Netflix Movie ~ 'I Am Mother'

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Wondering whether you should watch it or not? (Non-Spoiler Review)

Netflix Movie ~ 'I Am Mother'

First off, thank you for reading the I Am Mother review!

Well to start off, I Am Mother is a dystopian-based movie starring Clara Rugaard-Larsen (Daughter), Rosa Byrne (Mother), and Hilary Swank (Strange Woman). Now the basic plot of the story is about a caregiving artificial intelligent robot named Mother. It raises the last human on earth (Daughter) due to an extinction-level event in a containment facility, but their strange bond is tested by an unusual female visitor. So now that that is out of the way, let's get to the nitty gritty.

Now if you love movies with a constant rush and continuous suspense, this movie is definitely NOT for you, but if you love movies that are made clear from the ending, continue reading. Okay, so when the movie first starts off, it is completely unusual, very slow, head-scratching, and sad to say... boring. A majority of the beginning is Mother training up Daughter to be a superior human so she could help lead a new, better humanity. But despite all the training, care and affection, Mother is holding a hideous secret that will change Daughter's perception of her.

Now let's do a little background on Mother to get a better feel of her character and intentions for the human race. Her creation was not explained, but it was mentioned that her creators were human and she was programmed to ensure the betterment of humanity. This “betterment” takes places inside a containment facility, which houses about sixty thousand embryos! Mother has never taken care of a child before, so she births an embryo (Daughter) inside a birth-machine to give her an experience of child-raising. And every day since Daughter was born, there has been one goal on Mothers mind: better humanity.

Now let's move to the background of daughter. As a toddler, she was frustrated with humanity's choices and did not want to be human, but Mother explained to her that humans can be wonderful and showed her the remaining embryos. This gives Daughter hope of a big (good) human family taken care of by Mother. So as she ages in life, she finds an interest in The Tonight Show and paper sculpting animals, which is possibly her only connection to the past earth. Now in her teen years, Daughter is what she was trained to be: a smarter, stronger, and a more logical human. Even though she is now at her peak in her training, there is still something nagging at her conscious she wants to confirm. Can she experience the outside world for herself? But Mother constantly reminds her of the contagion that destroyed humanity, and going outside puts her in jeopardy of dying. Everything is perfect until that natural teenage rebellion kicks in and Daughter wants to go outside to experience the fresh, deserted world. Now this sneaky little adventure introduces a new strange character: the Strange Woman.

So after Daughter sneaks away from Mother and tries to exit the facility, she notices a strange woman asking for shelter. Of course, curiosity piques her interest, and Daughter lets the injured woman inside the facility. Daughter was taught that a “contagion” wiped out humanity and now wonders if Mother is being entirely honest with her. The constant stories from the strange woman about how “droids” injured her and telling Daughter that Mother is not safe makes the “superior human” wonder who is trustworthy... the artificial intelligence who raised her since birth, or the unusual woman who Daughter has formed a new bond with?

(P.S. I did not want to go into too much detail on the Strange Woman's encounter with Mother & Daughter, because that would give hints as to how the movie ends. I mean, it is a non-spoiler review.)

Thanks, For Reading! Aaron M-II

Rating: 8/10 (I would give it a six, but the ending curves it to an eight).

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