Patrick Stewart Wants To See A 'Star Trek'/'Star Wars' Crossover Movie

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Two Stars From 'Star' Franchises!

Patrick Stewart Wants To See A 'Star Trek'/'Star Wars' Crossover Movie
Image credit: Uber Eats, Stewart and Hamill in new Uber Eats campaign

Earlier this week, Uber Eats nearly broke the internet with its latest ad campaign featuring two of the world's most iconic actors of sci-fi television and film seemingly at odds with each other. The first spot featured an age-old debate, but probably not the one most thought about when they saw Mark Hamill battling wits with Sir Patrick Stewart.

No, these two were not debating Star Wars versus Star Trek. Instead, Hamill and Stewart duked it out over the pronunciation of tomatoes with cricket and baseball bats in the first of four ad campaign spots for Uber Eats. The remaining three see them battling each other over dinner choices and games. The fun of the campaign spilled over onto Twitter accounts for both stars, with Uber Eats themselves joining in the fun.

In an interview with Men's Journal, both Hamill and Stewart took a look back at the franchises that turned them and the roles they played into household names. They, like their fans, are often asked to compare Star Trek to Star Wars. This has become a tiring activity for all. Even Hamill agrees that comparing the two franchises is akin to comparing apples and oranges.

Hamill has always been a fan of Star Trek, considering it to be true, classic, science fiction. He has stated numerous times that Star Wars was purposefully set in a galaxy far, far away to be its own space fantasy. I share his opinion on both franchises; I love them both. Star Trek represents the potential of humanity. Star Wars is more mystical, otherworldly.

Hamill remembers very clearly in the 1980s when a good friend of his was up for a part in a new Star Trek series. Hamill wondered if this new series would even work without his favorite characters of Kirk and Spock. It seemed downright crazy. Brent Spiner went on to get the part of Data, and Star Trek: The Next Generation went on to achieve fan and critical acclaim of its own, propelling the Star Trek franchise into a new era.

Instead of comparing the two, another fun topic fans engage in from time to time has been to muse about mash-ups of Star Trek and Star Wars. Trek Wars, anyone? Both Stewart and Hamill also like to play this what-if game. What if characters from the two franchises ever met? How would that go?

Before my Starfleet Away Team members and other shipmates come at me with phasers set to kill and my Rebel Legion and 501st friends run me through with their lightsabers, understand that this is all talk. We know they never will and never should meet. Furthermore, actors and creatives behind both franchises know their characters will never meet. However, for as long as both franchises have existed alongside each other, it has always been fun to talk about this. How would Luke Skywalker view the Federation?

As both franchises grew, the mash-ups grew with them. Vader versus Q, anyone? Darth Maul versus Worf? Put your bat'leths down my Klingon brothers and sisters! meQtaHbogh qachDaq Suv qoH neH.

Sir Patrick Stewart has mused that it would be great fun to see characters from both meet each other. They fantasized about bringing the two franchises together, even while working on the set of TNG. Judging by the commentary for each of the Uber Eats spots, the mash-up conversations have ignited once again.

Stewart thinks Picard would want Luke Skywalker on his crew, but would keep a watchful eye on him. He thinks Skywalker has a few personality traits that would warrant a little more monitoring and guidance. Hamill agrees, adding that Skywalker would respect Picard and learn a lot from him. Hamill said that Starfleet would seem far more organized when compared to the Rebel Alliance.

The ad spots were shot in August in an undisclosed warehouse in Los Angeles. Hamill stated that Uber Eats knew what they were doing when they put these two together. Most fans love seeing this rivalry come to life, even if it is for Uber Eats. The conversation about mash-ups has started up once again. In fact, there is a lot of mash-up fan fiction already out there. Instead of shying away way from it, I invite you to put your imagination to work. This is the way. Make it so. I have spoken. Engage!

Written By Leana Ahmed

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