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Red Moon a Moral story

by Muhammad Hussain 11 months ago in fantasy

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It will be dark now, as night falls, Varisha said quickly and the sky will turn red.

Nana! There is an eclipse today. "Yahya read the newspaper in the drawing room and told Nana the latest news." Well, what is this? "Nana asked Yahya. "If a planet comes in front of the sun, then the sun disappears. He shared his information. "Hey Nana! It will be dark now, like night." Varisha said quickly: "And the sky will turn red." Meanwhile, Abdul Bari, Zehra and Abdul Wasi also entered the drawing room with fear on their faces.

It is going out wide, if you look at the sun, your eyes will get bad. ”Zahrane also expressed her wisdom. "Yes children! It is true that looking at the sun during an eclipse can lead to bad eyesight, but why does this eclipse happen?" Nana put the newspaper aside and asked the children.

Allah Mian gets angry, that’s why the sun goes down. ”Varisha spoke quickly. "Bhai Allah Mian is not angry, yes it is true that the eclipse is one of the signs of Allah." Nana replied. "An eclipse is ominous. Zahra said. "No, son! These are old-fashioned things. Now that science has figured everything out, our scientists travel long distances to observe eclipses year after year to observe eclipses, and Let’s find out the truth about this.

"Nana! Tell us the truth," Abdul Bari asked. "Yes son! We should always try to know the truth. The truth is that eclipses are still considered ominous in some religions and for some it is a sign of displeasure with the servants of Allah, but in Islam It has been informed about the eclipse that the sun and the moon are moving and revolving in the path prescribed by Allah. Scientific research has also acknowledged that the sun and moon revolve around the earth in their own orbits, but sometimes they come face to face with each other. A solar eclipse on Earth occurs when the moon orbits. During the process, it is located between the sun and the earth, after which some or all of the sun is not visible from the earth.

The distance between the sun and the moon is 400 times greater than the distance of the moon from the earth, so the eclipse is not clearly visible from the earth and it is not necessary for the solar eclipse to be seen all over the world. At the time of our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) commanded us to perform “Salat-e-Kusuf” which is the Urdu translation of “Namaz-e-Khoof”, while no special worship was ordered at the time of lunar eclipse. There are many types of solar eclipses. Sometimes there is a complete solar eclipse, sometimes a partial, sometimes mixed and sometimes a circular eclipse. ” "Nana! What is this total solar eclipse?" Wasi asked thoughtfully.

A total solar eclipse occurs on Earth when the moon is so far from the earth that when it comes in front of the sun, the sun is completely hidden, because the orbits of the moon and the earth are elliptical. The distance of the moon from the earth changes so a total solar eclipse does not occur every time. At the time of a total solar eclipse, the distance of the moon from the earth is relatively short, due to the complete disappearance of the sun, the region becomes semi-dark and the stars begin to appear during the day. This eclipse lasts for seven minutes and forty seconds at one point, but can be even shorter. In a region of the earth where a total solar eclipse occurs, there is a chance that such an eclipse will occur again 340 yearAnd when is this circular solar eclipse? ”This time Zahra spoke. "A circular solar eclipse on Earth occurs when the moon comes between the sun and the earth, but its distance from the sun is greater, so it cannot completely hide the sun. In this case, the size of the moon. Is small and the sunlight falls on the earth. As for the mixed solar eclipse, consider it as if the eclipse on the earth sometimes looks like a complete eclipse in some places and a mixed eclipse in some places, in which case the circle of a circular solar eclipse is very thin. Also note that the longest eclipse ever seen was in Europe in 1999 and it was the longest visible eclipse ever in history.s later.

Nana! You told me about a solar eclipse, is there a lunar eclipse?" Said Varisha, who had been listening for a long time. "Yes, son! There is also a lunar eclipse. When the shadow of the earth that falls between the earth’s moon and the sun during its rotation falls on the surface of the moon and the moon becomes dark, it is called a lunar eclipse." Because both the earth and the moon receive light from the sun. The earth revolves around the sun in its fixed orbit and the moon comes twice a year and its shadow falls on each other, if the moon falls on the moon then the lunar eclipse and if it falls on the sun then the solar eclipse is visible on the earth. Now everyone sit in the room and have breakfast.

Muhammad Hussain
Muhammad Hussain
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