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Paramount's Taking Us To Strange New Worlds

How much of the newest Star Trek spin-off will change the course of the Star Trek character's origins?

By Jason Ray MortonPublished 12 months ago 3 min read
Image by p2722754 from Pixabay

It’s A Strange New World For Trekkies

We’ve always known that William Shatners’ James T. Kirk was not the first man to pilot the USS Enterprise. Before the charismatic and rogueish Captain James Tiberius Kirk, Captain Christopher Pike was the man in the chair. Now, thanks to Paramount and Paramount Plus, we are treated to a look at the years the Enterprise was under the command of Captain Pike and his science officer, Spock.

It is early in the series, as this is only the first season, but it has yet to be disappointing. The newest crew of an Enterprise is different from what fans are used to, but they are a fun and compelling group of space travelers as we get to know them on their journey. Some aspects tie the older fans to the original canon of the series. We've seen a rebirth of sorts as a new version of our favorite Vulcan is being played by Ethan Peck. Peck is doing a more believable job of playing the iconic character than we saw in the JJ Abrams lead reboot of the franchise. It's not just Spock being aboard that reminds one of the original feel of Star Trek. From dynamics on the bridge to the interactions in different scenes, this crew feels like it belongs in the Star Trek Universe.

Christine Chapel

Eva Rinaldi, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Star Trek fans will recognize the name and realize that the character turned out to be a much bigger deal than we knew. Nurse Christine Chapel is back and being played by the talented and wonderful Jess Bush. For those that don’t remember or maybe didn’t follow the series, the last time we saw Christine Chapel was in Star Trek Wrath Of Khan. Nurse Chapel was a character in the original series. She returned to Star Trek the Motion Picture as a doctor sharing the med unit with Bones (Deforest Kelly).

In Star Trek The the Wrath Of Khan, we learn that Kirk (Shatner) had an affair with Chapel and the two had a son, David. Sadly, David was killed by the Klingons in Star Trek III. This is a very young nurse chapel, presumably at the same point in her career as the young Uhura that we're learning more about than we had in the previous 60 years.

The Strange New Worlds Crew

Only time will tell where Strange New Worlds goes, and like any prequel, the history of a series can take on strange changes. One of those possible changes presented itself during episode 5.

When Spock and Chapel are having an intimate discussion about Spock's relationship troubles with his betrothed (I don’t think he was ever actually married) it became obvious Chapel has an interest in the chief science officer. Jen Bush plays it in such a way as it’s subtle until the last scene of the episode when she declines to name the guy in a session of girl talk with a crew mate.

It would make you wonder if his future bestie, Admiral Kirk, would be alright with Chapel and Spock having had a dalliance before he came aboard. It opens up an entirely new perspective view of our lovable Vulcan and the friendship he shared with James Kirk for two generations.

Final Thoughts

Of all the Star Trek series and movies that we’ve been treated to over the past sixtyish years, this one has become my second favorite bridge and crew to date. There is a talented list of actors playing parts on the Enterprise and the feel of some of the scenes is right in line with what made Star Trek famous. If you’re a Trekkie or looking for a fun summer sci-fi binge, give it a try.

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  • Renee Fesser7 months ago

    I want to watch this new series now!

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