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No Place Like Home

by Rob Nelson about a year ago in fact or fiction
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Chapter 6: "In The Zone."

No Place Like Home; Chapter 6: “In The Zone”

Rainbow Towers, Highway I55, crossing Rainbow Towers Way, Friday, June 7, 2015 hrs:

Turbo and Jean present their studious gaze; watching the indicator floor light panel flash each floor level number as the elevator cab descends to their floor.

Turbo extends his right hand and index figure to press the elevator button to their floor. Jean turns her face toward Turbo and with a smile, “...are we growing a little impatient?” while enveloping her left arm under his right arm in a friendly manner. Turbo turns to Jean and offers his reply with his trademark smile, “...my stomach is sending marching orders for Molly’s homemade lasagne..!” Jean offers her quip, “... if memory serves me...,” her smile now expanding across her mouth as dimples create etch marks in her cheeks. Turbo and Jean both chuckle and Turbo says, “...hey?? that’s my line...? heh heh...”

The rush of anxiety they experienced following the car chase, followed by the unexpected encounter with Jean’s neighbour, Wally and, his pet dog Burly, provide the antidote to calm their nerves. Turbo strangely and abruptly experiences alertness of his subconscious mind as his heartbeat accelerates with his imagination recreating a detailed blueprint of the elevator electronic control system; the specifications of complex algorithms, and the combined complex system of mechanics that guide the elevators.

Then Turbo notices an unsettling line crossing his vision: “... ZZZZ. ZZZZZ. ZZZZZZ... “ Jean and Turbo turn to face each other for a moment.

The elevator arrives, with the sound of the tone of the familiar chimes followed in quick succession by the opening of the elevator doors. Turbo manages to follow Jean through the elevator doors, both walk to the rear of the elevator and lean on the passenger safety bar.

Turbo is determined to maintain some semblance and control of his mental faculties without unnecessarily startling Jean. The dim of unusual and peculiar “brain noise” continue to grow louder in his ears: “... Z ZZZ. ZZZZZ. ZZZZZZ. Z. ZZ. ZZZ. ZZZZ. ZZZZZ ...”

Jean’s cheerful demeanour changes as she feels Turbo’s body begin to shake as his eyes open wide revealing uncharacteristically large and dilated pupils.

Turbo exhales and utters the sound of “...aargh...” as his body jerks with a spasm and slumps forward toward Jean.

She attempts to wake Turbo from his momentary mental relapse with, “...Turbo...! ...Turbo ...!”

Turbo doesn’t respond to Jean’s verbal suggestions or physical presence. His mind continues to spiral on an uncontrollable mental obstacle course.

Now he senses the familiar scent of Jean’s body odour. The alluring aroma seems to fill his nostrils while the sounds of buzzing in his ears provide a peculiar droning tone, and those weird images repeat:


ZZZ. ZZZ. ZZZZ. ZZ blue knob for a blue boy ZZZ. ZZZZZZ. Z. ZZ. ZZZ. ZZZZ. Z. ZZ, ZZZ. ZZZZ, Z. ZZ. ZZZ. ZZZZ.

Jean attempts to ease Turbo’s body to the carpeted flooring of the elevator by grasping his right and left hands tightly in hers. She strains with her efforts in an attempt to support Turbo’s upper torso as he begins to lean forward over her.

Meanwhile, in Turbo’s mind, he notices a new visual; maybe it is Jean? Her head laying on a white pillow, her familiar hairstyle, askew, across her brow. Her ski is aglow with the gleam of moisture.

Her eyes looking up at him.

Perhaps this is one of those “flashbacks” to their younger days while attending University during their sophomore year?

Turbo may be seeing the decor of Jean’s dorm room:

Jean’s voice is heard in whispers, “...Turbo...Turbo..” and he notices the pair of her dark brown Areola swaying in rhythmic time.

Z. ZZ. ZZZ. ZZZZ. ZZZZZ. Zzzzzz. Z. ZZ. ZZZ. ZZZZ. Zzzzz. Zzzzzz. z. zz. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z.

z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. .....................

Jean manages to reach over and hit the emergency stop button. She doesn’t want to reveal Turbo’s peculiar episode during a chance encounter with a passerby. There are strict security protocols to follow. Although their sworn oath/ and dedication to total secrecy relating to the operations of the Space Academy are furthest from Jean’s mind at the moment.

“Can you hear me? implores Jean while she attempts to dispel any urgency in her voice.

“Whoa. Yes..,’ Turbo offers while he quickly regains his natural composure and

seems fully alert to Jean.

She offers with a soft, reassuring tone, as she responds to Turbo’s trademark smile, “...please take your time, Turbo...try to stand up when you are ready...”

Turbo speaks before Jean can say another word. Perhaps they can read one another’s thoughts: “...

“...I think those micro-chips are triggering earlier than expected...” he declares.

Jean remains silent as her eyes linger on Turbo's face; a continuous, unblinking, look of concern. They are both all too aware of what this unexpected development means.

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