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by Gary Robertson 3 years ago in product review
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"Banks of the Nile"

Just another day at the Banks of the Nile

The" Banks of the Nile" (B. N.) is heading into a new era; it is still going in the same direction, nothing has changed, but now it has taken on a new meaning. When you start something and you have a goal, whether short term or long term, once you start accomplishing those goals, you have to start new ones.

I've laid out my overall goals of putting our society on the right track. We all know our past history has never accomplished that task. Not religion, not government, not even technology. As a matter of fact, the combustible engine is one of our worst achievements. We wouldn't be in this shape if we would have thought it through a little better. Ask yourself why are we just now implementing to save the earth, go green, clean energy?

I've been doing it over 50 years. Believe me, I have a jump on everyone else. If we continue to take the easy way out and not the smart way, we will never make it work. I feel we finally understand more of what we should and should not be doing. The B. N. has what it is going to take to bring about peace and prosperity.

I will try to cover all of your questions that you can come up with, like how are you going to start.

The first thing that is a must is to stop our old ways and start new. Example: no more building of conventional homes with conventional materials. Let me elaborate on that for just a minute—start out way back in history and have a better idea of what has to change. One of the first and only books that I ever listened to being read to me was The Three Little Pigs. I was only 4 or 5 at the time. Well, from then on, I said I want to build a brick house so the wolf won't be able to blow it down and kill and eat me and my family. It was telling me that the home is one of the most important things in our life.

So, I went on to build everything—skateboards, go-carts, tree houses; I even dug a hole as deep as I could and camouflaged the roof and started an underground club house.

The pyramid home was introduced to me as a home from my step grandfather, but in a different way. He was telling me how to build a True Pyramid. Then I incorporated it into a home to see what powers it actually had. That has been my greatest accomplishment. The pyramid home has changed everything. Unless you want to live underground, the pyramid is our answer, and we have been looking at the Cheops True Pyramid for thousands of years. Sitting there, telling us over and over and over what the answer is to a clean world, healthy lifestyle, and a civil society, is a pyramid shape. If they would have built the pyramid in any other way, it would not be here. Don't we have any trust in our ancient people? Did you think they were doing it for the hell of it? They were doing it to show the world that we, as a human race here on Earth, with some of the greatest steps evolving into what we are today. We didn't get this far without doing something right. Trust the pyramid builders; they were on the same track that I have been on all of my life. I've taken over where they left off. I have no reason not to believe in the powers of the pyramids. People were safe in caves at that time, because it was there—a ready-made home that never got too hot or too cold, and it is protected from what ever elements were out there. But who wants to live like a cave man? So we started building around stuff, like mountains, on the south side. Slowly, we were building thousands and thousands of homes out in the weather, everywhere, all over the world, then thousands of towns, cities, and rural housing. Never just a plain, cut, wood building. Making steel, concrete, and glass buildings—some that are bigger and higher—it never seems to stop. Well, it has gotten way out of control. You ask what are you going to do to make it better? Build the right way and the smart way; nothing more—give yourself some respect and control your actions.

I established a sense of ethics to set boundaries. For example—don't take no for an answer. I say I am going to build the strongest, longest maintenance-free, lasting home possible, then that's it, no compromising. There are no compromising parts, things, or systems. That is why it has taken me so long to figure it all out. I have had no help because the technologies I am working with have not yet been discovered other than what I've found out on my own. The understanding of how important it is to take the problem and trace it back until what system you set up works together—example: our sewer system is a total waste of time and money. After working on waste water treatment plants (new and old), I realized that if people keep their 'brown logs' out of the sewer system, the process would be completely different. The things like oil can be taken out very efficiently—it is already separated. Even in moving water, air bubbles will stick to and take to the surface of any oil present and skim it off. Most of the water running through the sewer lines is rain water which dilutes everything. The B. N. will have its own waste water treatment plant that will run in a completely different way.

