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by Penny White about a year ago in science fiction

Episode 1

A writer’s group I belonged to all got together and filmed book trailers for Nero’s Fiddle. We were, by no means, professional actors, but the trailer tells a story of the potential threat of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack.

Nero's Fiddle tells the story of such an attack on the United States. Former USMC sniper, Captain Beverly Mossberg, is assigned the task of getting from Georgia to Washington, DC within 30 days to assassinate the terrorist before he strikes again.

Beverly, accompanied by her two children and a stranger named Sedona Armstrong (all against Cap'n Mossy’s permission) must walk most of the way to DC. They encounter the best—and the worst—humanity has to offer.

They survive being chased onto a rooftop by a bear, being imprisoned by cannibals, feral dogs, potential rape, and blowing up a propane gas tank.

But they also befriend—and care for—a teenaged autistic boy, an elderly Asian woman who takes them in and gives them food and respite, and a stranger who is willing to offer them a lift.

Along the way, Bev must confront the demons of her past, and fight the PTSD she suffers from Desert Storm. Jaz’s pre-teen angst only adds to her consternation and determination to keep everyone safe.

After finally making it to Washington, DC, they discover nothing is as it seems.

Filled with action and two intrepid women heroes (think Thelma & Louise meets A Few Good Men), you won’t want to stop reading, even after the story is done.

To complete the writing of Nero’s Fiddle, my best friend and I drove from Georgia to Washington, DC. Following closely the route our heroes took, we discovered Dollar General stores practically on every corner. But we also discovered the quaint little town of Black Mountain, North Carolina.

The inspiration for Nero’s Fiddle began with One Second After by William Forschten. I listened to the audiobook while working as a data entry operator. I couldn’t make it through the first listen due to a certain event which occurred in the book, and I returned it to the library half-finished. But the idea of an EMP attack stayed with me. I listened a second time, mentally blocking out the section that had disturbed me before. Then I listened a third time. And a fourth time.

During those subsequent listenings, an idea began to form in my mind in the form of questions. What if our heroes were women? What if they were on a quest to stop a terrorist from launching an EMP attack? What if the story had more action?

One Second After is a good portrayal of how an EMP attack would affect a small town and its people. It is set in Black Mountain, North Carolina. As tribute to the book, I had my characters travel through that quaint little southern mountain town.

Nero’s Fiddle is the jewel in my crown. The characters are as real as they get. The depiction of life after an EMP attack is realistic and frightening.

My only hope is that we do not suffer an EMP attack, now or in the future.

What people are saying about 'Nero’s Fiddle':

"Better than a Saturday night date!" (5-star review)

"The roller coaster ride of adrenaline through this book will keep you turning page after page" (5-star review)

"I once wanted to be Ripley (from 'Aliens'), but now I want to be Beverly!" (5-star review)

"The plot is enthralling, the characters well developed and the action was non-stop" (5-star review)

Visit the Nero’s Fiddle website where you can read character bios and download free books by Pen.

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