Past Sexual Partner Cleansing

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Release lurking negative emotions after sex

Past Sexual Partner Cleansing

Cleaning the energy of past sexual partners.

I am not a Doctor

For any bodily abnormality in its form or functions, please consult your Doctor.

It is possible to get back into your optimal energetic state.

Both men and women suffer negative emotions after sex.

Think through your feelings, and sort them out before saying or doing something hurtful to yourself and to your partner.

Both of you have revealed each other, and felt each other in a vulnerable state. These emotions are more closely related to how they process feelings and events in their lives than about their sexual encounter with you.

You are enough! You are powerful! You are strong! You are desirable.

Committed relationships give away to the idea that you may need someone new, that this partner is no longer fulfilling your needs, that maybe you’ve done this too long.

Casual encounters wander off in the idea that this partner is not worth giving their all, and therefore are not open to receive what the other is offering.

Friends with benefits venture into the non-committed boyfriend/girlfriend, where each still has to earn the attention from the other. Texts, gifts, details, all the while each secretly desiring to be loved during the act.

In our human nature to simplify our sexual experiences, we have indeed complicated them. There are many more relationship dynamics you can relate to that I may not have even heard of.

The purpose of this article is to help you receive each encounter with clean energy.

You don’t only have to be careful of STDs, the ex, the current, or what “they” say.

We are all vessels of energy, therefore we bring to the bed our desires, dreams, fantasies, love, joys, but also our insecurities, fears, inherited sadness, or beliefs.

Closeness—yes, sex does make you feel closer to that person because you’ve known them in a way that very few have. This is a secret for you to keep.

Rejection of this closeness is hurtful, and your partner may fear being rejected.

Leaving—sometimes, our partners don’t know when to leave. Too soon, too late? Clingy? So many insecurities stir up with the question; how do I properly say goodbye?

Reputation—what will “They” say about me? You? Us?

Sadness, because there is no bond. Or rather, there is a rejection of the bond. Some partners may react by crying or becoming argumentative.

Emptiness—the feeling of not having anything in return, or not being enough. Sometimes it is because they gave their all.

Guilt of having exposed themselves, or having given in to the desire.

Panic of consequences.

Victimization of their own sexual needs. Blaming themselves, others.

There truly is no “sex without feelings.”

More than just satisfying a basic need. You are connected to the people who you engage with. You also connect to the people and experiences they have engaged with.

Love is real.

I read somewhere that you should not have sex with anyone you don’t want to be like.

After intercourse, you may feel like you have a lurking feeling that isn’t unique to your essence.

Energy exchange is potent. We mirror our lovers.

Fight fire with fire!

  • Now meditate on your needs.
  • Write down your negative feelings.
  • Write down the names of your lovers in separate pieces of paper.
  • Light a Candle or fire of any kind.
  • Palo Santo, used to burn in ceremonies of healing (holy wood).
  • Crystal, Carnelian is useful for overcoming abuse of any kind.
    • Light up the Palo santo like incense to clear the area where you are at.
    • Cleanse the names of your lovers with the crystal.
    • Hold up the piece of paper and say a little prayer.
    • Dear ______ I cleanse myself of the energies of (say how they made you feel.)
    • Apologize for anything that you may have made them feel. Release any negative feelings you may have left behind in them.
    • Throw their name into the fire.
    • Repeat this for each of them.
    • Only wish them well, and help them cleanse these negative energies that are haunting them as well.
How does it work?
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