rainforest economics


rainforest economics

As simple as the name suggests, rain forest economics is a broad based idea where nature, and its key components, plants and animals, are united in the struggle for its one obvious natural resource. Light. From the very first seedlings that spring from the mulch and compost grounds, where years of decay and debris have added up into a rich and viable ground coverage, the seedlings approach is in the seeking of light. That's if it doesn't get eaten by a caribou or used as a source of soft laden bedspread for an ant queen. Every part of the rain forest is dependent on each other.

Just like us, where world economics lead nations into growth and sustainability, the keepers of the forest, and the keepers of man, strive for a united vision where light is the objective.

Which leads me to one point, the sun, and just like the all giving rays of light that emulate the sons of man, its legacy is the eventual passing down of its warmth and comfort. An affordability in which we ascertain money and wealth, an expression of satisfaction and content. Everyone knows exactly how a rain forest works. That every detail is about recycling, sustainability, produce or commodities, infrastructure, and on and on. Everything in a rain forest is reused and done again and again.

Our objective, as a human race should be the same, whether you believe the planet is overpopulated, that ecosystems are crumbling, that global warming is here. It's too fuck'n late, wake up and be a part of the history you live in just to be accountable. We have no other choice. Sorry. The great old saying, it is what it is, and lately, I've come to slightly change an historic Australian quote to, such is the day. We have no choice but to effect change in a dramatic way, super bugs are just the beginnings of a future where the haves of some countries and the have not's of others will lead to segregation, isolation, and children born with debts over their heads. With paranoia the new leading cause of discomfort

Last I read, over a billion people struggle to get fresh healthy water on a daily basis. I'm disgusted not at the lack of compassion from outsiders who do not understand, but the policies and governance of countries that state that it would cause more harm, hurt than good to aid these people. In a free and variable rain forest economy, each asset, liability, expense, would be accounted for in terms of proficiency, adaptability and grit. Motivation is a fault concept where nothing comes from nothing. Attitudes however on a conscience of global proportions clearly see that throwing money at these situations are rubbish. All countries, or bodies with the infrastructure and capabilities to perpetuate themselves sustain life. So how come there would be hurt in building infrastructure in a third world country?

A global vision needs a rain forest effect, with ten percent of the vote, movement takes place. We just as a global society have to decide, should we keep the animals? Well, we need the trees and algae for oxygen. Acknowledge, I'm not that heartless, but a planet blue completely covered with a city is a possibility if you look at population growths, community amalgamations, and distribution factors. But no one is seeing it..

Of course we can be this amazing green blue planet where all nations are thriving making coin and competing for business. How can a third world nation compete for the technological advancements of others when there is little or no free trade in ideas. And I'll tell you simply, that we are obsessed with the idea of fear. Fear stops us from mingling, fear stops the tree from growing in the rain forest in the sense that the darkness envelops the one ray of hope it has. We all bleed red, or so i'm told, it can be as simple as that. Or because my father's father saw the heavens in the animal world, and your father's father saw the heavens in the stars. It could just be an expression of light.

Helen Clark, NZ pm in the 90’s did the most audacious move in modern history. She cut the defence budget and redirected it into social reform. Why not, just like the cougar who does not want to be disturbed, the caribou does not want to be eaten.. Hows that make sense, well they avoid it, or each other. Imminently the cougar will eat the occasional caribou, but it is the cycle of life. And just like good business, profitable companies will always devour the smaller, coming up projects of the new and improved.

Where once we threw out our unusable, we now recycle in a sustainability cause. Where once we dug and burnt, we now capture and propel. The future is not the way it looks now, the Amazon is gone, agriculture, however important, has become a poor country's escape goat. But is it sustainable, reusable, profitable. The answer is short term.

Let it be known, that my good fortune to be born in the lucky country isn't a birthright, it however is a privilege. My struggles lend me to work, I produce, educate myself and procreate to the effort I wish to put in. But just like the family that sends their child two miles down the road to harvest for a wealthier farmer, or collect what clean water they can, struggle is part of life. A storm in a teacup. However big the storm or the tea cup, it is our own, and we must learn to cope together before paranoia sets in, or by ourselves if we feel we can not share. Remember though, a problem shared, is a problem halved.