First off, everything at the B. N. is controlled—what goes in, stays in. All trash is used like waste management. Glass will be reprocessed (recycled) and a canning operation will be set up to work with all canned goods. Cans are reused with the canning of crops produced at the B. N.

"Pyramids International, LLC" will also be introducing the "Cash Crop Community" into the B. N. It will be a living and working together environment, which will include solar-powered homes. The homes will have a cash crop potential not only from food production, but also from marijuana production, which will have a 3/4 of an acre of indoor/outdoor greenhouse operations; grow lights will be utilized for the indoor greenhouse. It will be separate from the farm to market operations (food for producers families). The Cash Crop Community is a small, but important overall part of maintaining a self-contained living environment. The families in the 46 pyramid homes will take care of and maintain the marijuana plants—from planting, growing, and harvesting to the packaging and sales of this product. The 12 greenhouses around Orion Park will produce seedlings to grow in outdoor operations; an extra 23,000 sq. ft. of grow operations can be added to the pyramid homes by utilizing the fourth floor of the homes. These same homes will have a designated 20' x 25' greenhouse over a side-connected car garage, with access that is right off of the master bedroom on the 2nd floor of the homes. Yes, we grow all of our own fresh fruits and vegetables. So, as you can see, this means that the farm lands of America are coming back to all of the families. Also, a chicken operation will dispose of certain trash products naturally. Meats will preserve themselves naturally in the pyramid homes. Lots of things will be taking place—for example: one of the powers of the pyramid was preserving and maintaining high oxygen levels. Nothing would mold or rot. Grapes would turn into raisins, apples, bananas, pears—they would dehydrate like dried foods. Unbelievable at first, but after awhile, even years later, I could not believe that no one else had discovered just what all a pyramid home can do to lots of things. One evening, in my pyramid home, ball lightning came through the kitchen cabinet (head high), about 4 feet away from me. It looked like swirling, red, yellow, and orange gasses, the size of a bowling ball; it floated in the air for about five seconds, then it shot into the metal stove/microwave combination and it was gone. 25 years later, one of my sons (about five or six years old at the time), told me that he saw blue streaks on the floor at the same time that the ball lightning was in the kitchen. I feel that if the metal stove wasn't there, that the ball lightning would have stayed there and maybe it could become the start of new life. Farfetched—yes; impossible—no. At any rate, there are a lot more things going on.

The B. N. will also have a fish hatchery at the "water way" around "Orion Park." If you are not aware of Orion Park, it sits in the center of the B. N. with the Big Pyramid of Robertson. The "water way" will serve several purposes; one other purpose is for Vocational School Studies which are self taught at the school. Remember, the 46 pyramid homes are not going to have just anybody—not at all. The B. N. is set up to serve a certain purpose. Having the top physicists, scientists, biologists, professors, doctors, lawyers, mechanics—all trades, all different, all 46 homes and all 92 parents. Let me give you an example of how it all works. Let's say that Mr. Peabody is a doctor that lives in pyramid #1 (closest to the main gate for emergencies) and on Saturday, he goes over to Mr. Martin's pyramid home (#25) which is back by the bee operation (where it is not too noisy to have a hair cut). Mr. Martin is a barber—he is responsible for all of the residents at the B. N. Mr. Martin has two kids, as do all of the other parents in the pyramid homes. These 92 children were conceived and born in a pyramid home and there will be two more children born in the next two years, which will make a total of 184 children. One kid from each family, before moving into the B. N. will be the one sibling conceived and born outside the pyramid home. This comparison is just part of the scientific study that will be going on at the B. N. Now, let's go back to Mr. Peabody and Mr. Martin; Mr. Peabody was getting his hair cut and Mr. Martin was telling him about his daughter Malinda (who Mr. Peabody knows very well). Malinda hasn't been feeling well, so Mr. Peabody tells Mr. Martin to send her over to his home (which is where his office is located) for an examination. By using this system, it all has to work together. The kids will all have responsibilities as well. They will grow up playing in the park on what I call "Kid Power." There will be playground rides that, when a kid goes up to ride the Ferris wheel and comes back down, the power that they create will be transferred to collectors that run into the power grid (this is what I call Kid Power). At a very early age, the kids will start to understand that they are having fun; but at the same time, they begin to realize that they are contributing to the community, and it will be their responsibility to make new Kid Power rides as they grow up at the B. N. and he or she will do so much more. For the first time, I will acknowledge that the scientific study going on at the B. N. is for the kids. They will grow up in a place like no other on Earth and take on the responsibilities to create a sustainable, contained environment. They will live, eat, and sleep technology—in a family-oriented community. The people of the B. N. will come from all nationalities from all countries.

