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Mysterious material found 12 billion light-years away from our solar system blocks everything in our solar system!

Mysterious matter blocked everything in the solar system!

By Su Wei LiPublished 6 months ago 6 min read
Mysterious material found 12 billion light-years away from our solar system blocks everything in our solar system!
Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

Since the 21st century, scientists have not stopped their research on extraterrestrial life. These research results are naturally not all shared out, the main reason or fear of causing public panic. Among these unpublished research results, there is such a definite theory as Earth-style prison. A long time ago there was a saying that humans are not real earthlings, because humans are not evolved at all, it is very likely that tens of thousands of years ago aliens used the earth as an alien prison and exiled the humans they created to the earth for observation experiments while hiding their existence. Shaped like a god living in the hearts of people. All these words sound very absurd but are explored by scientists in real.

Recently, a famous American ecologist Ellis Schiffer published a shocking thesis. After working with several scientists, he discovered that the origin of human beings was not on Earth, but was sent to Earth by aliens 200,000 to 60,000 years ago. In his book "Humans Did Not Come From Earth", he pointed out that humans have always been considered the most fully evolved creatures on Earth. But what is puzzling is that we are still unable to adapt to the Earth's environment. For example, if many people do a simple lift, the body will appear very serious maladjustment, and the vast majority of people the rise to a certain height away from the ground will unnaturally produce symptoms of fear of heights, or even dizziness and coma. And more than that, in the study of cosmic gravity scientists had found an amazing fact, any spacecraft in an attempt to drive away from the Earth's orbit will be subject to a strong energy binding, there is also an invisible gravitational circle in the periphery of the Earth.

In addition to this, he said there should be many people who feel no sense of ghosts belonging on Earth. He thinks this may indicate that humans existed on other planets before and were brought to Earth by highly evolved creatures and that perhaps in the opinion of highly evolved creatures, humans have not evolved fully. We must stay on Earth until we are fully evolved, so is his view correct or not? Or is there a possibility that the Earth is a prison for humans?

At present, it seems that humans live on Earth without much problem. But compared to other species, it is true that, as mentioned earlier, humans are very poorly adapted to the Earth. To take the most relevant example of life, people are particularly susceptible to sunburn whenever they are exposed to the sun. Human newborn babies have very large heads, which will cause great difficulties for pregnant women to give birth, these problems in other earth creatures through the absence. And the evolutionary history of humans is still relatively short compared to other creatures as if we were alien creatures.

Theoretically, because humans are smarter and more intelligent than any other creature on Earth, we should have evolved longer and should be more adapted to the planet, but that doesn't seem to be the case. 1977, NASA launched Voyager I into space. According to scientists' plans at the time, Voyager 1 was supposed to travel beyond the solar system at a speed of about 17 kilometers per second and would fly out of the solar system in August 2012. But this flight was delayed by three years, why is this so? At that time reached the edge of the solar system, Voyager 1, in May 2012, encountered a strange magnetic field resistance, resulting in a linear decline in speed slowed down, scientists speculate that may have encountered the solar system's walls.

Many people may not know much about the wall of the solar system. Then reach the solar system 12 billion - 25 billion kilometers is the solar system's wall. Because here many planets, meteorites, and so on can not get out, even the solar wind will also be blocked here, by scientists imaginatively called the eggshell. And the thickness of this shell is estimated to be about 7 billion kilometers. Friends who have read mystery novels may have a flash of light, this is not a boundary. Later, scientists found in the solar system 6 billion kilometers away from the place there is a belt, they called this place the Guber belt, located in the orbit of Neptune, after detection, they noticed that this place is very strange, because in the vicinity of the Guber belt often constantly spit out the phenomenon of comets or meteorites, so currently by many scientists believe that this belt has a lot of black holes or dark stars, the specific reasons are still unknown The exact cause is still unknown, and so far, no spacecraft has dared to reach here for exploration. But the Guber Belt is already a highly classified area in the eyes of the astronomical community.

In addition to the walls of the solar system, and the mysterious Guber Belt, some objects are prisons. In 1996, scientists discovered through astronomical telescopes a mysterious object outside our solar system, surrounded by meteorites of various shapes and possibly four and a half billion years old. These meteorites have formed a mysterious magnetic field, and they have also been found around the Sun, as if they were a fence, blocking life from traveling inside and outside the solar system. So it would seem that the solar system itself is a giant prison.

Of course, the benevolent, the wise, there are agreed views, there must be opposing views. When the ecologist Ellis Schiffer, whom we mentioned earlier, put forward his views, they were refuted by many people. In addition to those scientists who are committed to evolutionary theory, some scientists believe that the word prison is not appropriate. Because the prison is a place to restrict freedom, the Earth does not restrict people's freedom. It's just that with the current technology mankind has not reached the level of flying out. And for the solar system wall, rather than a prison or boundary, is a protection for all life in the solar system to avoid the invasion of foreign interstellar civilizations. If you put it this way, Tao thinks it makes sense. But on second thought, if the Earth is a prison for humans, and humans do not find themselves imprisoned in the prison. This situation is very similar to Norway's Halden prison.

This prison covers 100 hectares, has more than 4500 acres of woods, and has a church, a gym, a clinic, and a presidential suite, you can think and you can not think of here, so the prisoner will not escape, and no one can escape. There is no warning at this prison. Inmates can move freely around the island without being handcuffed. Prisoners live a vacation-like life in this luxurious prison. Swimming, tennis, horseback riding, skiing, fishing, sunbathing, etc. Even the cells are exquisite cabins. They are in a free-range state and are self-sufficient. In addition to regular apartments, they grow vegetables, raise livestock, etc. to improve their diet.

See here, do you envy this prison a little? If the earth is a prison, then Halden prison is probably the epitome of the earth. What do you think about this? Welcome to discuss in the comments below, like my article friends can click a concern, content will be updated in the first time to notify.


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