodded instead. “I’m sorry Raven I wanted to tell you, but dad said I couldn’t tell anyone till he got the okay from them”. I started to feel like there is something I haven’t heard about. Turning to him I say “what are you talking about?. He turns to me and I see the air leave him. I can tell whatever he is about to say , he doesn’t want to. “They are here for me. Remember last year when we had our annual hunting trip, well I killed my first and now I’m ready for alpha training. I leave in two weeks”. My head is spinning so fast.

Every year the lycanthropy have a tradition. We call it hunting trips because it’s the G version of what it really is. It’s hard to understand but there is bad Lycan as well, some were tainted with a different kind of blood when they changed, making them crazy when they are in wolf form. No one knows, unless you get Infected what this blood is. Or even what it does and who it comes from. For years my father has been trying to hunt down the person or people involved, but no luck. Only three people have been infected up here, but they come from all over. They can smell our blood, and it makes them what to kill us. So last year Nat got his first kill, after the males make their kill they go off to train for alpha. To be the next alpha of the south once my father dies.

I didn’t say anything for a minute and Nat taps my shoulders, “I’m sorry Raven, that’s why they are here. For me” I actually push him away. “Well then you will be surprised about what I am going to say next”. He looks hurt I pushed him away but hey, he didn’t tell me a huge thing happening. “Dad is making me marry Divario next spring”. It was his turn to be shocked. His mouth flew open and he just looked at me. “That pervert first born?! No way! Dad can’t do that, it isn’t right Raven”. I just nodded and put my head down. Now I do not cry often. But I am in front of Nat, it’s acceptable. He lets me cry for a minute before I continued “he didn’t even give me a say, he just told me it’s my duty to marry him, it’s my duty to carry his children and help rule the south and east coast”. I can tell Nat is keeping his manners in front of me, I sense his confusion. We sit there for some time before I decide to pick myself up. “Well I guess the bright side is that I will see you there. I’m sure father is going to make me pack my bags and leave with you. At least I’ll be with you” I say looking at Nat. He looks at me and smiles so big I can’t help but let a smile on too. “I won’t let anyone hurt you kid, I promise”. I just nodd back at him and get to my feet. “Well I think my head is cleared, let’s go get some dinner. I’m starving”. He takes my hand and we make the walk back towards the house. I can trust Nat, I’ll make sure he is safe, that I am safe. I know that he will never hurt me or turn me in. He is my big brother and my best friend after all. At least I hope so.

To be continued....


About the author

Dana Bergstrasser

writing has always been a passion of mine ❤️ Follow along my journey to being a Author

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