Anyhow, there are lots of things going on at Orion Park all year round. Lots of sports activities and competitions; scientific projects that will be going on all of the time to make things better and better. After the pyramid homes for the B. N. are completed and finalized for production, we will go national. Then, Pyramids International, LLC will introduce single family homes on a scale that has never been able to be done until now. The building of a true pyramid home is not just a pyramid home; it took thousands of years to get to the last and largest pyramid ever built—the Cheops pyramid. Call it luck, call it destiny, but I built a true pyramid home and lived in it. After building one, I realized why they built it the way they did and how. I can pour a steel reinforced home with the interior and the exterior completed in the same step, and furnished and turn key in one day. The Cheops pyramid was built in 20 years and had millions of stones, which is fast and there is good reason why. To build a true pyramid, the formula had been worked on for a long time and passed down through the years. The formula they came up with had one end result. If you follow this formula, you can build a structure (I say structure because they didn't know that they were creating a pyramid necessarily) as high as you want—all the way up to the heavens. The pyramid formula was devised in a way that if you want to go high, you have to have a larger base. No matter how large your base or what the height will be, the height will never be taller than the base so it can't fall over and it can't cave in. Electric cars will be part of a welcome gift to all residents. The batteries in the cars will run into the power grid at night for power when the sun goes down. Everything at the B. N. has more than one job—the efficiency of doing this is just another part of making a sustainable, self-contained community. There are benefits of having individual separated communities. Look at it as if you are keeping all of your marbles in one box and you lose the box—you will be losing all of them; but if you would have separated them into smaller amounts and lost the box, then you wouldn't lose all of them. Any kind of a break out in society could wipe out humanity. By having the B. N. leading the way of community separation, it can be controlled. I have introduced another one of those important parts of the B. N. to make it as safe as possible. It is called "Underground Passage System" (UPS). All 46 pyramid homes will have tunnels that go to the Big Pyramid at the center of Orion Park and then you could go to any of the 46 homes from there. It is a complete passage system for security and storage; but more importantly, so the community can continue to function as normal as possible and not have to surface. The pyramid homes are air tight and water tight. I know that it sounds like some kind of nuclear fallout military base, but it just seems practical to look on down the road and assume that things are going to get worse before getting better. Also with Planetary Colonization in space, it could become a part of survival. Before I close or my hand drops off, I would like to say one more thing—I've been designing and inventing all of my life. I started a waterbed company—Shallow Waterbeds Inc., in 1975, after working on nuclear submarines in the Navy. The waterbed furniture had its own sort of style, which was dictated by its weight and the lumber used. At the end of it all, they were strong, but bulky. The pyramid homes will have furniture that is connected to the walls; the simplicity of the home design and the practicality of layout is one of my greatest achievements. The house is so advanced that the 3 story, 3,700 sq. ft. home will run on a 50 amp breaker. Stock options are now on the table; our future is in your hands.

product review

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Gary Robertson

Gary Robertson building trades, Navy worked on nuclear attack submarines, founder of Shallow Waterbeds Inc, breeder hen operation Tyson Foods, wastewater treatment specialist, true pyramid builder, refrigeration manufacturer, Solar tech.

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