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Pandora’s Box...The Gift

by CR. Phoenix . Renato Camarda 9 months ago in fantasy

Unusual ... Chapter One


They say history has a way of repeating itself ... the one problematic detail in that statement has been this, no one knows who “they” truly were. We’ve been programmed by past events. What we were taught, was forged through translation, a language rendered completely inaccurate. The very fabric of our existence is a lie.

Before the pendulum of time, Gods owned the cosmos. Not a single living soul mattered. Many lightyears later, they grew bored and restless. So, began the expansion of their world, creating new galaxies. And within these galaxies, they decided to govern them as their playgrounds.

Soon thereafter, they established the planets, but even those were just mere marbles to them. They yearned for more, and before long, created their greatest marvel, man. A simulation born for play, a species they could bend to their will and desire.

Man’s awakening would only escalate their fascination for the Gods and would cultivate envious stories. These would spread the word like wildfire upon soaring tongues, praising their excellence, religiously. Through the centuries, these words would find their way into ancient scrolls.

The written photograph within these works described how legends would rise to provide all necessities and it also spoke of the beginning of time and the creation of man. These narratives were passed down from generation to generation. An evolution into the mythology we learn today. Although within every story, there’s room for interpretation and sometimes those versions are altered, manipulated, or hidden.

This fable within the story points to a particular event, one that would change the fate of mankind forever. It resumes with a Titan's betrayal of which his gracious gesture awarded man the power of the flame.

A defiant act driving the Gods to retaliate, baring their true nature. For Zeus exposed Prometheus’ treachery by casting him to a mountain, bound for eternity as eagles tore and ate at his liver. Not done there, he wanted man to pay a similar price and suffer for accepting Prometheus’ offering.

He conceived of a plan to unleash chaos in the form of unspeakable evils, but first, he gathered the Olympians to create a gift of their own. Conspiring together they chose to bestow certain qualities to this new entity, this new exotic creature and the creation of woman, her name ... Pandora.

Ultimately Pandora was sent to earth bearing with her an additional present, a gift she was warned never to open and entrusted to keep safe. The beautiful young idol would wed Prometheus’ brother Epimetheus. This unsuspecting matrimony would eventually trigger a God's agenda, for Zeus had purposely granted Pandora with the virtue of wonderment and curiosity.

Although Pandora’s life with Epimetheus was filled with much promise. Fleeting and joyful moments carried them through their courtship, but these periods were only matched by her wandering mind, a vibrating temptation, and gravitational addiction to the jar ... leading to the next chapter, of one we were never told and one that’s just beginning...



“Please...stop right there!”, cried Brent anxiously, as he backed himself aimlessly through the abandoned cabin, trying his best to weave through the stacks of furniture dumped precariously about the lodge, as though they were lain in that manner from a raging tsunami.

The room he entered was barely lit if it weren’t for the spark of a few shattered light fixtures and exposed electrical wires above his head. He started backing himself deeper into the corner.

With guttural intensity he warned the eight strangers gradually gathering around him, “DON’T COME ANY CLOSER ... I BEG YOU!”... but nothing he said changed the course of these heavily armed men shrouded in darkness, sharing the room with him.

Inch by inch, they crept a little closer, like a lion on the hunt for their latest kill, assessing and carefully registering each step, buying time, patiently waiting for the moment to pounce on their prey.

Each immensely equipped shadow stepped lightly forming a tighter, more secure perimeter, around Brent. A few feet shy from Brent’s position and their eventual apprehension of him. Brent scanned the circumstances of his current predicament. And although at first glance, he seemed to have been cowering into that corner afraid, and unsure, wasn’t the actual reality.

He closed his eyes, took one last long breath, then shattered the intense silence, however this time there was no sense of terror or fear in his voice, just ice-cold certainty…

“You are all going to die!” ...

Suddenly the cabin began to shake and shift. The logs beneath their feet started to pull apart and splinter. A few of the men stood stunned, yet curious in seeing what would happen next, while one soldier frantically questioned the man on his right. ...“Colonel, what the hell is going on?...

“Hold your ground!”...shouted the Colonel, “Maintain your position”...ordering his men ferociously. Each man held tight to anything they could, attempting to follow his command, no sooner had the quaking appeared, the trembling had stopped.

Once they had regained balance, their focus had returned to take aim on the intended target, except Brent no longer stood before them. Something else took his place, something that defied description or explanation, but eerily resembling the outline of a human body, identical to the one that stood in that very spot.

It could only have been expressed by witnessing it for yourself, it was a liquid substance with reflective qualities, and it wasn’t human at all. The soldiers took notice and stared at this ominous figure, but none could understand or have a clue what it was.

“DAN”...whispered the soldier to the left of the Colonel, “WHAT IS”... hesitating briefly, then motioned with his head towards the unidentified object in the corner, “THAT?”...darting his eyes back at the Colonel in search of a response.

The only answer the Colonel could muster was “HOW IN THE HELL SHOULD I KNOW”... under his breath, trying hard not to lose his senses knowing the task at hand, when he noticed movement in his peripheral.

“KRAMER!” yelled the colonel to the soldier positioned at the far end of the room...“DON’T DO ANYTHING STUPID!” Kramer was a giant of a man, hulking in size over the others. He began raising his rifle, looking to engage the entity. Once his rugged jaw met the hard metal of his firearm, he was set!

With his ice-cold steely blue eye, he peered through the lens of the night vision scope and just like the scratch of a matchstick being struck, the broken fixture above the creature’s head sparked with a flash, when Major Kramer simultaneously and blindly opened fire.

The clatter of bullets spit out from the end of the barrel, as the shells dripped like rain to the ground. Everyone squinting from the blistering bright blasts. Shortly after the smoke had finally settled, they all saw that nothing happened, this thing had absorbed each one of his slugs.

The soldiers were taken aback by what they witnessed and stood in shock, but not Major Kramer, he stood moderately impressed and not intimidated or immobile by the outcome. He dropped his gun and casually proceeded to reach around his waist to grab his knife and release it from its sheath, but when did, the Major suddenly slumped forward, crumpling to his knees and his body slammed to the floor.

It was at that point, when the men would recall Brent’s chilling words, as they watched in horror at how seriously grave they held true! Major Kramer’s body no longer had a head. It happened so strikingly quick and appears that the ammunition swallowed by the thing in the corner was somehow used in return fire, like a cannon ball, completely severing his head from the rest of his massive body.

Terrified by the scene, the remaining soldiers did what most men do given their situation, they looked to induce their own brand of justice, seeking revenge for their fallen friend, but they were wrong..., dead wrong!

Shots were fired and sprung out from every direction all aimed at one target; the room lit up like a Christmas tree.

Each explosive blaze of light could be seen across the nights sky, yet these brilliant glowing charges were followed closely by screams of agony and deathly cries for mercy,

Where in a moment, stark silence swept through the air, throughout the log cabin and across the lush thick woods. All that could be heard was the distant cooing of an owl.

When, rumbling sounds began to brew inside what remained, then the rapid shuffling of footsteps gathered speed, scampering over debris and broken glass until ... out walked Brent, unscathed or unharmed from the events of the battle that ensued behind the front door he pushed open.

He gauged the area ensuring that there weren’t any others threats waiting to attack, then burst into a run and disappeared into the shadows of the woods!


Four hundred and eighty-two kilometers away, another separate, yet similar altercation would occur.


CR. Phoenix . Renato Camarda

I live moment by moment, creatively writing from an ensemble of memories, lessons and experiences.

All images are from my personal collection

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CR. Phoenix . Renato Camarda
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