But as such, the one thing that differentiates us from them, is education, not this idea of them and us, haves and have not's. And as such, education must be the basis of any clear, protected forest. By not allowing, or by not having the opportunity for an education system. We leave children to the wears of decay. A well satisfied mind educated and content will produce more up-sell than another struggling just to read. Let's not point figures, or play the blame game, we still live in a world where tribes have not seen a plane, ship or helicopter.

The reality, like any tree in a forest, is it needs to be able to get big, strong, reach for the sky, but like any tree in a floored system, without water, soil and light, there is no tree. If we strive to reach what we can obtain, then we have not driven ourselves to obtain anything of value. Reach for the stars, hit a tree. So water is water soil and light. The only thing that could be considered free. Unfortunately nothing. So it is through a conscious effort, that leaders, both political and business, accept a responsibility, if they so desire, and those that see this drive, attitude within, should get behind them.

Water, cash for example, can be obtained through commodities, investment, technology, basically anything we can do, make, sell, bargain, hunt, acquire use and send. But like the fluid movement water part takes in, it can be solid or gas in the right conditions.

Soil. people. And like any group, intelligence, aspirations, drive grit lead those that hold the flame, so light the damn thing if you can. Light it like your son's sons depended on it, as if, blood mixes with soil. It doesn't, and never will.

Light. The end result for all, comfort and warmth.

Slowly, we accept our differences, just like the forest who has a new predator. Evolution must continue, if not in form, then in belief. No man can or should cut a tree down just for the sake of clearing a view, but we do because it is our view. It was there before and should test the sands of time with its presence, ill plant several new ones around the other vacant areas. Just as any man formulates opinions. Like any good man or woman, an opinion is based on fact and precedent, sharing these facts and technologies allows opinion to grow, feaster, develop and change. In accordance with the good word. Knowledge.

It isn't power, it is sight.

Moving away from the forest for the moment, let's look at 5 indicators where we can associate with the five key elements of an economy. Obviously health, budget, mindset, family, and friends of course. We can add career, even travel.

The health of any economy is paramount, and the inflation of one's waistline, or blood pressure could see many things happen in one's life from heart disease to stroke, medications, stress etc. This is evident in economies too, with high inflation interest rates go up, government spending decreases, the housing sector starts to slow, anyway, high inflation is not the goal of any economy and governments are constantly making, changing and reacting to inflation. Just like us when our waistline starts to expand.

With diet and exercise, these problems with the waistline tend to sort themselves out, with curbed spending, inflation can be minimised to a particular pleasant 2% growth annually. However, the off shot of inflation, and the immeasurable factor of any economy, or person for that matter, is confidence. A confident market will have high exports, flattery with the neighbours, low imports, production and a labour force earning and profiting from a decent wage.

Like any good economic business, the main concern with its endeavours, would be money supply, cash flow. In a rain forest, you would consider them to be water, (rain) and sunlight. The two main components of any good ecosystem. In a business, we consider our product, and its price, commanded by supply and demand.

Now, this is where the pressure is on, for we have to think outside the norms, of product, cost, labour, maintenance, waste, cause it is in the rain forest that we find that every part, from the fallen leaf, turned into compost, to the ants recycling everything else, the push and shove of trees shrubs and plants for the one reason for it all. Light or cash, so to speak.

Normal process takes us through waste reduction, recycling, for an example of cost reduction. To be more pacific, can we turn a waste or byproduct into a secondary money supply, income. Robotics to reduce labour costs, change product material base, etc etc. if you are a savvy manager, the hurt and bore of any good business is the way we introduce and reinstate current protocols and procedures to increase our water supply, cash flow.

Which in turn, helps the labour force through their own endeavours, getting paid correctly for what they do, being able to spend their hard earned where they wish too. Cause if you ask me, most of us dream of the same simple thing, however big or small that dream may be to the individual, they just want a little bit of earth to call their own and that white picket fence that seems totally inviting to the rest of us.

So in turn, inflation, employment, spending, housing and confidence. Or is it health, mindset, travel, family and budget. Or then again, light, rain, soil, abundance of food, and viability. These factors are all co-existing, and I'd like to say, just like us, it has come to a time in history, where we must defy the cause, let go of the notions of civil, primitive, politically correct and join the fellow animals in the rain forest and exist. together.

paolo Paul denaro
paolo Paul denaro
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