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Psychosomatic Movement

by Jerome Shaw 3 years ago in how to

Learning the Power of the Subconscious Mind

Over the New Year break, I visited my family in Texas and got a hold of some VHS tapes. You know, the dusty kind of tapes your mom keeps on the shelves to watch at some unforeseeable time in the future. These tapes were extremely outdated but one of them was actually pretty interesting. There was a very dark face on the front cover that was very ominous at first glance. It was called "Self Hypnosis Training Video" by Marshall Sylver and I was so intriguing to me that I had to know more.

I picked it up and popped it inside the VCR. As I proceeded to watch, the information I gained astounded me. This video proceeded to teach me how to hypnotize myself and to train my mind by putting myself under some sort of a trance. However, the way I was instructed was so unconventional. I had never done anything like this before. Basically, it taught me how to make a pendant which I was able to do with just a ring and a dog tag. I then positioned my hand underneath the ring and held it slightly above. I was then told not to physically move my hand but to just visualize the ring moving in circles. I traced the pattern with my eyes and willed the ring to move. Then, the unreal happened. It moved!

As it started to move I would mentally tell it to go in a different direction and it obeyed. I would tell it to stop and it stopped. Then I'd tell it to spin and go in circles in the opposite direction and it did that too! It was crazy. I had never ever known that I could have such control over an object. At first, I thought it was my mind that was doing this. I was partly correct in my assumption. Here is a short explanation.

The way Marshall Sylver put it in the video is that what is actually happening is a process called psychosomatic movement.Psycho the mind, and Soma the body. As long as you strongly visualize in your mind what you want the object to do, it will! By thinking this, there is nothing that can stop your hand from moving. Your hand moves just enough, with undetectable slight motions, to make the object move in your desired direction. All you have to do is consciously visualize in your mind what you want it to do and your subconscious mind takes over. Since your conscious mind and your hand is not moving the object, your subconscious takes over and moves it for you. I then realized that this simple process had astounding implications.

You have heard people say “what you believe you will achieve” or things like “seeing is believing.” Well, I found out that day that believing is also seeing. When you believe what you want in your mind, you start to move in that direction. Actually, as long as you believe, you have no choice. If you think poverty thoughts you will move towards poverty. If you constantly dwell on things that you don't want, you start to move towards them. It's the same thing as saying the subconscious doesn't know the difference between reality and what we tell it. What we tell our subconscious becomes our reality.

I was able to see this power on a small scale by telling the ring to move in my mind and watching it happen in front of me. Even though I never consciously moved the ring in my hand it moved in any direction I wanted in my mind. You may try this exercise on your own at home. Amaze your friends and yourself at the same time. I would go around and try this method out with multiple people.

I've personally tested this on over 20 individuals and they all have had the same effect. Psychosomatic movement. What you say in your mind will come out in reality. As you speak positive or negative words to yourself, be careful what instructions you are giving your mind. Whether intentionally or by accident. You may not realize the true power of your subconscious until the outcome has already manifested.

By Jerome Shaw. Find me on Twitter and Instagram: @jromeshaw.

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