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Rachael Rumancek Exclusive with 'Twilight' Heartthrob Kellan Lutz on His Latest Role in 'the Osiris Child'

by Rachael Rumancek 5 years ago in interview
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Meet Sy Lombrok; Sci-Fi's Newest Intergalactic Hero

Kellan Lutz, 'Twilight' [photo credit; Summit Entertainment] 

He stole our hearts in the Twilight franchise, then again took our breath away in Samuel Bayer's reimagining of A Nightmare on Elm Street only to find ourselves picking our jaws up off of the floor after watching him kick some major ass in the The Legend of Hercules. His versatility and talent is as undeniable as his charismatic good looks but there is still more than meets the eye with actor Kellan Lutz – and it's a whole lot nerdier than you may have imagined.

Lutz's latest project The Osiris Child, is a dystopian nightmare from a planet in a galaxy far away, that somehow still manages to hit nice and close to home. Absolutely seeping with excitement and imagination, The Osiris Child is easily one of Kellan Lutz's strongest performances to date.

After discussing his passion for this project it's a no wonder.

'The Osiris Child' Star Kellan Lutz Tells Us All About His Love For Action And Sci-Fi Movies In Our Exclusive Interview

RR: Could you begin by summing up the trailer for The Osiris Child, for our readers who have yet to see or hear about the film?

“We’re trying to colonize this new planet, and we have Daniel MacPherson’s character Kane, forming a bromance with my character Sy Lombrok, and there’s a threat of this alien enemy. His [Kane] whole purpose is to rescue his daughter so I team up with him to rescue his daughter also from this potential explosion on the planet that we’re on.”

RR: I myself have already seen The Osiris Child, twice actually. It's crazy good, fast-paced and an overall gorgeous movie but those are all the traits that sold me on the film just by watching the trailer, a selling point that obviously couldn't have contributed to your interest partaking. What was it about this one in particular that drew you to the film and your role?

“Shane Abbess, our director, we met five years ago on another project that he was doing and him and I just really connected on a heart-to-heart, in depth level. I love reading these original concepts and I love directors who are taking a chance on creating their own story and bringing it to life. I read it and it was just so cool and so unique and to work with Shane , I just always wanted to that since our first meeting.Then my character [Sy Lombrok] you know, just reading it, seeing all the different facets to his journey and the layers that he has and going against my grain. I am a man of faith and I have so much hope in life and the character Sy loses all faith, he’s on this path of destruction and hopelessness. Just seeing that and feeling the feelings that he’s feeling, or that I’d feel like the character was going to be such a challenge. Unlike other action movies that I’ve done this one was more drama, it was very multi-layered . That’s what really drew me to it, just the challenge of doing something new and unique and pushing myself.”

RR: You didn't just challenge your own mentality by taking on this role but it appears to have been physically demanding as well. Sy has some fierce fight scenes in The Osiris Child, one of my favorite moments being what I have dubbed the "epic Superman punch." Did you do your own stunts for this film?

“Yeah, I love action movies. I love fighting my fights and racing cars and shooting guns so anytime there’s a great action scene that I can be a part of I love being a part of it. We had a great stunt choreographer and some great stunt doubles but for the most part, whenever I can do my own stunts I love doing it.So that ‘Superman’ jump was really, really cool. And you practice, practice makes perfect but...accidents do happen.You do it with the mat. You get comfortable with it then after the tenth take, you take the mat away and you’re really just laying on the ground. You learn to be a good faller."

RR: Do you have any crazy stories or mishaps from your numerous stunt escapades you care to share with us?

“Fighting with Ian [Roberts] who played Nimal, that massive guy, he’s actually an athlete. So one of the scenes he’s choking me out, you rehearse that like 70% but with athletes they tend to up it to 110%, so one of the takes he was really choking me out then they cut and he was like, ‘oh sorry, Kellan.’You just get excited and you connect and they’ll really punch you in the face. That happened quite a few times when I fought Lubo [Lubomir Simeonov] in my Hercules movie. I mean he’s a massive, famous boxer out there in Bulgaria and man, he clocked me a couple of times but I just love the action. I love fighting, it’s a great choreography and you make it as real as possible. It looked really cool on screen too.”

RR: You said you love doing action films and you clearly have a knack for the on-screen badassery they entail, but The Osiris Child isn't just a thriller. It plays heavily in the science fiction genre. Is is safe to assume your enthusiasm for action and fight scenes is shared with the geekery of the sci-fi genre?

“I love ‘Alien,’ I love ‘The Fifth Element,’ but I’m a huge fan of and sci-fi. I just love the freedom that the directors and writers have with it. They get to create these worlds that have rules that exist only to those worlds, so you can just have that creative freedom where no one can say, ‘no, that would never happen,’ because you’re on a fake planet called Osiris. You can create anti-gravity, you can create monsters that don’t exist ad you can create these cities that don’t work on a normal Earth and the laws that we have here. It’s just a creative entertainment that I get out of these movies that I love.”

RR: So here is where we get a little spoilery, so as vaguely as possible, are there set plans for The Osiris Child: Volume 2 and if so, will you be reprising your role?

“Yeah, the idea would be to keep them going and volume two we’re talking about the whole concept of terraforming and what that is. So for my character, I know everyone’s like, ‘well you look like this alien, you look like a giant snapping turtle. How can you be in it? Or are you going to be in the monster suit?’The answer to that is much like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. They go through the chrysalis phase and they’re in their cocoon structures and that’s much like our terraforming structure for these creatures. For the sequel, it would be I shed the skin and become a Dave Bautista-like character from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ where he’s humanoid but he just looks bigger, stronger, cooler than what he once was. So that would be the idea for that and the story that Shane has, it’s pretty cool. I can’t go into much detail but I would love to make the sequel, I really would.”

RR: I have one last question before we wrap up here and it's kind of a doozy for existing fans of The Osiris Child. After Sy's transformation into one of the beasts begins, he somehow holds onto his identity and sense of morality, yet background characters were not as fortuneate. Why was Sy affected differently than the others who had become infected (for lack of better term)?

“Only the strong of mind and health can do this. You see one of the characters in the movie not make it and for me, because of my will and my fight against becoming the monster was so strong that I was able to maintain part of my humanity. Knowing that Indi, played by Teagan Croft, she was going to be left alone, I had to fight because her father is gone. So as I do terraform physically into these monsters, I still maintained part of Sy inside.”

Daniel MacPhersonand Kellan Lutz, 'The Osiris Child'[credit: Storm Vision Entertainment]

The Osiris Child made it's theatrical and VOD debut this past October 6, 2017 and has continuously been gaining momentum since then. Even reaching over 3.5 million views on its trailer alone, this number that stands as a strong testament to the overall prominence of Shane Abbess' out of this world survival thriller.

If you are a fan of intergalactic fantasies like Star Wars and Star Trek, and adrenaline pumping sci-fi features like Independence Day and District 9, than The Osiris Child was made just for you, be sure to check this one out pronto.

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