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Reinventing Civilization: The Musk Loop, Carbon-Silicon Interconnection, and the Industrial Big Bang

by Norma Noldo 2 months ago in future
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Perhaps a thousand years from now, when we look back on human history, the present day we are in will be the most important opportunity for the entire civilization of mankind. The full start of interstellar exploration, and the carbon-based civilization has begun to have the bud of silicon-based turning. sign.

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At the beginning of 2022, the world economy is in a depression, but all technology foresighters seem to see the dawn of the next-generation Internet revolution.

All this is very similar to the 2008 financial crisis. The world is eagerly looking forward to the arrival of the mobile Internet. Jobs became the hero of that era. Who will be today? At present, the most clamorous is Mark Zuckerberg, and he even changed the company name to show his determination.

However, at present, Elon Musk's brain-computer interface idea is more like an interconnection model that fundamentally subverts today's cognition. The most critical point is that this may be the process of our human civilization. A huge turning point in the future, because of the intercommunication of carbon-based signals and silicon-based signals, it will be possible to open the beginning of a silicon-based civilization.

Perhaps a thousand years from now, when we look back on human history, the present day we are in will be the most important opportunity for the entire civilization of mankind. The full start of interstellar exploration, and the carbon-based civilization has begun to have the bud of silicon-based turning. sign.

The Importance of Silicon-Based Civilizations

When everyone thinks that the metaverse is the next Internet form, Musk is working hard to implement his own brain-computer interface.

In essence, the emergence of each generation of technological revolution must satisfy the basic three elements, greatly improve user experience, reduce costs, and improve overall operating efficiency, the satisfaction of PC-based Internet, and the mobile Internet based on mobile phones. It is also satisfied, but the metaverse based on VR does not meet the above three conditions.

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We firmly believe that with the rapid development of computer technology and the rapid progress of artificial intelligence, it is only a matter of time before computers can abandon humans and completely fend for themselves, realize self-iteration and even self-creation. It is entirely possible for a computer to create a self-realizing civilization on an uninhabited planet.

Everything in the universe is composed of basic elements such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, silicon, etc. There is no good or bad civilization, only fast and slow. In accelerating the progress of earth civilization, silicon-based has already played an indispensable role. Today, it is still dominated by carbon-based, but whether silicon-based will gradually win, or even replace carbon-based civilization, it is difficult to draw a conclusion at present.

At least, one thing is certain, carbon-based will usher in an era of integration with silicon-based, and the real next-generation Internet must be human-computer interconnection. Today, the concept of the metaverse may be just a flash in the pan, or a transitory technology for a short time. In essence, the mobile Internet has actually shown us the prototype of a silicon-based and carbon-based wireless interconnection. Who dares to say that mobile phones are not the external organs of most human beings now? Without it, we would feel uncomfortable every minute, and silently, we have actually been merged. This is the trend, the inevitable trend of civilization integration.

Industrial technology explosion

Immigrating to Mars, this may be the biggest promise Musk can make to the inhabitants of the earth right now.

Tesla has become the cow business in the current plan, providing a steady stream of cash for alien exploration, and the experiments of exploration are also forcing the iteration and innovation of the entire human industry at present. After all, it is easy to use on earth. Industrial products, in space, may appear fragile, and everything needs to be upgraded.

Let's imagine such a scene: when tens of thousands of years later, in the vast space, there are countless spacecraft carrying our civilization flying. Will it be the body immersed in liquid in science fiction movies? Will it be a silicon-based life form? They will not die, nor will they be irrational. You may say, can such an existence still be called life? What's the point?

For the entire cold universe, emotions are meaningless. There is only logic and truth. We are trapped in carbon-based flesh, so we worship emotions, but this is only collective wishful thinking.

Perhaps, there will be a possibility that silicon-based civilization will explore together with the seeds of carbon-based civilization. In the right zone, silicon-based civilization will re-synthesize carbon-based life through technology.

That is to say, in the early stage of civilization, our carbon-based life created silicon-based computing bodies. Later, silicon-based computing bodies evolved into civilizations, and then fed back and created carbon-based life bodies to form a recyclable body.

Furthermore, in the vast universe, there are more stable and stress-resistant forms of civilization storage than silicon-based storage. Here, there is a basic controversy, that is how to define civilization. We believe that any form of physical existence that can reproduce and survive by itself, and has the ability to calculate, deduce, and store, can become civilization, whether it is composed of carbon-based emotional life or silicon-based icy life.


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