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Outrun Stories #10

Blue Confidential

By Outrun StoriesPublished 6 years ago 2 min read

“You can walk away from all this,” he told himself as he watched the sea roll. The white horses of the huge waves crashed over themselves in the distance, dissipating gradually, until their faint remnants washed up against his toes.

How long had he been at this one now? The big one, the long con, four years or there abouts? He shook his head and pulled his fingers through his sun-kissed hair and breathed in the purple sunset. Paradise on earth, I’ve built something here, haven’t I? This could be my life now, this could actually work.

He felt a tug on his loose shirt, turned and saw the little beaming face. “Come on, pap, just a few more castles, we’ve got time.”

“Sure thing, kiddo.” He took the little hand in his and started walking back up the beach, watching in the distance as his wife came into view, her long hair flowing in the light breeze. She doesn’t deserve this he thought as he squeezed his son’s hand. You can just be with her, you don’t have to disappear, this can be your life now, it can…

“Hey, so, lobster for dinner?” She asked him as he came and sat down next to her, their son grabbing his bucket and spade. Perfect, all of this, but you’ll get the itch, you know you will and if you don’t make the move tonight, if you don’t split now, there might not be another chance.

He saw his life flicker past him as her smile illuminated her face. Why not stay? Because you’re the best. You’re the best at what you do, and what you do is con. You’re a confidence man, you’re everyone and no-one. You’re not a well-to-do husband with a Master’s in business and Finance. You’re not an internet trader. You’re not this lovable, easy-going gent, quick to befriend, hard to rattle, smart and funny. You know what you are.

“Simon?” She said, tilting her head and looking at him with those deep blue eyes.

“Yeah, sure, lobster sounds great, pumpkin.” He hesitated, gripped a handful of sand. You know who you are. “Listen, tonight, I’m just going to have to shoot out for an hour, I need some trades notarised, can’t wait ‘til the morning. Sorry, only be an hour, the lobster will keep.” He flashed his prize-winning smile at her and knew she had no idea he was going to vanish. Just as he always did, and take everything from her. This was the crowning jewel, the senator’s daughter, bankrupt, cleaned out, humiliated and he’d be kicking back in the Yucatan peninsula, sucking up 5%.

“Pap, what do you think?” His son came back over beaming and pointing at the little tower in the background.

“Ah, you made this?! Really!?”

“Yeah, I just did it!”

“You’re some builder, kiddo,” he pulled his son into arms, turned back to the sea for a second and smiled and knew. Vanish. Tonight, you vanish.

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