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Our Planet

by Jen Phillips 3 years ago in habitat
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What happens to the planet when we've destroyed it beyond repair?

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I recently watched a Netflix special Our Planet. In the series, it talks about how humanity is destroying the planet. It talks about how different parts of the world are affected by global warming; from the Atlantic to the Rainforest to under the Sea. With the amount of global warming and pollution in the world, it's causing the polar ice caps to melt. Within the next 5,000 years, there will be nothing left of the ice caps. Leaving the average temperature of the Earth at 80 degrees Fahrenheit instead of the current 58.

Where would that leave the polar bears once the ice caps melt? Would they still be considered polar bears? Once the ice caps melt, where would the polar bears go? Our Planet talks about how different species are becoming extinct because of the choices that humanity has made; between polluting the waters and excessively hunting animals without thinking twice about the consequences. There are some places, like animal sanctuaries, where humans can only do little to no hunting. This allows the habitat to rehabilitate and repopulate itself. Unfortunately, there are some habitats that are beyond repair because the amount of damage that has been done.

While watching Our Plant, I realized that if there’s nothing done now to help clean up the Earth, then there won’t be much left of the planet for life. Even if by the time we realize we need to clean the earth, it may be too late to reverse what has been done to the planet. For the past couple of months, I have been doing some research of how I could try and change my old habits, such as reducing my garbage intake. It’s not much, but it is something. It’s hard at first to be able to reduce the garbage intake when your whole life revolves around things that comes in packing such as foods, clothes, and hygiene products. But, slowly, I’ve learned how to be able to change the way I shop and dispose of things properly.

I actually found it pretty easy to reduce my garbage intake with food because most food doesn’t come in packaging. I’ve learned that most packaged foods could be found at the bulk barn and at the local farmer's market. This is very useful because I am able to bring my own jars and containers in order to reduce even more trash intake. After doing this for a while, I started to see a difference in not just my garbage intake, but the amount I am spending. I noticed that I was actually spending less. I think this is because now you are aware of what you are buying, and only buy what is needed.

With hygiene products, I found it to be a little harder because so much of these do come in packaging. This one I did have to do a lot of research for because practically everything comes in a package. Food is simple because it just makes you eat healthier. I’ve learned that one shampoo bar is equivalent to three bottles of shampoo. That’s a lot of plastic that is being used to just wash your hair. I found this little shop called Lush where it’s all organic and handmade. With this store, I am able to bring my own tins or buy them in the store to help reduce trash. Even with feminine hygiene products, you are able to reduce your garbage intake with a menstrual cup since it’s reusable.

It’s strange how by changing the way you eat and buy your products how much it makes a difference in your carbon footprint. This means less factories, so less pollution you create just for your daily living. You can’t avoid all pollution, but at least reducing your garbage is something.

I know that one person can’t make a huge impact on the planet, but it takes one person to make a change to start somewhere and make a difference.


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