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Nokia's Drones and LTE Connectivity for Public Safety at MWC

Nokia showcases power of drones and LTE connectivity for public safety first in Dubai, later in Barcelona.

By Susan FourtanéPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
Nokia Ultra Compact Network, a lightweight, transportable base station - small enough to fit into a backpack - which can rapidly deploy highly secure and reliable 4G network connectivity

The use of drones to facilitate efficient rescue operations for first responders is a game changer in disaster situations around the world. Nokia, powered by the research and innovation of Nokia Bell Labs, has recently presented one of its latest initiatives: Nokia Saving Lives. The technology demonstrates groups of drones flying in formation and how they can efficiently search for injured people in a disaster area.

Nokia Ultra Compact Network - a lightweight, super portable base station that is small enough to fit into a backpack - is used to efficiently establish instant high-speed LTE connectivity while camera-borne drones capture footage from disaster locations and sends the collected data in real-time. The network is able to rapidly deploy highly secure and reliable 4G network connectivity.

According to a press release, Nokia demonstrated the creation of an instant high-speed LTE network to establish connectivity between video camera-equipped drones and a control center at the UAE Drones for Good (D4G) Award event in Dubai.

Network connectivity plays a paramount role in all types of rescue operations. Nokia's Ultra Compact Network provides a standalone LTE network to quickly re-establish connectivity to various mission-critical applications such as video-equipped drones.

Nokia drones can stream video and other sensor data in real-time from the disaster location to a control center. This provides rescue teams with the exact locations where people are stranded and accuracy of the nature of the difficulty of reaching the locations. Other forms of rescue robots equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) can then be sent to the area.

"Nokia always strives to expand the human possibilities of technologies for the benefit of mankind. We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)," said Bernard Najm, Head of the Middle East Market Unit.

With Nokia Saves Lives the Finnish company wants to use its technologies with drones to show how efficient rescue operations work in collaboration with NGOs and network operators. "The selection of this initiative by the UAE Drones for Good Award for a public demonstration in Dubai clearly shows usefulness of this innovative initiative for smart disaster recovery," said Najm.

Nokia Video Analytics technology is used to extract useful insights which value will enable quick decision-making for prioritizing tasks for more efficient and superior safe rescue operations. Nokia's Video and Data Analytics solution working together with rescue applications and mission advisor tools are set to provide the required intelligence for making appropriate decisions quickly and accurately.

Nokia Saving Lives will be at Mobile World Congress 2017

Group of Nokia drones carrying cameras for streaming videos and providing other sensory data in real time

According to a Nokia press release, in October 2016, Nokia became a member of the GSMA Humanitarian Connectivity Charter, which supports improved access to communication and information for those affected by crisis. This will significantly reduce the loss of life and positively contribute to humanitarian response.

Nokia's initiative is currently being tested with operators and NGOs working together with the commitment of helping rescue operations. According to the company, a limited number of Nokia Saving Lives initiative will be provided with a non-profit approach.

Nokia Saving Lives will be demonstrated to attendees at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, Spain from February 27th to March 2nd at the Nokia booth.

Find Nokia's Press Release here: https://www.nokia.com/en_int/news/releases/2017/02/17/nokia-showcases-power-of-drones-and-lte-connectivity-for-public-safety-at-d4g-award-event-in-dubai

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