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by Cassie Rage about a year ago in science fiction

Episode 1

Taken By Me with a Nikon D35/70-300 MM Lens

Li walked anxiously into the dark cold space. Her footsteps echoed in the distance and seemed to become louder the more she traveled into the unknown. Confused, and longing for answers, she began to turn around. As she started to retrace her steps, a voice called out to her. "Why are you here?" Quickly, she began running into the darkness from which she had come.

Awaken by raindrops, she realized she had visited another realm in her dream once again. This was the 7th time in a row that she dreamed about being in another reality. Living on Earth was very confusing for her. She was tired of feelings, healing, longing for food, and needing sleep.

The moon and the stars were not the same on Earth.

She was so distant from her higher self.

Still adjusting to this human thing.

Li looked down at her hands and began to weep. She was hysterical. Out of all the planets to be placed on. Why this reality? Why this realm? Earth was so dirty, so confusing, so....tasteless. "I would do anything to be with my divine family." She cried wearily. "Anything."

She had wandered too far off her course and fell off a hiking path. Aching from the fall, bleeding from the blow, and soaking in despair, her stomach began to growl. Her supplies were scattered and her trek was now delayed even more.

She had been traveling for a year now. Part of the "deal" was for her to start in the most challenging parts of the world guiding her to her true purpose and destination. She had experienced many things in the previous 12 months and was very weary from her journey.

Exhausted, hot-headed, and still had much to learn.

The "blast" into this existence wasn't so smooth. As well as life here in general. "Everything is a damn struggle. I swear all the time. I am always hungry, always wanting, never satisfied."

"Is this what it feels like? Being HUMAN? Never contempt? " "Here we go with these feelings again." Li had been through many transitions, but living life as royalty in the skies was completely unparallel to living on Earth.

However, the young woman loved the scenery in Waysama, Japan from which she'd just arrived. Actually, the beauty of the place enamored her a little too much which is why she began to take a short hike. Why wouldn't she? At least after all this despair, she had made it to the place where her destiny would be reborn. Her spiritual advisors led her here where she would learn the principles of spirituality and oneness with an Earth guru.

In her first life, she had no desire to empathize or respect imagination and the unexplained. Her divine father punished her and the grandfathers of her society banished her from the cosmos to participate in a "deal" that would help her reclaim her honor.

Although fierce and nonchalant, she still inhibited a lot of hope and determination about her desires and aspirations. Things were going to be a challenge but she knew the outcome would be rewarding. This was her motivation daily. When she began to feel unhinged and lost, she just remembered the outcome of being with her family and friends.

These "deals" were many being's reality back home. In the skies, individuals were held to a much higher standard than on Earth. Many things could get you banished from the empire almost as fast as you can blink. Because she was royalty and her mother is the daughter of one of the grandfathers of her society, she received much mercy. However, she took this for granted...

(For more about this story tune in each week on Wednesday or Thursday to read more about "Redemption." Stories will become longer as the story progresses.)

science fiction

Cassie Rage

"A legend, but not a myth"

-Me lol

A talented professional living in a pandemic, you tell me what that means to you lol!

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