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The way to Octopolis by Tiffany Brown



I couldn't possibly say where or when other than explain the here and now. The story of Catman came to me in 2018 when living on the Worlds End Island in Norway. I had already experienced many glimpses and visualisations of varying movements, forms, places, sounds and creatures around the area and on the adjacent island. The Elf like figure who called himself Szasta was a guide and they chose a few human forms as he called me to interact with. Szasta explained he was part of a team and part an alliance to keep the planet healthy and evolving by seeding, breeding, sampling and realigning sources.

He was no taller than ones forefinger in length and possessed the ability to change size, shape, appear and disappear instantly- Some times this really startled me because the shapes and colours around him were constantly moving because he was in essence part crystalk but it was important nobody saw him or knew what he looked like because people would want to hide him or keep him from his task.

Szasta said he lived in a dimension only 7 across from ours, I thought he meant 7 hours away because then I didn't know what dimensions were. Worried about the Worlds End so much he came out from below the rocks and revealed some facts.

He began to tell me about the yesteryears before everything became solid and split apart. Only in our fantasies, or an imaginative dream state could I see, sometimes a glimpse others whole scenes. He explained that many different species, Beings and Lifeforms were constantly working on configuring the planet for duplication not just repair. The Earth as we know it was in constant transformation and as new species were heading for extinction some were being remodified or encapsulated or just recreated. His Species was collecting sample data and was helping to repair the polluted planet and because of the thousands of years of evolution the most purest samples were found deep below the earth, sea or within the core itself.

Scientist had long been taking small samples from within the ice and under the sea but still they hadn't found a whole new undiscovered world within our world, AKA the universe within perhaps.

Many times I entered within the rock and travelled swimmingly through the the hardened mass. The sparkles which are crystal flecks still remained shining and the texture of the rock was liquid it was so weird, the places we travelled were extensive and I was in awe of everything, it was so beautiful, and felt so nice too.

They had there own language but they could adapt to any kind of language instantly because they were our original creators, well part of them. I was unaware I already spoke antinioin, mamilli, skillini and lobstopicus as well as English, lol Im still working on the Norwegian.

I asked him what was was his race, his name, planet, star system and how did he arrive here? Was he always here, so many questions and all really unnecessary except more to be revealed through the story as it unfolds

Scary Rock

The way in to Delta 9 ?

By Tiffany Brown 01.01.2021

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